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UPDATE Garage Beat,Sixties,Mod Soul…

MAGGOTS – Monkey time! CD 12,90 Screaming Apple
MAGGOTS – Monkey time! LP 9,50 Screaming Apple
The Maggots have been playing their brand of rockin’ garage punk since 1999.
The main influence behind The Maggots lay in the original garage punk from
the 60’s but that’s not the whole picture. Years – hell, decades! – of
dedicated love for everything that is real rock’n’roll is rolled into the
Maggot sound! The Maggots has been touring Germany, Spain, Italy, England,
Scandinavia, Belgium, France, Holland. They’ve been touring with the
Fleshtones and successfully backed up Jeff Conolly as ‘Lyres’ in
Sweden.’Monkey Time!’ is the fourth Maggots album and we’re happy to release
it on Screaming Apple records – a label that goes way back and who’s love of
the garage/punk sounds is well documented.On this album The Maggots have
added a fourth member on Farfisa organ to spice up the sounds some more.
‘Monkey Time!’ is a vital record, trying to capture the timeless qualities
of all good rock’n’roll while paying the dues both to the original 50’s/60’s
garage/r&r/beat and to the member’s own roots in the first 80’s garage wave.
The record consists of 9 original songs and 3 covers where we do our takes
on some old fave songs. We had a helluva fun recording this one – hope
that’s evident upon listening! The line-up will surely set more than one
stage on fire, and the new album is sure to appeal to garage-a-holics and
rock’n’roll fans everywhere. The Maggots play the music they love, and have
a great time doing it! They are out to make you move!

MONTESAS – In Rockers…Shakers LP 11,20 Soundflat Records
Holy Mocker! This one’s for you!! This is the 3rd album by one of thee most
exciting german Hully Gully bands EVER!! Now on our very own label, after
their great albums on Larsen & Kamikaze!! This one is a soundtrack for the
legendary cultmovie ‘ROCKERS!…SHAKERS!’ made by romanian producer
Stanislaus Starclub!! The sound is typical MONTESAS Beat, Twist, Shake &
RnB! Great coverversions that sound most of the time as a refreshing new hit
tune! Listen to ‘Dear John’ (HANK WILLIAMS), the 60’s Girl-Soul Klassiker
‘Updown Sue’ (LUV’d ONES), here sung with Montesita grace Ira Lee and Marcel
Bontempi, a doo woop version of ‘Have Love Will Travel’ and more more more!
As an extra special bonus this album comes in a huge fold out cover that
contains a complete board-game (sorry, no dices)! To be honest: I myself
can’t even wait to see the finished product!! This is already the platter of
the year!

Garage Mod Surf

BONGOLIAN – Blue print CD 17,50 Blow Up
BONGOLIAN – Blue print LP 16,50 Blow Up
Their 2nd album! And it’s a burner! Full of organ drenched groovy songs full
of magic biff-bang-boom killer beatdrums! And of course that voodoo bongos!!
Reminding me a lot of early JAMES TAYLOR QUARTETT & ‘money runner’ style
Quincy Jones! Mod 2006!! The Bongolian – a solo project by Nasser Bouzida,
the main man from Blow Up Records Big Boss Man. This is Nasser in his
element, taking us on a musical journey of dirty bongo driven Funk and
spaced-out Latin Soul – all 100% Heavy Bongo Vibes. Written, arranged,
performed and produced by Nasser at Ramshackle Studios on analogue 8 track,
and mixed by Mike Pelanconi (Graham Coxon, Big Boss Man). Please note, this
album contains NO SAMPLES, just a groove that sounds good!

BOOBY TRAPS – Same CD 17,50 Off The Hip
THE BOOY TRAPS are three girls and 2 guys influenced by primitive fuzz
sounds of garage bands from the 60’s, such as The Sonics & The Count Five,
melodies and arrangements from girl groups such as The Shangri-Las and the
Ronettes, the swagger and grit from black R’n’B from such greats as
Nathaniel Mayer and Little Richard. Modern bands with similar influences
with their own unique sounds also fill out the melting pot – The Pandoras,
The Muffs, Detroit Cobras, The Makers & The Headcoatees, THE BOOBY TRAPS are
united in their passion for all things primitive and swingin’!

CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN – An incident at owl creek CD 17,00 Get Hip
The Creatures of the Golden Dawn have spent the last dozen or so years
digesting such mid-’60s garage-rock gems as the Seeds, the Elevators, the
Watchband and plenty of more obscure garagedom. After albums on Dionysus and
Collectables in the ’90s the band went to hiatus. This fantastic new album
marks their return, more energetic and rocking than ever.This album features
a mix of covers (including a tune by the Lyres!), and originals that’ll put
a smile on your face! A must for fans of Cynics, Lyres and energetic garage!

DEFECTORS – The final thrill MCD 7,50 Bad Afro Records
The Final Thrill is the first exciting single output from the upcoming The
Defectors album due for release August 21st, 2006. This will be second album
on Bad Afro and the 4th in the history of The Defectors. The Final Thrill
showcases a new, slow and spooky side of the band with haunting theramin and
twanging guitars. The song was recorded and mixed by The Defectors in their
own studio called Cairo Hi-Fi and was mastered by Carsten Heller. This
release is mostly meant as a radio promo but a few copies will be put up for
sale as well.

FIREWALKERS – Nervous breakdown CD 15,00 Green Cookie
The Firewalkers have been playing hot garage rock for ten years and these
cool Frenchmen have set many venues on fire. The four guys dig that goddamn
Rock’n’ Roll that The Cramps, The Mono Men, The Nomads, The Sonics and The
Fuzztones taught them. They opened for The Fuzztones in April 2003 in Rennes
and for Big Boss Man in April 2005 in Lorient. In May 2004, they played in
Bourges at the fabulous Cosmic Trip Festival with Los Banditos and The Hara
Kee Rees. They had previously released three songs on the Cosmic Trip Volume
3 compilation.

HOLLY GOLIGHTLY – Laugh it up CD 16,50 Damaged Goods
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY – Laugh it up LP 13,90 Damaged Goods
Re-issue of hollys long deleted second album on lp & cd. originally released
in 1996 on the now defunct vinyl japan. ‘Laugh It Up’ provides an overall
view of Holly’s recording style, comprising a combination of originals and
covers, including songs by THE KINKS, Roy Orbison, THE VALENTINOS, Chuck
Berry, Ike Turner and Lee Hazlewood.

MOTHBALLS – Come out of the closet 7 6,50
Shit! ‘she drives me wild’ must be one of the best tracks I heard in ages!
Killer stupid organ driven back from the grave teen punk performed by some
deranged US kids! You need this 7′!!! Here’s the repress of their long sold
out 45 on pink wax! Will be a classic in 10 seconds! Ace coverart!

MUCK & THE MIRES – 1-2-3-4 CD 10,50 Amp Records
Killer new 9-track CD! MUCK & THE MIRES are just amazing. They belong to the
very few absolutely outstanding rockin’ garage-pop acts on our planet,
combining the traditional ‘british invasion’ sound of the early sixties with
the classic beat-pop and garage rock’n’roll extravaganza of the same
decade.Their ability to write dead catchy tunes and to play those with such
a refreshing ease brings back the BIG FUN, we had while listening to the
BEATLES, the EASYBEATS and of course the mighty KAISERS. Wearing matching
suits and black shades, this four-piece from Boston shows how easy it can be
to make even the sulky smile after listening to just 3 minutes of pure MUCK
& THE MIRES entertainment.

The New Salem Witch Hunters are a Garage-Rock institution in their native
Cleveland, Ohio and this CD is the long-overdue reissue (first time on CD)
of their Debut LP originally released by Cleveland-based Herb Jackson
Records in 1986. It coincides with the band’s 20th anniversary and comes out
at a good time since the interest in 80s and 90s Garage revival bands seems
to be at a peak right now. Recorded at the now defunct Beat Farm Studios
this album still maintains its freshness after all these years due to the
fact that, like label mates The Cynics, the New Salem Witch Hunters have a
very clear idea of their sound (deeply rooted in obscure 60’s Garage) and
know precisely how to transfer this sound into record.In fact, we highly
recommend this album to all Cynics fans. Guitarist Tom Fallon and long time
partner singer Dave Atkins have a similar songwriting approach as
Kastelic-Kostelich of the Cynics and Tom even plays the same vintage Gretsch
guitar as Gregg Kostelich! So there. But while the Cynics have a
predominance fora fuzzed-out sound the Witch Hunters have a more melodic
approach, very reminiscent of the early Seeds.Excellent album!

PURPLE WIZARD – Bbq 7 7,00 Show and Tell
Second Installment of pitch-perfect, rowdy, ass shakin’ garage pop from
NYC’s PURPLE WIZARD. 3 brand new songs exclusive to this slab of wax. A
couple of superbly interpreted STAX Records classics (BBQ,THAT’S MY GUY)and
one party starter of unknown origin called the SHIMMY SHIMMY!

RAPIERS – 1961 CD 14,00 Big Beat
Great Reissue of1987 album as mid-price CD release! It also includes both
sides of their rare Off Beat single issued earlier the same year. The
Rapiers are the leading Shadows tribute band and regularly perform as the
Shadows in the West End and as backup to original Shadows members, such as
Jet Harris.

SCREAMIN ERIC – Shake it! LP 13,90 Heptown
SCREAMIN’ ERIC’s second album on HepTown records is once more filled with
catchy songs played with shitloads of energy. But whereas the predecessor
‘Freak Show’ was more one-dimensional in it’s sound and style, ‘Shake It’
presents a broader selection of songs rooted in mid-sixties garage rock and
soul stomp, punk rock of the late seventies and a touch of delta blues,
mixed together to make contemporary but yet old-fashioned sing-along
rock’n’roll. This is an album that kicks rock bands of the very land of
mediocrity in the balls with it’s uncomplicated straightforwardness.
SCREAMIN’ ERIC made Lorenzo Woodrose of Baby Woodrose and Martin Budde of
The Defectors participate in the making of this album, respectively laying
down tracks with backing vocals/percussion and organ on a number of songs on
‘Shake It’, all with great result. The title song got it’s last finish from
the backing vocals of Lorenzo, and it’s impossible not to yell along with
the chorus of that song!

SONIC CHICKEN 4 – Dont let me down 7 6,80 Nasty Product
More of this stomping trashed out garage-o-rama by these french nuts! Nasty
screaming, demented sounds direct from back from the grave cemetry! Fuzzed
out guitars, a rumbling bass & teens not afraid to scare their neighbours!
That’s tunes for Pebbles Vol.666! Buzzsaw!!

SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS – Doublewide & live CD 17,00 Yep Roc
SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS – Doublewide & live DoCD 18,90 Yep Roc
SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS – Doublewide & live DoLP 20,90 Yep Roc
Cancel your weekend plans – SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS are bringing the
world-famous, sexed-up, blistering, chicken-fried, Dick Dale by way of Link
Wray, warped SCOTS road show to your living room courtesy of their first
official live release! There are ‘more hooks [in SCOTS songs] than in a
Starbucks clerk’s eyebrow’ (Harp Magazine) and ‘guitar riffs as lumpy as a
camel, rough as a jackhammer or smooth and bright as Tennessee sippin’
whiskey.’ (No Depression) WARNING! – this is no sleepy, hipster,
shoe-gazing, Tuesday-night show – Big Takeover says SCOTS music is ‘a world
unto itself.’ Prepare yourself for the six-sensory assault that the faithful
already know means a box of chicken, a dance floor of virile, gyrating
bodies and more rockabilly, surf, country and blues licks than you can shake
a limbo stick at! Snatched from the dank, smoky air of Chapel Hill’s Local
506 and burnt to disc. Blazing hot and live! Not enough SCOTS for ya? Check
out the DELUXE CD VERSION of Doublewide and Live, with an enhanced bonus
disc featuring 3 extra audio tracks and live footage from the show PLUS
special packaging containing a pop-up doublewide trailer! OR grab the DELUXE
GATEFOLD DOUBLE-LP VERSION with 3 bonus audio tracks and ALSO containing a
pop-up doublewide trailer!

Sixties / Soul

DAVIS, MAXWELL – Batman and other themes CD 14,00 BGP
In 2006 BGP launches its new outlet – the BGP SOUND LIBRARY, which will be
the home for a whole slew of funky themes and other inspired ‘library style’
recordings from our vaults. The first release is a very rare Maxwell Davis
recording from 1966 which was released for a very short period on the UK
Ember label (as well as on a USA Crown LP) in the wake of the Batman craze
of 1966, when the famous pop art TV series was at the peak of its
popularity. Our release gathers the ten tracks from that album – all in a
style that suggests groovy go-go dancers going wild at an all-night
happening in the Batcave – plus three related recordings by Maxwell Davis
from the period. Davis was one of the true greats of the post-war R&B era.
He produced over 100 US R&B hits and was a constant figure from the mid 40s
to the late 60s recording with many of the true West Coast legends such as
B.B. King, Louis Jordan and Lowell Fulsom. The CD comes in the usual Ace
Records high quality artwork with an in-depth sleeve note on Maxwell Davis.

DAYTON SIDEWINDERS – Lets go down to Funksville LP 15,50 Funkadelphia
7 song LP on 180 gram heavy funk vinyl for maximum LOUD FUNKNESS!! Includes
their rare 60’s – 70’s hard to find singles.

EMPERORS – Karate LP 16,00 Funkadelphia
1966-1967 Harrisburg, PA funky boogaloo, latin shing-a-ling Hammond B-3
garage soul raunch MADNESS !! 180 Gram Heavy Vinyl!

GENE FAITH / DELEGATES OF SOUL – Give a man a break 7 7,50 Up Look
The original unreleased slower funkier version of the Charles Mintz tune,
sung by the lead singer of the Volcanoes, with killer soul on B-side by the
Delegates Of Soul from grimey Chester, PA.

HOPSON, SONNY – 1969 What Am radio show CD 15,50 Philly Archives
1969 Philadelphia AM Radio Broadcast! Contains funk and soul music of the
day, cool commercials and wild chatter from legendary Philly soul DJ ‘The
Mighty Burner’ This original radio show will take you back to a precious
time in Philadelphia history when black AM radio ruled the airwaves.

INFORMERS / ROYAL 5 – The Sound of North Philly CD 15,50 Philly Archives
Two North Philly soul groups battle it out.This CD contains a mixture of
street corner Philly r&b, uptempo northern soul and sweet soul harmony.
Includes unreleased master tapes and scratchy acetates for your soul
listening pleasure ! 12 page informative booklet with rare photos, stories
and discographies.

After the first 2 releases have gone sold out in 30 days, here we are with
the third one for Record Kicks 45, the 7′ collection made up for clubs and
dedicated to the best of contemporary funk, soul and dance-floor jazz music.
It’s with immense pleasure that we, at Record Kicks, present our brand new
45. We’ve taken the hottest singers in the UK right now international soul
scene’s young promise Alice Russel featured by little genius Quantic and on
the other side we added the legendary Hammond combo JAMES TAYLOR QUARTET at
is very best. Both on the same 45, what more could you ask! ‘Somebody’s
gonna love you’ is taken from Alice Russel debut album ‘Under The Munka
Moon’ and also features Quantic probably the most talented and prolific
artists in the world of alternative dance music today. Alice has featured as
guest vocalist on music for The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Max Sedgley,
Nostalgia 77 and Bah Samba amongst others and has also performed live
alongside Roy Ayers and supported Lonnie Liston Smith, Fela Kuti and De La
Soul. Whether live or on record, she always performs with her trademark self
assurance and sass. You really can’t fake what Miss. Russell’s got! On the
other side James Taylor Quartet certainly needs no presentation as they’ve
been the leading lights in the Hammond, mod, rare groove & soul-jazz scenes
for the past 15 years. Tough chicken (part I) one of the band grooviest cut
ever, is taken from ‘Message From The Godfather’ on Ubiquity Records.
Produced by Snowboy, this is a hard-driving B3 Hammond groove with a heavy
dose of funk, soul jazz, and ‘mod’ernist tinges proving that JTQ still have
one foot planted firmly in the now and the other, just as firmly, somewhere
south of 1970.

JOHNSON, HERB – Remember me CD 15,50 Philly Archives
The first ever compilation of Philly soul & funk legend Herb Johnson.
Contains all his hard to find singles from 1960 onwards.Includes the funky
‘Damph Faint’ direct from the master tape with the tambourine that was
mysteriously missing from the 45 ! As a bonus, you get unreleased material
from his 1957 r&b group The Ambassadors along with 12 pagefact filled

A Side: Majestics – ‘Tighten Up’, B Side: Benny Gordon & the Soul Brothers
‘Tighten Up’! Archie Bell wrote this Monster Soul Funk Dance Monster!!! The
Majestics from Canada put their Version on the Majestics Album ‘Tighten Up’
on Arc Records (late Sixties). The Drums are so unique and wide and will
works on any dancefloor!!!! Benny Gordon & the Soul Brothers also had to do
a Cover Version! And like the Majestics, Benny called his album ‘Tighten
Up’!! He was so into the original version, that he introduced the track like
Archie Bell did ‘I am Benny Gordon….’ but to be honest, more rough than
mr. Bell. Both Versions were never released on 7′ just on their Albums and
they’re allready over 200 dollars! So don’t be stupid and buy these smash
tunes now and save money! Limited edition 1000 copies!!!

PATTY & THE EMBLEMS – Tribute to the Mixed Up Shook Up CD 15,50 Philly
Mixed-Up, Shook-Up, Girl’ was a national hit in the summer of 1964 and
reached the top ten on most AM Philly radio stations. This CD contains the
original 1964 hit from the long lost master tape as well as 6 new songs that
Patty recorded shortly before she passed on in 1999. On the 24 track CD are
8 songs from the 60’s that have remained unavailable until now including the
uptempo ‘Love Will Come’ & ‘It’sThe Little Things’. Nearly all the songs on
this new CD are from the original master tapes, with better sound quality
and longer versions of songs than on any previous package.

POETS – Scotlands no. 1 group CD 15,50 Distortions
1964-67 Andrew Loog Oldham produced masterpiece. Includes 1963 demos,
acetates and informative liner notes written by Poets expert Lenny Helsing.
If you like finely crafted pop songs, minor-key ballads and baroque beat,
then look no further because The Poets stand up to any song by The Beatles,
Hollies or Zombies.

POWDER – Biff bang powder CD 15,50 Distortions
Powder were Northern California’s answer to the powerpop/mod sound of The
Who / Small Faces / Creation. The CD contains 1966 tracks by The Art
Collection as well as 16 Powder songs from 1967. 27 great songs along with
informative liner notes written by compiler Alec Palao.

PRESLEY, ELVIS – The king of western bop DoLP 24,90 Rev-Ola
What can one say? Elvis…the alpha and omega of Rock’n’Roll…at number 1
at the very start and at number 1 as we speak! And he’s not even here to
make a video for the marketing men!!! Join us at the very start of the
brilliant career of the 20th century’s GREATEST entertainer. It’s greatest
country, pop and R&B vocalist. Its greatest icon, its greatest record
collector, its greatest music fan, its greatest live perfomer, its greatest
dancer….woah yeah!!! It’s ELVIS, day one, as he tentativelely enters the
legendary Sun studios in Memphis, and cuts songs ranging from his mother’s
favourites to gems from his own mighty record collection, to originals. The
sound of Rockabilly being created as we listen. With Elvis, Scotty and Bill
wide-eyed with the sense of discovery from his first steps into the studio
to the verge of being the greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll icon in the world… these
songs document the process of the Hillbilly Cat from Memphis, the king of
western bop, becoming simply THE KING!!

SMOOVE / SPEEDOMETER – Split 7 8,90 Record Kicks
Second release for Record Kicks 45, the new 7′ collection made up for clubs
and dedicated to the best of contemporary funk, soul and dance-floor jazz
music. This release features 2 more young bands of promise in the
contemporary funk & soul scene, Smoove and Speedometer. Smoove are Sir Eddie
Piller’s last discovery as far as coolness is concerned. Anticipated by the
success of the single ‘Revolution will be televised’, their debut album
‘Dead Man Shirt’, which was just released on Acid Jazz Records, was much
praised by the critics. ‘Big Balls’, a groovy dance-floor jazz instrumental
track, is an out-and-out irresistible driving force that absolutely
validates all the positive reviews on this London based one-man band.
Speedometer have been competing with Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings for the
sceptre of best performing funk band for a long time. The band formed in 99
and had the pleasure of working with real myths such as Eddie Bo, Marva
Whitney and Lee Fields. Those lucky enough to see them live during one of
the countless performances at Camden’s Jazz Cafe know what we’re talking
about. ‘Power Generation’ is the last single taken from their second album
‘This is Speedometer vol.2’, released by Blow It Hard Records. With gigs in
Japan, Speedometer are now definitely one of the funk scene’s best bands
worldwide! Damn hot dancefloor funk!

SUMAC, YMA – Voice of the Xtabay DoLP 24,90 Rev-Ola
A legendary performer with an amazing four-octave range, Yma Sumac was said
to be an Incan princess, and one of the Golden Sun Virgins. Her offbeat
stylings made her a phenomenon in early ’50s pop music, and the perfect and
inevitable punchline to Terry-Thomas’ famous DJ sketch! A major star of
Broadway and Hollywood, her music veered from Les Baxters interpretations of
the native music of Peru, through neo-classical to Mambo. While her album
covers took full advantage of her strange, wild and exotic costumes and
voluptuous figure, rumours abounded that she was, in actuality, a New York
housewife named Amy Camus (in itself rather an unlikely name for a New York
housewife!). It really mattered little, since there has been no one like her
before or since in the annals of popular music. When you play this album,
prepare for a hot, exotic musical experience – a voyage of discovery into a
new land of sound. For you have never in your life heard anyone sing like
Yma Sumac. This album is a Rev-Ola classic and was one of the first releases
on the original label! Yma Sumac is probably the major singer in the Exotica
genre and this release was produced by Exotica-meister Les Baxter and
leading modern South American composer Moises Vivanco. A must for all fans
of Exotica, World Music and the unusual uses of the human voice!

V/A – Allentown anglophile CD 15,50 Distortions
A look back in time at Allentown, Pennsylvania’s Anglo-influenced garage
scene, many unreleased songs by Kings Ransom, Limits, Shillings, Dooley
Invention, Bleu Grass, D.B.L.I.T.Y.

V/A – Best of Del Val Records 65-75 CD 15,50 Philly Archives
In 1965, producer Joe Stevenson formed Del Val & Pentagon Records and
released some of the finest soul music to come out of his West Philadelphia
recording facility Imperial Sound Studio on W. 60th St. Most of the singles
that were released have become highly sought after by soul fans in England
where they have been popular in soul clubs since the 70’s. This CD contains
26 tracks which have never appeared before on CD in the USA. Most of the
material has been transfered from the original two track mono masters and
unreleased acetates. Includes deluxe 12 page color booklet with rare photos,
history and discograpghy of the label.

V/A – Best of Melron Records 1961-1969 CD 15,50 Philly Archives
The Early Philly Sound! This CD contains some of the rarest r&b and soul
from essential Melron label which was based out of a cellar on ‘F’ street
and Roosevelt Blvd. Has such notable North Philly artist like Essau, Rocky
Brown, Bobby Eli, Pheasants, Colly Williams, Sweethearts and others from

V/A – Best of Wally-O-Productions (Toxan / Womar labels) CD 15,50 Philly
Throughout the 60’s and early 70’s, producer Wally Osborne was responsible
for creating some of the finest moments in soul music history with his Toxan
& Womar labels. One of his productions, Herb Johnson’s ‘I’m So Glad’ has
sold over 50,000 copies in England alone. This 22 track CD contains a
mixture of ballads and uptempo dancers including 4 unreleased songs by the
falsetto-led Topics from ’68 Contains deluxe 12 page booklet with photos,
history of each artist and detailed discography.

V/A – Dave Hamiltons detroit dancers vol 3 CD 17,50 Kent
This is the third in a critically acclaimed series of connoisseur’s Detroit
soul. Ace bought and developed Dave Hamilton’s recordings and we are still
finding great songs amongst the hundreds of tapes he had kept in his
studios. Highlights include the single version of James Lately’s Temple
label GBP 2000 rarity ‘Love Friends And Money’, a beautiful mid 60s
reworking of the Barbees’ Detroit super-rarity ‘The Wind’. There are also
unissued songs by Little Ann, Tobi Lark and OC Tolbert, including Ann’s
version of the currently in-demand ‘Sweep It Out In The Shed’. We feature
alternate versions of the legendary ‘What Should I Do’ and an instrumental
of the classic ‘Happiness Is Here’. The sleevenotes include quotes taken
from a taped interview that collector Tim Ashibende conducted with Dave
Hamilton and Joe Hunter a decade or more ago.

V/A – Dead! the grim reapers greatest hits CD 17,50 Big Beat
Jeeeez, this CD has one of my alltime faves EVER!!!! ‘Psycho’, by Jack
Kittel!!! What a demented song!! In the tradition established by ‘The Golden
Age Of American Rock ‘n’ Roll Special Novelty Edition’, ‘Great Googa Mooga’
and last Halloween’s ‘These Ghoulish Things’, here’s’DEAD!’, a compilation
that would speak for itself if it could! This collection brings the fan who
likes their black humour on the lighter side, the first of a planned
2-volume set of ‘Death Discs’ from the classic era of the late 50s through
to the end of the 60s. Included are huge pop hits like ‘Terry’ by Twinkle
and ‘Give Us Your Blessings’ by the Shangri-Las, both of which straddle the
Death Disc and Girl Group sounds. The Joe Meek production ‘Johnny Remember
Me’ shares digital space with ‘Tell Laura I Love Her’. The hit-makers on
this set also include the Everly Brothers, Jan & Dean and Bob Luman. In
fact, the compilation is so radio-friendly that it’s almost impossible to
believe that most of the tracks were banned during the less-enlightened time
of their release!

V/A – Dutch beat explosion CD 13,50 Distortions
28 tracks all sung in English with those funny Dutch accents. Melodic 60’s
Dutch folk-rock/pop/beat. Every song is unforgettable. The best Dutch CD
ever if you like the jangley, 12-string folk-rock sound!

V/A – Kents cellar of soul Vol.2 CD 18,00 Kent
These tracks are mainly well known soul records by artists whom most soul
fans will known well. They incluide many chart, radio and turntable hits.Ady
Croasdell explains by way of fascinating 5000 word note how these sounds
tuned a generation of UK soul fans into black America.The compilation is
strong on dance floor favourites but also features a few soulful ballads,
including classics from Al Green, the Unifics and Debbie Taylor.The dancer
come from Bobby Wells, Bobbi Lynn, King george, Al Kent, Joe Tex,Darrow
Fletcher and JJ Jackson; while Leon Haywood, The carltons, The holydays and
Billy butler Just sit there, clickig their fingers and sounding cool.

V/A – Lets boogaloo Vol.3 CD 15,50 Record Kicks
V/A – Lets boogaloo Vol.3 LP 15,50 Record Kicks
Easily the best collection so far in the Let’s Boogaloo series – and one
that’s overflowing with great older work from the 60s and 70s! We’ve liked
the other Let’s Boogaloo sets plenty, but this one’s even more deep funk
oriented than before – and not only features some great rare funky 45
material, but also a few great sound library rarities – mixed in alongside
the newer cuts that Record Kicks always champions, done in a mix of funky
and mod styles overall!’ Dusty Groove Chicago Dear soul lovers, yet again
the moment has arrived to get down on the dancefloor and scream and shout
‘LET’S BOOGALOO!’. The formula is invariable; we have chosen the best from
the contemporary funk, soul and hammond groove scene; we have picked some
irresistible R&B, soul and funk stompers from the mid-60s, mixed and
polished them in the studio and, here you are, for the very last time, the
most explosive and appetizing cocktail in town: LET’S BOOGALOO VOL. 3! ALAN
MOOREHOUSE is a composer much in demand by djs and Library collectors alike.
The dance selection opens with the rhythm & beat stormer ‘Beatcoma’, taken
from the ‘Chappel’ catalogue and never published before, until now! FRED
HUGHES is a big name from the northern soul scene. ‘Don’t Let It Happen To
Us’ on the ‘Brunswick’ label in 1966 is one of the grooviest tracks by Mr.
Hughes and a BOOGALOO CLUB huge hit over the past 3 years. YVONNE FAIR
together with Marva Whitney and Lyn Collins were members of the legendary
James Brown ‘Revue’. ‘Say Yeah Yeah’, also produced by James Brown and
supported by the great Famous Flames was released on the ‘Dade’ label in
1963. BRAND NEW RHYTHM are a super heavy funk ensemble of musicians from NY.
Listen to the charging drum beat on ‘Gettin’ Down’, explosive! ‘Hot Pants
Party’ by Guy Morris is an overpowering funky soul stomper, is the only
track to have ever been issued by this artist. ‘Jazz cats’, ‘Latin Soul
Strutt’ and ‘Funky Skunk’ from CHAPPEL library catalogue are the product of
the creme della creme of the British dancefloor jazz scene , so groovy! The
KARMINSKY brothers are associated with the emergence of the ‘lounge’ scene
at the end of the 1990s. They return with a brand new track ‘Calhoon Road’
with Rory More of Les Hommes accompanying on Hammond. Dutch band from
Amsterdam, LEFTIES SOUL CONNECTION, are amongst the most promising artists
in the contemporary funk scene while groovy FUNKY NASSAU from Miami, Florida
were pioneered by the tycoon of funk, Henry Stone. MINIVIP, THE LINK QUARTET
and The STONED SOUL PICNIC are a big favourite amongst LET’S BOOGALOO fans.
They’re a guarantee! ‘Oh My!’ by contemporary New York City vocal trio THE
DANSETTES, is a groovy and classy R&B/Soul mover and last but not least we
have the heavy deep funk of ‘I’ve got you man’ by THE SWEET VANDALS from
Spain! Keep shaking baby! Keep shaking!

V/A – Mas rock and roll CD 10,50 Electro Harmonix
V/A – Mas rock and roll Double 10 21,90 Electro Harmonix
26 rare 60’s teen-punk artyfacts! Here it is! You could be tempted to
consider ‘MAS ROCK AND ROLL’ a label sampler since most of the artists here
have their own record on Electro Harmonix, but this is mucho more! MAS
ROCKAND ROLL (‘More Rock&Roll’) is an incredible compilation of some of the
best 60s garage, punk, and rock&roll ever made south of el Rio Grande. And
this means not only Mexico, but Southamerica too: Uruguay, Argentina, Chile,
Colombia, Peru etc!!!! And for extra oddity we added a song from The 5
Torquays (five G.I.s from the US stationed in Germany who later became THE
MONKS!) and a band from Madrid, Spain.

V/A – Nasty Rockabilly Vol.8 LP 14,50 B-Sharp
More rare as hell rockabilly with nasty coverart! This time: FD Johnson – be
my baby, Al Davis – Go baby Go, Tommy Moreland – bang band, Ralph – Ive Got
It, Hank Davis & Electras – Women Train, Farris Wilder – Its All your Fault,
Clay Eager – Helen Jo; Perry La Pointe – BO Rock, Jimmy Keller – Brush Pile
Burn, Harold White – Youre Not Mine, The Relyeahs – Country Boy, The
Kingbeats – Ive been a Bad Bad Boy, Betty Smith – Yeah baby, Rick Bounty –
It will be Me!

V/A – Philly soul girls CD 15,50 Philly Archives
Philly Soul Girls Vol 1 CD. 26 songs by the best female artists and groups
from Philly ’63-67. Includes the first time ever master tape version of
‘Mixed Up Shook Up Girl’ by Patty/Emblems . Has many unreleased uptempo gems
by Persianettes / Ann Byers / Butterflies / Honey & Bees / Swans / Sherwoods
/ Cindy Scott etc!

V/A – Philly soul vol 1 CD 15,50 Philly Archives
Rare Philly soul from ’64-71′ recorded at Impact Sound studios on Castor
Ave. in Northeast Philly. Producer Phil Gaber was responsible for producing
the artists on this package and discovered such talent like Ronnie Walker,
The Stylistics and The Emporers who will be featured on a future CD. This CD
contains many unreleased songs, rare photos and history of what went down in
the Philly 60’s soul scene. Also has bonus tracks at the end of the CD which
are equally amazing.

V/A – Philly sound get down CD 15,50 Philly Archives
All instrumental funky Philly madness from 1968-1973, many unreleased tunes
from the master tapes and Virtue acetates. Lots of cool old Philly photos of
daze gone bye!

V/A – UK Sue Label story Vol.4 CD 17,50 Big Beat
This CD features many artists whose names will – for UK soul and R&B
collectors, at least – be indelibly associated with the familiar yellow and
red imprint. It also features many extremely obscure acts whose repertoire
took an extra amount of tracking down, but who we’re extremely glad to have
on board alongside the more familiar names. The featured repertoire ranges
from Chicago R&B to Big City Soul, from stomping rockers to the deepest
Southern Soul from the Stax studios – all totally reflective of the catholic
tastes and A&R policy of the late, great Guy S. Around a third of the tracks
have never been reissued on CD or LP! Meticulously mastered from the best
available sources, and lovingly annotated by UK R&B journalist and UK Sue
obsessive Mike Atherton, this is as compelling a collection of truly great
60s soul and R&B as you’ll find anywhere.

V/A – Waterpipes & dykes CD 13,50 Distortions
Dutch & English language psychedelia from 1966-1972!

WALKER, RONNIE – Someday! all his 66-73 recordings CD 15,50 Philly Archives
In September 1967, Ronnie Walker had a top ten hit on both Philadelphia soul
music AM radio stations WHAT & WDAS. The song was ‘Really Really Love You’
which continues to get airplay today thanks to Jerry Blavat and Geator Gold
Radio (AM 1060). Though Ronnie’s falsetto voice has been compared to Smokey
Robinson, it is his unique songwriting, sincere lyrics, brilliant melodies
and angelic delivery that is in the same league as other Philly artists like
The Del Fonics, Stylistics, Eddie Holman and Blue Magic. This 22 track CD
contains all of the mostly self-written songs he recorded between 1966-
1973. Includes deluxe 12 page booklet with informative liner notes, photos
and discography.


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