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New Releases: Rissi / Mazzola / Geisser ‘Herakleiitos’; New Language Collaborative ‘Unifield Fields’. Click For Infos.

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Rissi / Mazzola / Geisser    


aylDL- 069


Mathias Rissi, as, ts                                       

Guerino Mazzola, p                       

Heinz Geisser, dr                                    


Recorded at MuRec Studio, Milano, Italy on April 1, 2006

All compositions by Rissi / Mazzola / Geisser (SUISA)

Cover art by Åke Bjurhamn. Layout by Stéphane Berland.                                              

Liner notes by Mathias Rissi

Photos by Mathias Rissi and Guerino Mazzola






New Language Collaborative  

Unified Fields

aylDL- 082                              


Eric Zinman, p

Mario Rechtern, reeds

Glynis Lomon, cello, voice

Syd Smart, dr


Recorded at  PBS studios in Westwwod, MA on March 18, 2007

 Liner notes by Mario Rechtern

Photos by Dan Gorn and Peter Gannushkin

Cover art by Åke Bjurhamn. Lay out by Stéphane Berland