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Mciaa/Optic Theater February 2006 News. Click For Infos.

Hello out there!

while writing this February newsletter, Winter Olympics have invaded our
‘till-now-unknown Torino… but if you want to get closer to our hometown “real
spirit”, well let’s keep on reading this, and you’ll find a bunch of big news
regarding both Ramona’s Optic Theater booking and My Cat Is An Alien’s new


This is the first OPTIC THEATER update of the year and Ramona is proud to
present MY CAT IS AN ALIEN playing live at K-RAA-K Festival in March and in
Victoriaville, Canada (next May): no doubt 2 of the best festivals of the
Also, don’t forget this week a special show by Jack Rose (Pelt) in Piacenza!!!


– March the 4th (Saturday), 2006
  (K-RAA-K)3 Fesival 2006 – Kunstencentrum Belgie, Hasselt (Belgium)

– May the 20th (Saturday), 2006
  Victoriaville, Québec (Canada)


– February the 24th (Friday), 2006
  Zanzibar, Via Casseri 20, Piacenza (Italy) h 23:00



We are glad to announce a great new MCIAA’s full-lenght album: a just-out
special vinyl release (in triple edition!!) on the new Italian label named A
Silent Place (related to Small Voices imprint and mailorder):

MY CAT IS AN ALIEN – “Different shades of Blue” LP (A Silent Place)

*ASP01 LP (limited to 700 copies black vinyl LP; full colour
insert and 21x15cm postcard)

**ASP01-1 LP + 7″ (limited to 131 copies, blue coloured vinyl
LP + bonus multi-colour effect 7″; full colour insert and 21x15cm postcard)

***ASP01-BOX LP + 7″ + painting (silkscreened box limited
to 19 copies; blue coloured vinyl LP + bonus multi-colour effect 7″; original
12″x12″ painting by Roberto Opalio, poster, full colour insert and 21x15cm

“This release is the reissue of the cd-r edition on Tom Greenwood’s U-Sound
Archive (Vol. 19). Improvisation recorded on February 12th, 2004 at MCIAA’s
Space Room, Torino, Italy (no overdubs/ no outtakes).
This new vinyl edition is a different version, remastered and re-edited of
“Different shades of Blue”; the 7″ single, included in the first 131 copies,
contains the original final of the complete work. Furthermore, this special
edition will include also the un-edited artwork originally made by Roberto
Opalio and completely inspired to the homonymous painting of him. Space-ambient
soundscapes with minimal textures from the heart of the cosmos. Dream Music.
Packaged in an elegant cover. With 1 insert and 1 large postcard (21cm x
15cm).” (A Silent Place)

“[Different shades of Blue] is another bout of glittering jewels, sputtering
star systems and piercing high drones courtesy of your favourite
astral-obsessed Italian duo. […] As ever, their sonic output is at once
reassuringly recognisable but still disconcertingly bizarre, forever reaching
upwards and outwards, seeking to escape the confines of gravity and atmosphere
in favour of celestial salvation.” – Dave Stockwell, Foxy Digitalis


Also, the first audio/visual work by Roberto Opalio (which we announced a couple
of months ago) is finally out! It’s a DVD-R + CD-R set featuring one of his
films (about 50 min), whose soundtrack has been made available as a new
only-audio work on the extra cd-r support –this is very limited, and many
people is still asking us for this, but since we’ve immediately finished our
copies sending out the pre-orders, please ask directly at source before the
last few copies disappear:

ROBERTO OPALIO – “The last night of the Angel of glass” cd-r+dvd-r (Foxglove)

“There is no other cosmic traveller like Roberto Opalio. Best known for his work
with his brother as My Cat Is An Alien, this feline twin is slowly building an
equally impressive body of solo works. Opalio is on another plane entirely with
“the last night of the angel of glass.” bypassing the cosmos completely and
directing his aim straight to heaven. Using nothing but his guitar and his
voice, Opalio sears the stratosphere into orbit. As his voice floats like a
ghost into the empty celestial crevices, his guitar falls from the sky like a
melted star. This is haunting and magnificent. Roberto Opalio at his best. The
dvd-r was filmed in winter 2005 in real-time from Roberto’s balcony in Torino
and is an audio/visual treat. The cd-r is the soundtrack to the film. 100
copies” (Foxglove)


Hear you very very soon with new releases… from the outer space!

Alien faith!————MCIAA & Optic Theater