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Discus 25CD
Artist: Shkrang!
Title: Some thoughts about Shkrang!
Mick Beck – tenor saxophone, bassoon, whistles
Dave Tucker – electric guitar, soft synths
Paul Hession – drumset

One of the Beck / Hession / + most powerful trios, caught superbly on disc in what feels like a unified presentation. The disc has the raw energy of rock, the sophistication of three skilled musicians with sharp ears and a love of the dramatic. If you want an evening to go with a swing, you’ve got to try this one, and there’s even something like a last waltz!
The Beck/Hession duo is legendary for focus and power. Add Dave Tucker’s spikey guitar/electronics and there’s something striking -Shkrang! It’s unusual and intense. Hammer blows on anvils, industrial strife, The best of uninhibited free music and wreckless driving.
Materials drawn from a 2003 tour in Spain and England, embellished by Dave Tucker in studio. Mick Beck said: “We loved making the music. You can hear that. There’s a titivating build-up from beginning to a cathartic climax. It’s too hot to hold”.

Music a la Coque CD04
Artist: Bass Tone Trap
Title: Trapping
Martin Archer, Derek Saw – saxes and clarinets
John Jasnoch, Neil Carver – electric guitars
Paul Shaft – double bass, vocal
Pete Infanti – drums
“This Sheffield six piece brim with courageous ambition, two guitarists and two reed players locked in a clinch somewhere between Soft Machine and Archie Shepp. The swirl of circular improvisations suggests this is one collective who could actually play a jazz-rock that moves and involves.” – Richard Cook, NME
“BTT are Sheffield’s answer to the Art Ensemble of Chicago, and they know how to entertain” – Unidentified review
Re-release (plus extra tracks) of the 1983 recording debut of your favourite Sheffield musicians.  23 years on this mix of avant funk, improv and jazz still sounds fresh and sharp, and now with the added kick of a nice remaster from the original tapes.
This item will become available in the next couple of weeks – we’re just wating for shipment from the Italian (!) label which has masterminded this re-release.  Apparently there is a young Italian band heavily influenced by BTT………..
Happy listening,
Martin Archer