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KODI & PAUSA – In One Week And New Toys To Play [CD Brombron]
LAWRENCE ENGLISH – Happiness will befall [CD Crónica]
OMIT – Tracer [2CD The Helen Scarsdale Agency]
PIANA – Ephemeral [CD Happy]
STUNT ROCK – This is Stunt Rock Vol. 3 [CD Cock Rock Disco]
V.A. – DIS_PATCHED [2CD rx:tx]
V.A. – EPITAPH FOR JOHN [CD Korm Plastics]
V.A. – NOW 03 [12″ underscan]
VERNON & BURNS – The Tune the Old Cow Died Of [LP Gagarin]

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ANAEROBIC ROBOTS – s/t [EP Gagarin GR2015]

“Anaerobic Robots”, the painfully anticipated Maxi-EP from Hamburg’s
Elektrip-Combo Anaerobic Robots. Mark Boombastik (Human Beatbox), Jake
Basker (the Rapper) and Felix Kubin (synths and noises) are heroes from
diverse music scenes, spinning their spinach from Hip to Noise Hop with
Stop-Trick-Musik in the background. Reluctantly they threw their ego-die
into the air in order to come up with a tin-can beat of 4-track music
quality. Following the unusual electro-rap songs of their predecessor Max
Turner (“Matchbox Jump and Jeepbeats”, GR 2006) these 3 tornados grab the
roots of the big subjects of our time and rip them out of reality.
Stinky robots, option paralysis and angels with beards: spiders everywhere!


KODI & PAUSA – In One Week And New Toys To Play [CD Brombron 07/KP3018]

Natalie Bruys (aka Kodi) is foremost a visual artist who studied at De
Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, where she graduated with the production of a
vinyl record with her own music. She then moved temporarily to Berlin where
she continued to produce her own unique blend of soundscaping,
plunderphonica and techno.
Lukas Simonis (aka Pausa) has his roots as an instrumentalist and musical
‘activist’ in the industrial music and noise rock of the Eighties (Throbbing
Gristle, the Residents, Pere Ubu, Sonic Youth and beyond).Being a part of
the Rotterdam jazzbunker scene (a collective that consisted of heavy drug
induced punk rockers, freejazzers, early electronic musicians and
pre-postrock combo’s) he
discovered the delimited world of improvisation. In the meantime he played
in bands like Dull Schicksal, Trespassers W and Morzelpronk.
At the same time he was writing for underground magazines like Trespassers
W, Opscene, Mondain Den Haag and the Koekrandt as well as organizing
concerts, events and films, first at the Jazzbunker in Rotterdam later on
the Dissonanten festival, the Dissidenten festival, Popifilm, Dodorama and
finally WORM, a multimedia centre for experimental art. At the moment
Simonis plays in Coolhaven (with Peter Fengler and Hajo Doorn), Liana Flu
Winks (with Nina Hitz and Wilf Plum), ApricotMyLady (with the Bohman
Brothers and Ann Laberge), The Static Tics (with Henk Bakker) and Vril (with
Chris Cutler and Bob Drake). This sounds like a lot of work (and sometimes
it is) but these bands and projects all exist only a few weeks or months a
year. (so time enough to sit at home).
On ‘In One Week And New Toys To Play’ Kodi & Pausa combine their totally
different background of rock and techno, playing the studio’s analogue synth
collection (aka the new toys to play) but also guitar, banjo, rhythmbox and
a touch of the city’s sounds through their use of field recordings.


LAWRENCE ENGLISH – Happiness will befall [CD Crónica 022~2005]

Crónica is delighted to present Happiness Will Befall, Lawrence Englishs’
latest full-length recording.
Collected across four countries over two months, the record bares the marks
of shifting surroundings, unfamiliar sound marks and echoed memories from
New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and South India.
The record was composed largely using guitar and computer with some
additional live instrumentation (electronics, cassettes, turntables) layered
into the compositions.
A carefully sculpted listening experience, the record drifts from single
sparse notes sprawling out across the stereo field, into densely textured
washes of sound. At times remote and coarse, much of Happiness Will Befall
bares a reflective sensibility – due as much to the character of the
environments in which it was recorded, as the qualities of the sounds
themselves. A personal and engaging aural rite of passage across the Asia
Pacific region.
Lawrence English is writer, musician and media artist based in Brisbane,
Australia. Working across a broad range of art forms, English¹s work is
eclectic and characterises a long-term exploration of various themes ­
including audio/visual environments seen in his recent installation work
Ghost Towns.


OMIT – Tracer [2CD The Helen Scarsdale Agency HMS005]

“Clinton Williams admits that he has never been particularly keen in
marketing the obsessive electronic constructions he’s produced under the
moniker Omit over the past two decades. Williams once infamously quipped to
Nick Cain that he should simply print a couple pages of zeros in lieu of the
failing interview that Cain was conducting for his own Opprobrium magazine a
little over a decade ago. While such actions may be confused with those of a
curmudgeonly hermit, Williams is concerned with his impeccable battery of
synthetic sounds intent on psychological dislocation.
Having released the bulk of his work in tiny self-published editions of
lathe-cut singles and hand-dubbed cassettes, Omit has enjoyed several
high-profile releases thanks to the diligence of Corpus Hermeticum and
Anomalous Records who both rescued some of Omit’s finest work from terminal
obscurity. The Helen Scarsdale Agency is proud to announce the arrival of
his latest recording Tracer a double disc set.
As with all of his previous work, Tracer is an antiquated behemoth,
constructed from analogue synthesizers, primitive drum machines, homespun
electronics, numerous effects pedals, and tape loops. Simple wooden rhythms
trot, trudge, and even glide along taut metric grids hotwired with bursts of
mechanical splutter and the occasional creak from Pierre Henry’s wooden
door. An occasionally menacing, but more often melancholic orchestration of
synthetic tones ripple, flex, and dissolve across the uniform structuralism,
creating an ecstatic paranoia rarely heard with such splendor, rigor, and
sublime blackness. If sonic references are required, then the Klaus Schulze
masterpiece Cyborg remains the closest analogy to what may be found in
Tracer.” — Helen Scarsdale, September 2005


PIANA – Ephemeral [CD Happy HAP003]

Happy is very proud to announce Ephemeral, the new album by Morioka, Japan’s
Naoko Sasaki, otherwise known as Piana. Following 2003’s critically
acclaimed Snow Bird (almost 3000 cds shipped worldwide) Ephemeral takes
Piana’s sound into a new, more acoustic, terrain. Shedding some of the
glitch aesthetics that made Snow  Bird a genre-defying “micro-pop” release,
Ephemeral shows Piana’s strength as a songwriter and arranger, and a master
of her electronic and acoustic art. A recent interview conducted with Piana
describes the thought processes behind Ephemeral:
It is clear that despite her success with her first release, Piana was not
content to simply release another Snow Bird. The lengths she went to create
a more mature and developed, yet unquestionably-Piana, album, are evident in
the production, composition, and creativity of Ephemeral. A bold, yet
important statement about her seriousness as an artist.
Joined this time by Yuichiro Iwashita (Minamo) on guitar, Seigen Tokuzawa on
cello, and Gen Saito and Sawayka Kuwabara on violin, Ephemeral casts serious
acoustic musicianship against a modern electronic framework. The dreamy yet
melancholy, powerful yet fragile sound of Piana’s music mixed with her
angelic voice rounds out an expertly produced album that , sounding like no
one else, effortlessly floats her to the top of her craft.


STUNT ROCK – This is Stunt Rock Vol. 3 [CD Cock Rock Disco Crock007]

If you dig deep enough in some underground videotape trading circles you can
find a tape from back in 1999 of William Flegal aka Stunt Rock performing in
a band called “Meat.”  He can be seen slashing himself with razorblades,
urinating in cups and drinking them, smashing computer monitors on his head,
all while a band plays mediocre Black Sabbath covers and Dan Doormouse
shoves meat up his ass.  Perhaps the tape was just a product of Midwest
boredom and youthful ambition, but whatever the case, let us introduce you
to the confusing and zany world of Stunt Rock, the most legendary,
reclusive, and talked about artist to rise from the ashes of the Midwest-USA
Breakcore scene.
Stunt Rock built his career on countless spray-painted CDR’s given away at
shows in a drunken stupor.  A total disregard for sequencing and obsession
with samples gave way to a reputation as the new “punk rock” of the
electronic scene in the Midwest.
Addressing the emptiness of existence, while at the same time mocking it,
“This is Stunt Rock Vol. 3” is the most genuine assertion of the modern
lifestyle ever committed to disc.  Built on loop after loop of drum, guitar
and movie dialogue, the album becomes a sort of looser’s Music Concrete. But
is it actually funny? Fuck yeah!  Rolling Stone says:  “This is Stunt Rock
Vol. 3′ is like a new sort of rock n roll comedy meltdown; irreverent, blue
collar, foul mouthed, and beer fueled. “This is Stunt Rock Vol. 3” will be
an instant classic!”


V.A. – DIS_PATCHED [2CD rx:tx 009]

Electronic music festivals of different conceptions are being held each
month for the past ten or more years around the globe, strengthening the
“infrastructure” of the global electronic music scene. We are not surprised
that the biggest events are being held in places so distant and diverse such
as Berlin, Barcelona, Montreal, Rome, Helsinki, San Francisco, London, Tokyo
and so on. But who would have thought that “experimental” electronic
musicians would be soon traveling across what is known as “East Europe”,
even on a regular basis? In this region, where music markets are highly
undeveloped, and where Western mainstream is considered underground when
opposed to the local mutant-folk, the Dis-patch festival in Belgrade
(Serbia) is one of the key stops on the route.
An annual event, it was established in October 2002, initiated and fully and
independently produced by the small team of Belgradeyard Sound System
collective. Through their weekly live radio show (running for 5 years now),
concerts and events they promoted as well as their own concerts and DJ sets,
they aimed to promote independent music of all styles, but when it came to
starting a festival, focus was moved to electronic music: an alternative to
the wide-spread belief among the local audience – that electronic dance
music is the only form of this genre – was necessary. Which does not mean
that they have applied this choice literally, without opening their ears
outside of the electronic: the latest Dis-patch festival hosted artists as
diverse as Kid 606, Colleen, Icarus, Davide Balula, Chicago Underground Trio
or T. Raumschmiere band.
Some of the now legendary performances were not recorded for technical
reasons (Jamie Lidell, Kevin Blechdom, Vladislav Delay, Sutekh), but on the
other hand AGF and Rechenzentrum are presented with two tracks each, as they
are one of the people who developed a special relationship with the local
audience. This compilation shows the wide scope of artists who were invited,
spanning from noise, just “electronica”, glitch, minimal techno, ambient or
spoken word to post-rock, acoustic instrumentation, punk and even jazz. We
are left with an all-star list of the contemporary scene! It is a rare
opportunity to present LIVE recordings from these artists, which makes this
compilation even more important, reminding us of the duality of musician’s
recorded and live outputs, which are not always equally accomplished or
Featuring: marc marcovic, davide balula, colleen, icarus, tujiko noriko,
tarwater, radian, dictaphone, belgradeyard sound system, chicago underground
trio, aoki takamasa, pita, information, monolake, murcof, p.o.s., wang inc.,
rechenzentrum, luomo featuring joshua kit clayton, gold chains & sue cie,


V.A. – EPITAPH FOR JOHN [CD Korm Plastics KP3016]

Over the course of his life John Watermann worked with almost every
conceivable artistic medium. In many ways, he was the epitome of the “total
artist”; almost every element of his life being in some way his own artistic
As a young man in his native Germany he worked as a photographer and
documentary filmmaker, also etching, painting and writing. His experience as
a youth in Germany in the Second World War influencing his work from then
right through until his death. Following his move to Australia Watermann
worked as jeweller, opening a number of shops in Sydney with his longtime
Australian partner Barbara Heath (an accomplished jeweller in her own right)
and meanwhile continued to write, paint and even sculpt. Eventually, after
traveling the east coast of Australia in a self-built sailing boat,
Watermann settled in Brisbane and began to produce his music. He first
released his music in 1989 in the form of the album “Warmth is the Fifth
Room”. Like most of his releases, the cassette appeared in a run of very few
copies on his own label “Nightshift”, and was consequently almost impossible
to find.
Over the next 10 years he released numerous albums and contributed to a
number of compilations, both under his own name as a solo artist, in
collaboration with others (such as Merzbow) and under a number of pseudonyms
(including Radio Mull, Spinal Machine and Total Disease). Also, apart from
his music, in the 1990s he created an interactive cd-rom work “Rose is a
Rose” and published the webzine “Lean Yellow Supporting”.
Sadly, on April 2nd 2002 John Watermann died suddenly of an infection
resulting from his ongoing treatment for cancer. Having in the final year of
his life returned to painting and writing (alongside a burgeoning interest
in cooking), he still had vast plans for futureprojects.
Among these unfulfilled projects were plans to collaborate with Frans de
Waard on a new release. Although only preliminary discussions on the
collaboration took place and Watermann never completed any work towards the
project, Watermann’s source material that was to be the basis of the work
now serves as a basis for this tribute release.
Despite his vast artistic output, Watermann has been known almost
exclusively for his music and even then his work remains largely
undiscovered, perhaps for no other reason than its sheer unavailability. In
many ways Watermann could be considered a classic example of the artists’
artist, his work influencing many far more prominent sonic alchemists. And
perhaps then this release serves as a record of Watermann and his influence,
documenting the respect he reserved from his peers and, hopefully,
introducing his work to a new audience.
– Ben Byrne


underscan us010]

Following the on-going series on Underscan Records, “NOW,” comes the 3rd
installement featuring tracks by Raster-Noton founder Frank Bretschneider,
Everest from Bern, Switzerland, new artist Bogger as well as long time
Underscan companions Dalezy and Menu:Exit.
BOGGER is Oliver Kiesow from Berlin who kicks off the release with a driving
electro track,”Honz,” featuring dubby delayed synth lines with chopped up
vocal parts. Oliver runs Digital-Gadget/Front Records from Berlin and has
previously released an EP on this label. His second EP called “Glenn Dambo”
is in the making and to be released soon. He is furthermore part of the duo
Taktik (also on Front Records).
DALEZY’s “Silkweed” is pure console entertainment, recalling classic arcade
style music. For years he has been working with his old Commodore 64
computer to produce his work, through which he offers a reassuringly unique
listening pleasure, creating catchy pop tunes that seem to have emerged from
an old arcade game. Dalezy is Ronny Engmann from Berlin who was the first
artist to ever release a record on Underscan (Face On Mars EP) which has
since become a classic. He is an active member of the Demo Scene which has
obviously had a huge influence on his music making and he has released tons
of music all over the web.
FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER’s dub oriented “Polaris” delivers a wonderfully hypnotic
bass line fused with mesmerizing percussive noise elements. Berlin based
musician Frank Bretschneider is well known for his various works on labels
like Mille Plateaux, Raster-Noton, 12K or Audio NL. He released the “Party
of Two Parts” EP on Underscan in 2003.
EVEREST’s “Separate Room” offers a beautifully melancholic melody combined
with uplifting energetic beats that results in a stirring and deeply
emotional track. Everest are Matu Hügli and Michael Meienberg from Bern
(Switzerland) who also run Everest Records and have been actively taking
part in the swiss electronic scene for some years.
MENU:EXIT close the release with “Querverweis,” a track that offers an
unsettling journey into a place where deep dub meets driving beats,
dissolving and collapsing yet resolving into a hypnotising convolution.
Menu:Exit comprises of Ralf Pytlik and Markward Wagner who are the founders
of Underscan Records. So far they have released two EPs and contributed
tracks and remixes to various other labels.



This is the first compilation album from Spekk compiled by the label owner
mondii. Each of the artists were asked to compose a track with their
interpretations of “small melodies” with Keywords like Warm, tender and
calm. It was meant to present diversity of minimal-style music in a peaceful
“harmonic” way. And it was a coincidence that both Taylor Deupree & Stephan
Mathieu created a track dedicated to their child.
The first half of the album is the more “digital” side and the last half
more “analog” side encompassing laptop digital processing to field recording
materials (For instance, Naph’s track is only made out of frequencies within
the wind/air) to band oriented materials.
Participants delivers these great pieces of music from various continents
including USA, Sweden, France, Germany, Australia and Japan showing slight
relationships between each other which kind of gives us a warm feeling of
unity within this ongoing global minimalist scene. It was also my intention
to present that nowadays, there are not much differences between the outputs
more digital background artists and more band oriented musicians due to
their methods of composing (technology) and interests and such.
Evidently, more and more rock labels will release digital processed music
and bands will use digital softwares, electronic artists will become more
aware of small sounds and warmth of the nature. I take this positive!


VERNON & BURNS – The Tune the Old Cow Died Of [LP Gagarin GR2012]

This is a collection that will appeal mainly to the absent-minded coterie.
All the sounds of fun and fear are here. How does a disko club sound from
outside? How do you stop a tape at the right position? Have you ever
listened to some tramps singing in the park? The answers to these questions
can be found in the marvellous music of these two Scottish tape-musicians
who are equipped with a fine sense of poetic humour. File under vaudioville,
varièté concrete, documentary forgery, unsound art, whorespiel,
blunderphonics, (not of this) world music, imaginary soundtreks,
unimaginative soundtracks, lower case, lower class, lower quality, lower
prices hurry hurry now while stocks last!!!

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DOMOTIC [Active Suspension]
18/10 FR – Festival Elektroni-k ( / Rennes +
20/10 FR – Coulisses Du Bistrot De Vaise  / Lyon
21/10 FR – Festival Nouvosonic / L’atheneum / Dijon
22/10 FR – Lieu Unique ( / Nantes
19/11 BE – Panama  / salle de la Maison de la Culture / Namur + CYANN & BEN
27/11 BE – Matamore Event  / Zebra Bar / Bruxelles (TBA)
09/12 FR – L’abordage  / Evreux + CHINKINKI + THE BLACK FIRE REVELATION

THE EX presented by SPEX, OX,, &
17/11 DE – Oldenburg – Alhambra
18/11 DE – Marburg – Café Trauma
19/11 DE – Berlin – Bastard
20/11 DE – Jena – Kassablanca
21/11 DE – Reutlingen – Nepomuk
22/11 DE – Munich – Feierwerk
23/11 DE – Darmstadt – Oetinger Villa
24/11 DE – Hamburg – Hafenklang
25/11 DE – Bielefeld – Bunker Ulmenwall
26/11 DE – Dortmund – FZW

HRVATSKI [Planet Mu / kranky / Ache Records]
30/11 NL – paradox, tilburg
01/12 BE – scheldeapen, antwerp
02/12 NL – crackbeats, tilburg
03/12 NL – waterfront, rotterdam
04/12 NL – extrapool, nijmegen
05/12 BE – ozone, gent

03/11 DE ­ Berlin, Volksbühne + KEIJI HAINO

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