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Section Psychotica Records: We working for the new record of Comfortthe work will be mastered at “Sae Mastering Studios” in Phoenix – Arizona by Roger Seibel who has worked before with Tortoise, Calexico, Pavement, Guided by Voices….


Section Psychotica Records: The cd split Lillayell/Velma will be out on October/November!


Section Project: Logan will be out with a new split release for the Status Quo Audio (Usa), wich will be limited to 1000 copies, featuring: Logan,  New Brutalism (The band will record the tracks with Bob Weston of Shellac!!), and one more artist to be confirmed. 


Section Psychotica Records: Out now the new record of Ex Models only on limited vinyl (+ insert) with X-Mist, in the records play the drum Kid Millions (Oneida)!!! A lot of new reviews on the record page!!!


Section Psychotica Records: Out now a 7″ split Zu/Dalek limited 600 copies on 70gr. vinyl with cover and a comic by M.A.Martin with Edizioni Topolin and Wallace Records. A lot of new reviews on the record page!!!


Section Psychotica Records: We working for a 7″ split of But God Created Woman with Fog in the Shell and there’s for free download the Cd-ep of M, F, G, P (these’re the names of the Bgcw guys!!) and also the debut of Giraffe Running (will be a cd + dvd) in the dvd will be a lot of collaboration….with Ian T. Williams (Don Caballero, Battle) Agata (Melt Banana), Luca T. Mai (Zu) may be also with psichic (Logan) and a lot moore, and the second album of Daemien Frost “Spirito di Daemo” (cd + dvd).


Section Mailorder: We working for to get Paypal, for internation payment…..coming soon!!





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Goodfellas (Distribution – Italy)

New Records (Store – Bari – Italy)

Info Shot! (Cascina Autogestita Torchiera – Milano – Italy)

Wallace Records (Mailorder – Italy)

Raving Records (Mailorder – Italy)

Bar la Muerte (Mailorder – Italy)

Indigena (Store – Catania – Italy)

Kantieri (Mailorder – Lecce – Italy)

Underground Records (Store – Bologna – Italy)

Kandinski (Store – Brescia – Italy)



All’estero (Out of Italy):


Mandai Distribution (Distribution – Belgium)

X-Mist Records (Distribution – Germany)

No Reason (Mailorder – France)

Norman Records (Mailorder – Uk)

K-Fuel (Mailorder – France) only Logan

Labelledamesansmerci (Mailorder – France)

Burn Out (Mailorder – France)

Two if By the Sea Records (Mailorder – Usa)




LIVE UPDATE (Band on stage)





13/10/2005 | “XM24” | Bologna
14/10/2005 | “Tba” | need help

15/10/2005 | C.S.A. Garibaldi | Milano


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Psychotica RecordsMAIL ORDER



Section – Psychotica Records


PSY001 Logan “Love, said gas” Cd-picture disc  €10

PSY002 AA.VV. “Fragments” Cd digipack with booklet 12 pag.  €10

PSY003 Lillayell “s/t” Cd  €10

PSY004 Edible Woman “SPARE ME/calf”” Cd €10

PSY005 Guinea Pig “s/t” Cd-digipack  €10

PSY006 Theramin “We were gladiators” Cd-digipack  €10

PSY007 Daemien Frost “The Sound of Daemo” Cd-digipack + extra Dvd  coming!!

PSY008 Giraffe Running “s/t” Cd-digipack + extra Dvd  coming!!

PSY009 But God Created Woman “s/t” Cdep for free internet download (now on-line)!!!

PSY010 Ex Models “Zoo Psychology” Lp limited  €12

PSY011 Monsieur Golàn (fAb/Psichic) “Psyklicks” for free internet download (now on-line)!!!

PSY012 Zu/Dalek “s/t” 7″ (500 copies on 70gr. vinyl) + comic by M.A.Martin €10

PSY013 Lillayell/Velma “s/t” Cd-dipipack coming!!

PSY014 Ex Models feat. Kid Millions “Chrome Panthers” Lp limited €12

PSY015 But God Created Woman/Fog in the Shell “s/t” 7″ (500 copies on trasparent vinyl) coming!!!

PSY016 Comfort “tba” Cd-digipack – coming!!



Section Homemade Recordings (No catalog number)


Beirut “s/t” Cd-r digipack limited (200 copies only) €5




Tasday “Kaspar Project” with psichic Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €5

AA.VV. “P.O. Box 52.6” with Logan Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €5



Speciale X-Mist Records (D)


Mens Recovery Project “s/t” Cd (X-Mist Records) €10
Les Savy Fav “s/t” 7″ (X-Mist Records) €5
The Flamingo Massacre
“wearing your heart on…” Lp (X-Mist Records) €10
“famous shoppers” Lp (X-Mist Records) €10
The Seconds
“Y” Lp (X-Mist Records) €10
The Oliver Twist Band “New tricks and traps” Lp (X-Mist Records) €10

Vaz “Dying To Meet You” Lp limited colored vinyl (X Mist Records) €10

Fuckuismyname “s/t” 7″ (X-Mist Records) €4
The Yellow press
“s/t” Lp (X-Mist Records) €10
Eniac “Oh?” Cd (X-Mist Records) €12

Eniac “Oh!” Lp (X-Mist Records) €10
Ten Volt Shock “s/t” Lp (X-Mist Records) €10


Special Wallace Records (Ita)


AA.VV. “P.O. Box 52.6” with Logan Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €5

Anatrofobia “Le cose parlano” Cd-digipack (Wallace Records) €10

Anatrofobia “Tesa musica marginale” Cd-digipack (Wallace Records) €10

A Short Apnea “An indigo Ballad” Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €10

A Short Apnea “Five Greeny Stages” Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €10

Arrington De Dionisio Quartet “The Album” Cd (Wallace Records) €15

Arrington De Dionisio Quartet “18 Days around…” VHS (Wallace Records) €15

Bron Y Aur “Quien Sabe?” Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €10

Jasminshock “2monkey’s Fighting for a Banana” Cd digipack(Wallace Records) €10

“…just arrived” (feat. members of A Short Apnea & Gorge Trio) Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €10

One Dimensional Man “You Kill me” Lp (Wallace Records) €12

Rosolina Mar “s/t” Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €10

R.U.N.I. “Ipercapnia in Capannone K” Cd box (Wallace Records) €10

Sedia “s/t” Cd (Wallace Records) €10 

Tasday “In Attesa, nel labirinto” Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €10


Special Fooltribe Records (Ita)


Red Worms Farm “s/t” (Halley Nation) €10

Red Worms Farm “Troncomorto” Cd (Fooltribe Rec.) €10

G.I.Joe “Clito’s angeles” Cd-ep (Fooltribe Rec.) €5

Fever Dream “Arnold” Cd (Fooltribe Rec.) €10

Three  One Gentlman Suit “Battlefields in an autumn scenario” (Fooltribe Rec.) €10

Sodastream “live” Cd (Fooltribe Rec.) €12


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