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Hello there!

here we are with the first newsletter of the new year!

first we’d like to thank all of you sending Xmas wishes & wonderful gift!
we hope 2006 will bring new alien faith in the outer-space world!… and as far
as outer space is concerned, we promise that 2006 will see so many new amazing
records, projects & shows as you still haven’t seen ‘till now… (you can’t
miss MCIAA’s live performance at the KRAAK Festival 2006 on March 4th…)


2005 CHARTS:

We’re proud to announce that MCIAA’s “The Cosmological Eye Trilogy” 3CD set on
Last Visible Dog has been mentioned by Foxy Digitalis magazine’s editor Brad
Rose as the best record of 2005 in the “Anthology” section:

BEST ANTHOLOGY – My Cat Is An Alien “The Cosmological Eye Trilogy” 3 CD (Last
Visible Dog)
“As 2005 went on, I became a bigger and bigger My Cat is an Alien fan. This
Italian brother-duo are cosmic travellers, giving us earthlings a taste of
stellar dust. This 3 CD set is absolutely essential. A pile of music to reach
the summit of Olympus Mons, missing this would be an absolute crime.” (Brad

You can read three just-out extended reviews of “The Cosmological Eye Trilogy”
clicking on the following links:

Also, in the same charts, as “Honorable Mentions” you’ll find two comps
featuring MCIAA with two unreleased tracks:

– “The Invisible Pyramid” 6 CD (Last Visible Dog)
– “The Tone of the Universe (= the Tone of the Earth)” 2 CD (Pseudoarcana)



March 4th, 2006
(K-RAA-K)3 Festival 2006 – Hasselt, Belgium



By the way, our best Xmas gift has been the long-time announced new project
PAINTING PETALS ON PLANET GHOST debut LP on Time-Lag Records (which comes in
one of the most fabulous sleeves we ever held in our hands!) – we’re already
sending out all the pre-ordered copies, and we really hope you’ll dig this!


“Debut recording from Italy’s Opalio brothers (My Cat Is An Alien) and Ramona
Ponzini. An esoteric and mesmerizing trip through space, minimalism, and
emotion. Each track recorded at a different mystical location in the western
alps, and centered around ramona’s beautiful vocals, all of which are sung in
traditional Japanese. Maurizio & Roberto add sparse accompaniment by means of
toy piano, alien keyboard tones, antique accordion, percussion, tape effects,
and some particularly evocative acoustic guitar. The whole thing comes off
alternately as deeply meditative or chillingly haunted, depending on your
attention & mood. Silence, space & ritual are hugely important here, with notes
& words hovering frozen in time… while the My Cat Is An Alien moniker might
leave some folks scratching their heads, here the Painting Petals On Planet
Ghost name nails it: fragile, beautiful, cosmically isolationist, and totally
spooked…” (Time-Lag)

*’standard edition’ – Pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl, and lushly packaged with
letterpress printed cover & insert. Printed with copper ink on exquisite &
massively thick handmade ivory art paper, each sheet cast one at a time & air
dried. Hand numbered edition of 560 copies. FEW COPIES LEFT—

**’special edition’ – Same music and art as the standard version, but the
cover/insert are extra think midnight blue/black, and available only to folks
on the mailing list. numbered edition of 100 copies. NOT AVAILABLE–


Also Opax Records wants to start 2006 with two new limited edition CD-Rs,
featuring MCIAA’s first totally acoustic (!!!) recording, and Maurizio’s debut
soloist release… the hand painted & drawn jackets are something you can’t
miss as well, so move fast before both these disappear into the Void!

OPX 018 – MY CAT IS AN ALIEN – “Folclore Alieno” CD-R (Opax Records) (special
handmade ltd. ed. of 150; look-like-vinyl black-bottom cd-r in nice-textured
heavy-cardboard tri-fold sleeve, handnumbered and painted by Roberto Opalio)

“This is the first MCIAA’s completely acoustic release. Its six tracks aren’t
but a unique entire session which has been recorded on January the 1st, 2006,
at the Opalio brothers’ new mysterious “Alien Zone” headquarters, located in a
remote region of the Western Alps, Piemonte, Italy. The whole recording came as
a sort of propitiatory ritual to welcome the new alien year, intended as a new
cycle in the duo’s imagery of the cosmic universe, here approached in enchanted
trance-like minimal pieces; Roberto’s vocals emerge like primitive human hymns
from the two brothers’ acoustic guitars textures. This is entranced, mystic
alien music.” (Opax)


OPX 019 – MAURIZIO OPALIO – “Way up to Enfer” CD-R (Opax Records) (special
handmade ltd. ed. of 100; handnumbered, look-like-vinyl black-bottom cd-r in
nice-textured cardboard tri-fold sleeve, with charcoal drawing by Maurizio

“First soloist release by one-half of My Cat Is An Alien, space brother Maurizio
Opalio. “Way up to Enfer” is the entire recording of an acoustic, totally
improvised session performed on December 31th, 2005 at My Cat Is An Alien’s new
Alien Zone headquarters, located somewhere in the Italian Western Alps. Along
the two tracks featured in “Way up to Enfer”, Maurizio’s acoustic guitar notes
create subtle killer tunes woven in a richly textured harp-like fingerpicked
style, like the charming sound of a lyre emerging from a spinning maelstrom in
the sea. There are no space sounds here, but clearly emotional rises, an
acoustic resistance to the falling darkness, or maybe just the right way up to
Enfer.” (Opax)


Hear you very very soon with new releases… from the outer space!

Alien faith!————MCIAA & Ramona