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Le Nuove Uscite Di Febbraio.

Bottrop-Boy (Germany) :

Rob Mazurek “Music for Shattered Light Box and 7 Posters” [cd]
“New solo album from this Chicago Underground musician after albums on Moikai, Walking Road, Delmark and Mego. This is a one long 40-minute composition made for one of his own installations which is travelling the world at the moment. Far away from his delicate cornet-playing, this album is a loud trip through his electronic endeavours. Noisy and mesmeric, this is another great example of this musician’s need and talent in taking many different directions in his music.”
Euro 15,50

Maja Ratkje / Lasse Marhaug “Music for Loving” [cd]
“Second collaboration between Norwegian masters of noise Maja Ratkje (Spunk, Fe-Mail) and Lasse Marhaug (Jazzkammer, Del) after their 2002 vinyl-only album Music For Shopping on Synesthetic Records. Music For Loving is wild, frantic, nervous, loud, delirious and scattered all over the place. The perfect music to listen to with your loved one.”
Euro 15,50

TV Pow “Power Friends and Devoted Lovers” [2cd]
“First part of a giant collection of remixes of tracks mostly taken from TV Pow’s Friendship Patrol album, released on their own Not For Profit label in 2001. This is a double-CD set containing remixes from Oren Ambarchi, Sutekh, Otomo Yoshihide, Stephan Mathieu, Motor, Thymme Jones, Toshimaru Nakamura, Jazzkammer, Stilluppsteypa, Freiband, Reynols, Tu M’, Leif Elggren and many others. 29 remixes in total.”
Euro 18,00

Catsup Plate (US) :

Campfire Songs “s/t” [cd]
Recorded largely on a screened-in porch in rural Maryland, Campfire Songs represents a significant change in sound and technique for the Animal Collective. Acoustic guitars have replaced the electronic effects of previous releases like Danse Manateeand Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished, captured live on three strategically placed mini-disc recorders (with field recordings added to two tracks at a later point). Though the sound is radically different from the digital processing and sound manipulation previously employed, the results are clearly of a piece with the percussive, almost incantatory feel of their earlier records. While these unorthodox recording conditions go against your traditional ideas of sound purity, the audible hum of the outdoors adds a real depth and presence impossible to achieve otherwise. At different points, one can hear the rush of wind, birdcalls, rain (?), and even an airplane passing overhead at one quiet moment. As the record/project name suggests, there is a comfortable warmth here; the palette of instruments and natural sounds are familiar and inviting.
From there, the trio (3/4 of the Collective appears on this recording) knits together threads of guitar strum and pluck; chanted, nearly wistful vocal harmonies; and often a pulsing rhythm that seems like it might break apart at any moment, and sometimes does. The melodies are simple and repetitive, recalling the early work of the Third Ear Band, ’70s German commune-music, and similar folk-psychedelic explorers. But these are all mere starting points: here, there is real insight into notions of “natural” sound, a retreat from technology and a return to traditional instrumentation, and conventional song structures broken down, drawn out, and reassembled. The resulting record is beautiful, heartfelt, mournful, and brimming with spontaneous energy.
The first two editions, of 1000 copies each came in handmade chipboard digipaks with offset printed decals and insert (sold out). The third edition comes in factory-made digipaks with a slightly different decal design.
Euro 15,00

Drag City (US) :

Six Organs of Admittance “School of the Flower” [cd]
“This is the first Six Organs of Admittance record to be recorded in a studio. No computers were harmed (or used) during the making of this record. Free-jazz sensation Chris Corsano contributes drums with the greatest sympathy. It’s a fantastic new album, as just a fraction of a listen will reveal. The highly prolific Six Organs of Admittance returns with a sixth or seventh album, School of the Flower.”
Euro 16,00

Evolving Ear (US) :

Tim Olive / Fritz Welch “Sun Reverse the Footpedal ” [cd]
Tightly wound non-maximalism combining borrowed electric guitar, percussion, and snow. ? Artwork by Matt Bua.
“Despite the musicians’ marked preference for tiny sounds and gestures, the music they make – provided you give it the time and attention it demands – creates and sustains a sense of tension often absent from lowercase improv…another compelling and uncompromising outing from the Evolving Ear label.”
– Dan Warburton,
“This barn recording from Brooklyn drummer Fritz Welch and Canadian/Japanese guitarist Tim Olive is a beautifully conceived minimalistic collaboration… Obviously affected by their surroundings, the duo sympathetically respond to the creaking timbers of the 19th century barn they are using as a recording studio, with much clattering, scraping, and bumping around in the dead of night. Olive mostly concentrates on plucking a the pickups of his guitar, while Welch’s shuffling percussion is economical to say the least. The sounds they make together, however, eventually resemble those of the insects and other nocturnal creatures that inhabit the barn, until the two musicians gradually become a part of the building’s environment, construction, and history.” – Edwin Pouncey, the Wire
Euro 15,50

Psi “Golden Showers / Catastrophe of the Infinite Regress ” [7″] 
Tension landscrape through distant analysis ankle deep in silence of scapegoat dumbdown boom halter becomes the focus uninvited! Released in a limited edition of 200 copies. Artwork by Hieronymous Appleby. Numbered and signed by the artist.Golden Showers was a full metal jacket show-stopper on psi’s September ‘04 US tour (indeed 200 sorority girls actually rioted when they played it in Louisville KY), whileCatastrophe of the Infinite Regress scorches the earth in a more reflective manner from the inside out.
“Golden Showers / Catastrophe of the Infinite Regress is a beautiful two-sided beast. This is some very heavy garbage, sliced up like red cheese and served from the lips of John the Baptist.” – Byron Coley, the Wire
Euro 11,00

Hapna (Sweden) :

Giuseppe Ielasi “Gesine” [cd]
My new solo cd (guitar, percussion, etc…).
Euro 16,00

List (France) :

Günter Müller / Steinbrüchel “Perspectives” [cd] 
The collaboration, created by List for a concert at Geneva Cave12 on december 5th 2003 ,born from the desire of List to confront two musicians from different backgrounds and prove that they have so much in common ! This great duo worked so well that it was clear from that day that it have to be documented by List !
This cd based on recordings of live improvisation from that day to may 2004
and then edited and reworked by the artists in their studio, is composed of
12 pieces with a strong unity.
Euro 15,50

Rossbin (Italy) :

Steve Beresford / Tania Chen “Ointment” [cd]
Steve Beresford (objects, electronics, toys, trumpet, water), Tania Chen (objects, toys, violin, piano). Recorded in London 2002-3
Euro 15,50

Semishigure (Germany) :

Christina Kubisch “Twelve Signals” [cd]
“New CD from German sound artist Christina Kubisch on Semishigure, a similar exploration of sound & silence as the first one,Diapason (semi 002). On Twelve Signals Kubisch used original miner bells from a German mine to produce an hour long piece of bell tones. Several electrical bells were hit with small hammers each giving forth a sequence of clear bell tones that hover in the air. This live recording was made in the St. Matthaeus-Kirche in Berlin: halfway through the recording the original ringing of the church bells mixes with the sounds of the recorded miner bells.”
Euro 15,50

Gerwald Rockenshaub “Private Pleasures” [cd]
“Gerwald Rockenschaub is one of the most wellknown visual artists, currently living in Berlin. Apart from making art he has been deeply involved with music from the start, playing in bands, DJ-ing, organising parties in his former hometown Vienna and occasionally composing music which got released mostly through his own Definitely Something label. Private Pleasures is his first album in more then 5 years, a perfect showcase of his weird and very personal hybrid of half-defunct techno rhythms and a great sensibility for electronic music.”
Euro 15,50

Sonig (Germany) :

C-Schulz “5. Flicker Tunes” [cd]
C-Schulz’s new solo outing 5. Flicker Tunes is on par with C-Schulz & Hajsch as far as economy of means and musical depth are concerned. The Cologne-based composer grants himself as well as his listeners the luxury of taking one’s time to embark on a journey through his “concrete” sounds and expansive sonic planes. The result is that no matter how often you listen to 5. Flicker Tunes, it never sounds the same, nor does it ever wear out. To a worldwide circle of industrial and electronic fans, C-Schulz is a kind of cult figure. His work has always been detached from the general trends in electronic music (most of which have been hyped to death) and thus it has never lost any of its freshness over the years. On the contrary: far off from any mainstream and the compulsion to be modern, C-Schulz continues working on and expanding his own musical cosmos. After the disintegration of Kontakta, Cologne’s first experimental and electro-acoustic supergroup (including amongst others Georg Odijk of a-Musik and Frank Dommert from sonig), musician, composer and filmmaker C-Schulz started working closely with Marcus Schmickler (aka Pluramon). The result of this collaboration were two albums released inder the name Pol on the Parisian Odd-Size label. July 2000 saw the release of C-Schulz & Hajsch, an album that remains a standard to this day.
Euro 16,50

United Jnana (US) :

Nurse With Wound “Drunk With The Old Man Of The Mountains” [cd]
Originally released on LP in 1987 in an edition of 100 copies, this marks the first ever CD release of this Nurse With Wound classic. Comes housed in a gorgeous six-panel digipack featuring reproductions of some of the artwork that came with the original vinyl edition.
Euro 16,00


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