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BARDO POND – Ticket Crystals CD ATP
KID606 – Pretty Girls Make Raves EP Very Friendly
MOHAMMED ‘JIMMY’ MOHAMMED – Takkabel! Take This! CD Terp
SLEPCY – We Are the Newest Battle Models CD Cock Rock Disco
URKUMA – Rebuilding Pantaleone’s Tree CD Baskaru
V.A. – NOW 04 EP Underscan
VINCENT OLIVER – Vincent Oliver EP Loaf

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BARDO POND – Ticket Crystal
CD ATP Recordings ATPRCD21
Streetdate: June 5, 2006

Philadelphia’s Bardo Pond return in June 2006 with Ticket Crystals – their sixth
studio album and second for ATP Recordings. Completing a trilogy of work – first
embarked on with 2001’s Dilate and centred with 2003’s On the Ellipse – Ticket
Crystals resumes the quintet’s signature doom tempo, multi-layered drones; while
introducing a lighter pastoral, even Tudor-like feel, which rallies throughout
against the band’s youthful riff petulance. Guitarist and founder member,
Michael Gibbons, elaborates: “On The Ellipse was really influenced by the post
9/11 vibe, this one is the coming out of that… On this album we really
investigated the dynamics between acoustic sound and heavy electrics.”

Recorded over two years at the band’s home studio, a handful of the tracks first
came to light on Bardo Pond’s 2003 live UK dates alongside kindred spirits and
former label mates, Mogwai. “Yeah, most of the time we go out on the road before
we record to get comfortable with the tracks,” remarks Gibbons. Fans of the
space rock pioneers may already be familiar with much of the new material owing
to the band’s well-publicised endorsement of bootleg recordings.

Loosely formed in 1989 by guitar wielding art student siblings, MICHAEL and JOHN
GIBBONS, Bardo Pond became a reality in 1991 with the addition of vocalist and
flautist, ISOBEL SOLLENBERGER, bassist, CLINT TAKEDA and drummer, JOE CULVER
(replaced in 1999 by trainee librarian, ED FARNSWORTH). After releasing a string
of 7″ singles and debut album, Bufo Alvarius Amen 29:15, the fledgling band
signed to Matador Records, for whom they produced their breakthrough second
album, 1996’s Amanita. Bardo Pond released a further three albums for Matador –
Lapsed (1997), Set and Setting (1999), Dilate (2001) – in addition to a number
of spin off releases, garnered from outtakes and side projects and sold in
strictly limited numbers at the band’s acclaimed and increasingly
improvisational live shows.

After accepting a personal invite from Thurston Moore to appear at the Sonic
Youth curated All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in 2001, Bardo Pond’s hypnotic
live set impressed festival promoter, Barry Hogan, so much so that he
immediately signed the band to the event’s sister label, ATP Recordings, and
rush released their fifth album, On the Ellipse.

Tracking down the elusive balance between extensive improvisation and acutely
structured arrangements, Bardo Pond’s latest long-player, Ticket Crystals,
includes the spellbinding Moonshine (a ten-minute plus ethereal expedition that
immediately recalls the acoustic intricacy of Led Zeppelin III coupled with the
contemporary quirkiness of Coco Rosie) and live favourite and album opener,
Destroying Angel, which only just manages to contain the sheer force of the
brothers Gibbons amplification and vocalist and flautist Isobel Sollenberger’s
haunting and occasionally terrifying tones. Also featured on the album is the
band’s unique reworking of The Beatles’ White Album classic, Cry Baby Cry, which
was originally recorded for and broadcast by the BBC as part of their
commemorations of the 25th anniversary of John Lennon’s death.

+ + +

CD Korm Plastics KP3017

Korm Plastics is proud to present the tenth release in the Brombron series.
Originally a co-production between Staalplaat and Extrapool, it is now hosted by
co-curator Frans de Waard. In the year 2000 Frans de Waard and Extrapool started
the Brombron project. Two or more musicians become artists in residence in
Extrapool, an arts initiative in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, with a fully
equipped sound recording studio. These artists can work in a certain amount of
time on a collaborative project; a project they always wished to do, but didn’t
have the time or the equipment to realize.

Frank Bretschneider is one of the vital producers in the global electronic
network. A member of the raster-noton collective, he also has releases under the
names Komet and Produkt. Bretschneider has created some spacial electronics of
the late 90’s and 00’s, unlike so much output in the microscopic music scene,
his music has always flourished with activity. Precise sound placement, volume
levels and the contrast of tones in Bretschneider’s production makes his
compositions captivating. Bretschneider goes beyond the plug-in or plug research
electronics. He redefins the genre by rendering the parameters playable,
reentering the musical domain with unprecedented ease. Bretschneider discovers
the complexity of the virtual: microtonality, clicks, complex rhythm textures,
melodic fragments.

Peter Duimelinks’ music activities date back to the mid eighties, in a time in
which he co-founded the musique concrete group THU20 with a.o. Roel Meelkop and
Jos Smolders. Working with THU20 was of vital importance to Duimelinks and it
shaped his ideas and concepts about sound and how to work with it. Traces of
this period can still be heard in his more contemporary solowork, which usually
consists of field-recordings sometimes heavily reworked but mostly used in it’s
pure form, and then organised into a composition. He is also a member of the
improvisation trio Kapotte Muziek and electronic pulse trio Goem. In the last 15
years he has also collaborated extensively with visual artists, film and video
makers and contemporary dance choreographers, and has had several exhibitions of
sound installations. He runs the V2_Archief music/sound label and the

In their playing together Bretschneider and Duimelinks go back to the core of
minimal, click related techno music, to the early days of Komet and Goem.
Minimal but engaging music, always with the heartbeat pulse at the bottom.

+ + +

KID606 – Pretty Girls Make Raves
CDEP Very Friendly VF032
Streetdate: June 26, 2006

Pretty Girls Make Raves is a tribute to analog synths, overdriven vocals,
Baltimore club and throbbing Bass heavy techno music. Anyone who has been to one
of Kid606’s recent high energy live performances has heard some of these songs,
created specifically to keep the bassbins thumpin and the dancefloor moving.
Keeping the samples to a minimum these songs are densely packed with layer upon
layer of jackin’ funked out sonics, fuzzy vocals, subtle edits and immense
twisted buildups. Keeping true to the 4/4 techno rush made classic by artists
like Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, Daft Punk, Ark and Green Velvet but with the
lyrical content and punk spirit of the Germs, Ministry and Black Flag.

This is not future music or sci-fi obsessed electro in anyway, this record is
about Fun, Fun, and more Fun, until the morning comes and you realize you lost
your wallet, don’t know how to get home, and you absolutely need good music to
put on to fight off the regret of trying to escape life so often when you never
get that far.

+ + +

MOHAMMED ‘JIMMY’ MOHAMMED – Takkabel! Take This!
CD Terp Records TERP AS-10
Streetdate: June 30, 2006

Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed (1958) is a phenomenal blind singer from the bar-circuit
in Addis Abeba, born in Mersa, Wollo. Jimmy specializes in the songs of Tlahoun
Gessesse, the greatest singer of Ethiopia. Still Jimmy always remains true to
himself and sings with both depth and passion, but his styleis also improvised
and swinging. The songs are about love, politics, and the social life of the
poor. But there is also wit and charm and plenty of ‘Wax & Gold’, the typical
Ethiopian double meaning. Heknows hundreds and hundreds of songs by heart and it
is hard to guess which one will come next.

Jimmy appears on the Ethiopiques 2 CD, but this is his first full-length CD:
‘Takkabel!’. Recorded last year while in Europe for the Moers Jazz Festival.
Earlier that year, he was also invited to play at the Ex 25 year party and
played many gigs in France. He is accompanied by MESELE ASMAMAW on the krar, a
5-string harp, and by ASNAKE GEBREYES on the traditional drums. They are often
accompanied by Dutch jazzdrummer HAN BENNINK, who also plays a star-role on the

+ + +

SLEPCY – We Are The Newest Battle Models
CD Cock Rock Disco Crock010
Release Date: June 30, 2006

Occasionally there will be an album that defines an exact moment. “We Are The
Newest Battle Models” is one of them.

The duo of PIOTR KUREK and MARCIN STEFANSKI, Poland’s Slepcy have been solidly
working on electronic music that has always been unusually iconoclastic, with a
few limited released (such as DJ Scud’s Ambush records,  Kool.Pop, and Suburban
Trash Industries) that always incited rapid fandom. These releases ranged from
the most brutal noise to brooding symphonic masterpieces, always flirting with a
sophistication that was rarely present in underground music.

They have been pretty quite for the last few years working slowly on what will
surely be their masterwork. An infectious album full of warm melodies with nods
to Opera, Synth-pop, Jazz all underpinned by inventive beats, “We Are The Newest
Battle Models” is not merely another safe electronic record. No, there’s a harsh
side to all this sweetness and pop, and just like Pink Floyd, Squarepusher,
Sonic Youth, and Swans, they are unafraid of punching the listener in the face
with some of the harshest hardcore there is. But this is precisely the appeal
with Slepcy, you get both worlds and often at the same time.

And this delicateness, this refinement of all aspects of their music must not be
overlooked. Slepcy’s music operates on the razor’s edge between melody and
noise, between Pop and Breakcore, between order and chaos but somehow always
manages to stay focused.

+ + +

URKUMA – Rebuilding Pantaleone’s Tree
CD Baskaru karu:4

Urkuma: A Unique Form of Sonic Mosaic

Strikingly unique, Urkuma’s music offers namedroppers little to cling to.
Proceeding from free improvisation and noise, the music pairs together harshness
and delicateness to piece together carefully spatialized sonic mosaics. Murmured
drones, liquid growls, electrical discharges and acoustic touches: dissembling
pieces are assembled into a stunningly unified whole.

Urkuma is STEFANO DE SANTIS, born in the Southeast part of Italy. He began his
artistic career as a playwright, and later developed his unique musical approach
to translate his theatre concepts into sound. Live, he is prone to make use of
anything within his reach, including laptop, small electronic devices, clarinet,
home-built instruments and tapes. Rebuilding Pantaleone’s Tree consists of nine
pieces of various lengths, including a collaboration with Strinqulu’s David
Della Rossa on “Olifante”. The word “urkuma” is specific to De Santis’ home
region of Salento and expresses the opposite to the Buddhist concept of nirvana.

Rebuilding Pantaleone’s Tree is a concept album based on the monk Pantaleone’s
marvellous mosaic floor in the Cathedral of Otranto. The mosaic depicts several
unusual elements, including a number of animals playing musical instruments,
such as the donkey with a harp seen on the album’s cover. Rebuilding
Pantaleone’s Tree draws inspiration from the techniques of mosaic art and
Pantaleone’s symbolism.

+ + +

V.A. – NOW 04
EP Underscan US011
Streetdate: June 16, 2006

The fourth and final release in the “NOW” compilation series by Underscan
Records delivers tracks by Slemper, Lambent, 3tronik and Fibla. The variety of
styles defines what Underscan is all about. A mixture of contemporary
electronica from abstract HipHop to dance oriented electro experiments. The
complete series with all tracks from the four 12″ records will be available on
CD in autumn of 2006 as a follow up to this release.

SLEMPER kicks of the record with a stunning electroesque-track named
“Dusdatikaf.” Pounding beats and beautifully composed melodies warp around to
make this track a club compatible dj tool aswell as a perfect homelistening
adventure. Slemper is Maarten Meussen from DenHaag (NL) who just released his
debut album “Mismatch” on the belgian imprint Aecletrick with which he gave an
outstanding example of todays freshness in electronic music.

LAMBENT focuses with his track “Kaudyoe” into the abstract HipHop realms of
electronica and creates a cinematic mood by the use of shifting tempos and found
samples. Lambent is Akira Inagawa from Japan who is now based in Berlin. His
works have been released on labels like Expanding, Jetlag or Alianation and his
next album will be made available thru prestigious City Centre Offices later on
this year.

3TRONIK is Fabien Florin from France. His track “Verwirrung” has already gained
lots of interest by music fans all over the world as the result of being already
released by various Net Lables like Sutemos. Now finally and for the first time
“Verwirrung” is available on quality 12″ vinyl for all collectors out there.

FIBLA is well known in the world of todays electronica. With his own imprint
spa.RK he offers records that are “intented for emotional audiencies.” He has
also had many releases on such labels as Sub Rosa, Quartermass, Benbecula, Worm
Interface or Expanding. His contribution to NOW 04 titled “International” is
thus a very emotional release perfectly set into warm organic sounds.

+ + +

VINCENT OLIVER – Vincent Oliver
Digital Download/Limited Edition 3″CD LOAF01

Vincent Oliver is a name you can hear a lot ‘round the Loaf offices. We think he
is just a terrific bloke. He seems to have it all, a talented visual artist and
a highly accomplished self taught musician who has kindly graced us with Loaf’s
debut release (check out Vincent’s remix of Nathan Fake’s remix 12″). His
Highness, Mr. Oliver, is quite an amusing guy so we pop’ed him some questions
and let him give you the Lo down.

LOaF: When and where were you born?
Preston hospital, North Shields, near Newcastle.  Apparently Sting’s mam used to
be a maternity nurse there.  My Dad always used to joke about Sting’s mam
whipping my bum.

LOaF: Influences/Chronic illnesses?
I was brought up on a diet of glam-rock. Marc bolan, Steve Harley and David
Bowie. I think these chaps form a kind of base for most of my influences. I take
inspiration from everything, though. I’m very visually stimulated and I’m into
words and that. It’s mostly every day things and the people around me. Its
atmospheres and feelings that I’m inspired by and try to achieve. I’ve always
had really nuts pals who make smashing stuff too. They introduce me to all sorts
of cracking stuff. I’m one of those bastards who want to have a bash at
everything and I think that adds new perspectives. No chronic illnesses, I am
chronically irritating, though.

1. Drunk Fun In London – It’s an atmospheric track, mostly – based almost
entirely around one chord. It’s a kind of homage to My Bloody Valentine, a fact
that I use to set the context for listeners… so they know how to enjoy it. I
wanted to affirm the idea that I’m not a guitar band, but use it as a tool, the
way I would a synth. It’s like a laughter track for the song. Its lyrics explore
my interest in genealogy and inheritance in all kinds of ways.  Inevitability
and indulgence of it.
2. A Piece Called Bad Ending – Gets me to sleep.
3. So Big Eyes – Fucking gay. Amongst the first few actual songs I’d written. I
used censorship as expression a bit with this’un. It was the first track I was
brave enough to record vocals for without caking them in vocoding.
4. If Yellow Were Sad – Quite a blunt message. I liked the idea of having a
whole symphony playing little more than one note to emphasize the strong
singlemindedness of the decision that the song’s about. Luckily, I was recording
a symphony orchestra for a college project I was doing and got the chance to do
just that. I used mostly the sound of them tuning up – I liked the random
interaction between the different orchestra sections and the melodies that
jumped out. I didn’t so much write the music to this one as… observe it…
god, I’m a c**t.

+ + +


25th anniversary of the conception of TOUCH
05/05 UK – London, Cut and Splice, ICA, label spotlight w/ Philip Jeck
07/05 BE – Brussels, Les Nuits Botaniques, Spire live at St. Michael’s Cathedral
12/05 UK – Leeds, Fus festival, Spire live at Town Hall
13/05 UK – Newcastle, Spire live at Jesmond Church
24/06 NL – Amsterdam, Holland Festival, Spire live at Oude Kerk

ABOUT [Cock Rock Disco]
01/06 CH – Düdingen-Fribourg, Kilbi Festival
16/07 UK – Reading, Glade Festival
19/07 NL – Nijmegen, Affaire Festival

01/05 NL – Amsterdam, TBC
02/05 NL – Rotterdam, TBC
03/05 BE – Brussels, De Nova
04/05 FR – Arras, Pharos
05/05 FR – Paris, TBC
26/27-05 FR – Vandoeuvre, Musique Action Festival

BELONG [Carpark]
12/05 SE – Stockholm, Debaser
13/05 NO – Oslo, Blaa
16/05 DE – Hamburg, Golden Pudel
17/05 DE – Berlin, West Germany
18/05 DE – Leipzig, Ilses Erika
19/05 DE – Freiburg, TBA
20/05 DE – Dudingen, Bad Bonn
21/05 AT – Vienna, Flex
22/05 IT – Faenza, Clandestino
23/05 IT – Porto Sant’Elpidio (Ascoli), St. Indie Festival
24/05 IT – Turin, El Barrio
25/05 DE – Munich, Rote Sonne
26/05 CH – Zurich, Kalkbreite
27/05 BE – Antwerp, Petrol 5voor12
29/05 NL – Breda, Mezz
30/05 NL – Amsterdam, Paradiso
31/05 NL – Utrecht, Ekko

30/05 UK – London, The Luminaire
29/05 FR – Rennes, Le Bon Acceuil
27/05 PT – Lisbon, Ze Dos Bois
26/05 ES – Barcelona, TBA
24/05 BE – Aalst, Netwerk + The No Neck BNlues Band
23/05 DE – Hamburg, Astra-Stube
22/05 DE – Berlin, nbi
21/05 DE – Leipzig, Nato
20/05 DE – Cologne, Kulturbunker Muelheim
19/05 FR – Nantes, Le Lieu Unique
18/05 FR – Bordeaux, Cafe Pompier
16/05 FR – Lille, La Malterie

02/05 NL – Amsterdam, OCCII
04/05 DK – Ronne, Musikhuset
05/05 DK – Copenhagen, DameULove
06/05 SE – Goetheborg, Ladyfest
08/05 SE – Stockholm, Debasser
09/05 SE – Lund, Mejeriet (tbc)
10/05 DE – Hamburg, Prinzenbar
11/05 DE – Berlin, Gogozip @ Bastard (tbc)
12/05 DE – Berlin, Rio
13/05 DE – Munich, Candy Club @ Rote Sonne
16/05 FR – Lyon, MJC Montplaisir
18/05 ES – Madrid, Nasti
19/05 ES – Barcelona, Razzmatazz
20/05 FR – Marseille, L’embobineuse
21/05 FR – Toulouse, tba
24/05 DE – Bielefeld, AJZ
25/05 DE – Mühlheim/Ruhr, AZ
26/05 DE – Frankfurt/Main, Ladyfest
27/05 DE – Leipzig, Zoro
30/05 CH – Bern, Reitschule
01/06 SL – Ljubljana, tba
02/06 CR – Zagreb, KSET
03/06 AT – Arnoldstein, Ladyfest
04/06 AT – Vienna, fmqueer @ Shelter

10/06 AT – Salzburg, Kontrakom Festival
11/06 AT – Vienna, Mosz-Label-Night @ Porgy&Bess

06/05 ES – Barcelona, MACBA
07/05 ES – Valencia, Observatori

THE EX [The Ex Records]
10/05 ES – Madrid, Sala El Sol
13/05 ES – Barcelona, Sala Apolo
17/05 NL – Groningen, Vera
18/05 NL – Enschede, Atak
19/05 NL – Breda, Mezz
20/05 BE – Brussels, Magasin 4

20/05 FR – Marseille


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