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Hello there!

we hope all is good with you guys floating throughout space!

this late-September update to announce two MCIAA’s upcoming live shows and a
bunch of new MCIAA’s great releases + Keiji Haino live in Italy for the first
time ever, thanks to the new Ramona Ponzini’s booking agency called OPTIC
THEATER— you’ll still not find everything on our web, so keep on reading…

Ramona Ponzini & her OPTIC THEATER present:

Sept 29 – Torino, The Beach/Murazzi (w/ Keiji Haino) h.22:30
Oct 4 – Lisbon, Cosmopolis festival (w/ Rafael Toral, Keith Fullerton Whitman,

Sept 29 – Torino, The Beach/Murazzi (w/ MCIAA) h.22:30
Sept 30 – Reggio Emilia, Rec Festival (w/ Thurston Moore & Jim O’Rourke’s
Original Silence project)



SECRETION feat. NELS CLINE/ MCIAA) is ready!!  – we’ll start sending out all
the pre-ordered copies both to private customers & distributors from Oct 10–

“Italian brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio, aka My Cat Is An Alien, split the
sixth volume of their “From the earth to the Spheres” series with San
Francisco’s cult band Glands Of External Secretion. On this occasion the duo,
formed in 1992 by Bananafish magazine publisher/ performance artist Seymour
Glass and indie-rock princess Barbara Manning, features the special
collaboration of well-known guitarist improviser Nels Cline (now member of
Wilco). The trio’s track “Icebox” is a slow ascent from the realm of
isolationism, through frozen tape manipulation and icy drones, terrific voices
and subtle infernal groans which seem to come from the obscure side of the
Moon, where Cline’s estranged looped guitar is ready to launch the ultimate
attack to Earth. On the other side of the flip, MCIAA’s “After the Meteor
Shower” represents a further experiment in the use of Roberto’s unearthly
fragmented vocals, as a way to create heavy-emotional textures of interstellar
tunes. A cosmic rain of howling guitars & electronics introduces the fall into
a silent, ritualistic procession marked by the distant echo of a drum,
alongside a whispered chant over real sounds emerging from the concrete surface
of the Planet.
New volume in the series featuring Thurston Moore, Thuja, Jackie-O Motherfucker,
Jim O’Rourke, Christina Carter & Andrew MacGregor, Christian Marclay & Okkyung
Lee. Each vol comes as a special SPACE ART ltd. only-vinyl edition of 100
copies, whose “sleeves” are Roberto Opalio’s original paintings on
31x31cm wood supports.” (Opax)

– Always regarding the “FROM THE EARTH TO THE SPHERES” series, the split CD
re-issue Vol.4 (CHRISTINA CARTER & ANDREW MACGREGOR/ MCIAA) will be available
from Oct 24 on Very Friendly/Cargo UK, but we already received copies in
advance…MCIAA will have some at their live shows: see you there!–

“The fifth volume of the “From the earth to the Spheres” series, set up by
Italy?s My Cat Is An Alien, sees the brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio
split the two sides of the vinyl with the American queen of psich-free-folk
music Christina Carter (Charalambides, Scorces), here at her debut as the new
duo-project together with Andrew MacGregor (Gown). The title of their piece,
“We know when we are thinking about each other”, gives an idea of the
intimate mood which envelops their two guitars’ minimal tunes, made of
reiterate single notes which recall Christina’s last masterpieces as Scorces
and Charalambides; her harsh yet warm plucking at the strings and her
fascinating vocals, accompanied by Andrew’s bass guitar chords and singing,
sound as if the listener was called to witness the secret dialogues between two
distant lovers? hearts. On the flip side, the title of MCIAA’s track, “The
circle of life & death”, fits as ever before Roberto?s cover painting, where
the dark imprints left by a white leaf on the acrylic-colored wooden surface
create a circle-like representation of life and death. As the violet color
recalls transcendence indeed, so do the opening floating-guitar tunes and
Roberto’s wordless-vocal hymn: this is probably the most melodic piece in all
MCIAA’s career to date, since the musical texture represents a new starting
point from which their space guitar sounds can develop. The piece moving into a
sort of Wagnerian epic crescendo, a raging storm of space fragments from beyond
the Solar system will imbue the Earth with a blinding light, before everything
collapses into the darkness of the Cosmos.” (Opax)

– A new double cd-r on Opax Rec is also ready, and MCIAA will bring some copies
to their live shows too… it’s limited to 120, so don’t miss it!

OPX 016/017 – MY CAT IS AN ALIEN – “PLUTONIAN FLAMES” 2xCD-R (Opax Records)
(special handmade ltd. ed. of 120; look-like-vinyl black-bottom cd-rs in
heavy-cardboard gatefold sleeve, handnumbered and painted by Roberto Opalio)

“These are four of the wildest sessions ever recorded by Italian space brothers
Maurizio and Roberto Opalio at their famed Space Room in Torino, Italy. Cosmic
guitar whirls and piano-toy action alongside a tribal, compulsive
percussion-set which makes their space drones shake the air the way Xenakis
would have made if he ever had directed a primitive tribe from another galaxy.
If you never considered Pluto as one of your favourite hangouts, the 85 minutes
of “Plutonian flames” will definitely break you in.” (Opax)

– The mastodontic 6xCD set “The Invisible Pyramid” compilation is finally out on
Last Visible Dog records, featuring a MCIAA’s 20-minutes-previously-unreleased
track!  we’ll receive a bunch of copies next week!—

LVD 080-086 VVAA “THE INVISIBLE PYRAMID: ELEGY BOX” 6 CD compilation (Last
Visible Dog)
“LVD’s second compilation and spiritual successor to Drunken Fish’s Harmony of
the Spheres box (EP length submissions), but instead of 6 artists, there are
now 31. The set features all exclusive material, and the total running time
clocks in around 7 hours and 36 minutes. This compilation, like the first
Invisible Pyramid comp (2003), finds its inspiration in the writings of Loren
Eiseley (naturalist, anthropologist, and essayist); for whom an elegy to the
first victims of the still-escalating wave of man-made mass extinction seemed
appropriate. Each artist has dedicated their track to a recently extinct
species (with a short bio), and Jeff Knoch (Urdog) has written a substantial
essay to accompany the set.” (LVD)

Disc 1: Black Forest/Black Sea, Birchville Cat Motel, Wolfmangler, Loren Chasse,
Bardo Pond
Disc 2: es, Andrea Belfi & Stefano Pilia, Sunken, Kulkija, Tomu Tonttu
Disc 3: UP-TIGHT, Flies Inside the Sun, Uton, mudboy, Steven R. Smith
Disc 4: Keijo, Doktor Kettu, My Cat is an alien, One Inch of Shadow, Fursaxa
Disc 5: Ashtray Navigations, Peter Wright, Geoff Mullen, Urdog, Miminokoto
Disc 6: Area C, Ben Reynolds, Seht, Avarus, Renato Rinaldi, Matt De Gennaro

OK- got to go now, but a new full-of-news update will reach you very soon…
just keep on hanging out in outer Space!!!

Alien faith!———–MCIAA/ Ramona