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Interview with Jeff Kaiser, composer, director of the label pfMENTUM Records

pfMENTUM Records has been an American record label that has delighted Kathodik reviewers with its releases for many years. The label, directed by Jeff Kaiser, offered a series of releases dedicated to improvised music throughout its recording existence, always interesting and worthy of attention. With the pfMENTUM experience coming to an end after 20 years, […]

Tim Trevor-Briscoe, Szilárd Mezei, Nicola Guazzaloca ‘Before Then’

(Not Two Records 2022) Un cofanetto di 4 dischi, o – se si preferisce – un disco quadruplo, è già di per sé il risultato concreto di un’impresa. I musicisti coinvolti in questo progetto, ai quali si potrebbe aggiungere Barre Phillips che scrive le note del bel cofanetto cartonato, sono Tim Trevor-Briscoe (clarinetto e sax […]