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Hallo & greetings from Berlin.

I hope you’re enjoying a nice, relaxing summertime.

Please find the brandnew records below.

ANDY MOOR – Marker CD Unsounds
BEEQUEEN – Seltenturm Beesides 1989-2000 2CD Plinkity Plonk
ENCOMIAST – Self-Titled CD Lens
ERIC COPELAND – Hermaphrodite CD Paw-Tracks
FENNESZ – Hotel Paral.lel CD Editions Mego
KASHIWA DAISUKE – Program Music I CD Noble Records
KEN IKEDA – Mist On the Window CD Spekk
KEVIN DRUMM & DANIEL MENCHE – Gauntlet CDep Editions Mego
LUKE VIBERT – Chicago, Detroit, Redruth CD/3×12″ Planet Mu
MAX GOLDT – There are Grapefruit HeartsŠ LP Gagarin
µ-ZIQ – Dunisbourne Abbots SoulmateŠ CD/3×12″ Planet Mu
OPITOPE – Hau CD Spekk
RF & LILI DE LA MORA – Eleven Continents CD Rowing At Sea
SATURATION POINT – Three CD Very Friendly
SHITMAT – Grooverider CD/3×12″ Planet Mu
VS_PRICE – songs06.txt. CD Expanding Records
WZT HEARTS – Threads Rope Spell Making Your Bones CD Carpark

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ANDY MOOR – Marker
CD Unsounds 014u

“Moor, plays electric guitar, and from the first strike of pick against string, there’s no mistaking him. He’s amongst the few people on earth who can not only make a guitar sound like it’s strung with highly charged telephone cables, but also make that sound right” Bill Meyer 2005

A collection of fifteen solo pieces by THE EX guitarist Andy Moor. On his debut solo CD, Moor tries to explore as many sides of his unusual guitar style as possible … resulting in an exciting varied and challenging collection ranging from simple  melodic solo guitar pieces to more atmospheric soundscapes.

The pieces were recorded in various locations over a 5-year period between 2001 and 2006, some specifically for this release while others were culled from earlier film, dance or theatre projects. Most are one track solo pieces, nearly all emerging from improvisation sessions, a few are multitrack more composed pieces. The mood is generally more introvert and intimate than his usual energetic exuberant style.

ANDY MOOR on tour with THE EX
01/11 ES – Castelló, Tanned Tin Festival
03/11 DE – Hannover, Indiego Glocksee
04/11 DE – Hilden, Area 51
05/11 DE – Reutlingen, Nepomuk
06/11 AT – Vöcklabruck, Foyer des Arts
07/11 DE – Regensburg, Leeren Beutel
08/11 DE – Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg
09/11 CZ – Prag, Akropolis
10/11 DE – Jena, Kassablanca

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BEEQUEEN – Seltenturm – The Beesides 1989-2000
2CD Plinkity Plonk plonk22

It has been something of a wait, but Beequeen has opened up their Vaults once more. After the succesful release of A Touch Of Brimstone in 2003, we now very proudly present Seltenturm – Beesides (1989-2000). This brand new collection takes in many previously released but now unobtainable Beesides in the double CD format. A treasure-trove of the past!

While Beequeen recently finished recording ‘Sanddancing’ (their next excursion into the world popmusic – a journey beginning with ‘Ownliness’ and ‘The Bodyshop’), which will be released early 2008 by Important Records, it was time to clear out the vaults; and this time for good. While ‘A Touch Of Brimstone’ saw the release of many unreleased pieces from the archive, ‘Seeltenturm – The Beesides’ takes a good look at the released output from Beequeen, ever since they started to release music in 1989.

Seltenturm (a fine double CD) consists of the following releases: ‘Mappa Mundi’ (cassette, with bonus tracks), ‘Fond’ (one sided LP), ‘Split’ (split LP), ‘The Surrough Gate’ (10″), ‘Vault’ (7″), ‘White Tusk’ (7″) and ‘Dovidzdane Vanja’ (7″). All of these releases were made in editions smaller than 250 copies, and all long out of print. All tracks have been lovingely remastered by Raymond Steeg in the warm winter of 2006-2007 and they have never sounded better.

A real treasure box for old and new fans alike. Limited edition of 300 copies in gorgeous printed artwork.

+ + +

ENCOMIAST – Self-Titled
CD Lens Recordings LENS0016

Encomiast have been harvesting an audience of enthusiastic music fans for almost a decade now. With six full-length releases, 2 EPs and half a dozen compilation appearances, Encomiast are one of the most highly regarded and prolific artists in the dark ambient/drone genre. For this Self-titled CD – Encomiast mined their extensive early recordings and un-released material to compile, edit and re-master six tracks that give a glimpse into where it all started. Lens Records released Encomiast’s Winter’s End CD in 2001 – a release recently described as “a delirious blend of dark dreamy blackened drones and shimmering cinematic ambience” – the tracks on Self-titled revisit much of the same sonic territory.

“The closer we listen…the more interesting this becomes. And the louder we play it…the higher our mental elevation.” Rating: 5+ LMNOP

“I remember when they sent me their album off of Š they were fucking great then and they’re even more fucking great now.” Editor’s Pick

“I’ve got to rank this one up there Š this is one of the good ones. Definitely worth a listen.” Rise and Revolt

+ + +

ERIC COPELAND – Hermaphrodite
CD Paw-Tracks PAW17
Streetdate: August 14

Eric Copeland is a prominent member of New York’s BLACK DICE and TERRESTRIAL TONES. For the past two years, he has amassed and twisted a variety of music and sounds, resulting in “Hermaphrodite,” his first proper solo album. Hopscotching a free range of structures, sources, and styles, this album is unlike any other, crossing the wires of foreign radio, space transmissions, artificial vocal ensembles, electronic street conversations and lost pop music. But these compositions don’t highlight the sound dynamics as much as they let each song shake and unfold into a very open world, continually broadening. Like a good mix tape, “Hermaphrodite” flips the listener with each new song, engaging them to keep up, make the connections, and, ultimately, enjoy.

+ + +

FENNESZ – Hotel Paral.lel
CD Editions Mego eMEGO016
Streetdate: September 24

Re-mastered at Piethopraxis in Köln, July 2007
Artwork by Tina Frank

“Hotel Paral.lel”, originally released in September 1997 by Mego, was Christian Fennesz’s debut solo album.

Following up from the EP “Instrument”, it was an investigation into the sonic possibilties residing in guitar based digital music, recorded just before mobile computing devices became the norm.

A far more darker and experimental work than what was to follow. Freeform noise, sliced techno beats and subtle ambient textures create a timeless work, which is an essential addition to any collection of pioneering music of the late 20th Century. On the closing “Aus” we see a glimpse of what was to come, a springboard to the future.

In addition to the original 14 tracks, 2 extra titles are included: “5”, (originally released in 1996 as a 7″ single on Syntactic (LEAK20), in an edition of 100), and the acclaimed video made by Tina Frank for the track “Aus”.

25/08 CH – Mutamenti Festival, Montebello Castle, Bellinzona

PS: ‘Cendre’, Christian Fennesz’s latest collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto, has been nominated for an EMMA (Ethnic Multicultural Media Awards) Award in the Best World Music Category.

+ + +

CD Noble Records CXCA-1212
Streetdate: September 28

We are pleased to announce yet another addition of a talented artist to noble label, the label of “Music For Everyday Life.” noble will release the second album by Kashiwa Daisuke, an up and coming artist whose first album released in 2006 by Germany’s onpa label received rave reviews mainly in the European community.

Kashiwa Daisuke turned solo in 2004 after achieving success as a guitarist/ composer in several bands from high school. His demo sound source received outstanding response once it was put on air in Ryuichi Sakamoto’s radio program. His later released 1st album shed brilliant light on the world after electronica and post rock through its beautifully flowing oriental melody and composition with strong visual elements. A year and a half since then, kashiwa has proudly completed his 2nd full album to further introduce his talents to the world.

The album titled “program music I” is compiled of 2 songs lasting 36 minutes and 27 minutes each. In the last album, kashiwa turned his inner images into sound. This time, he chose 2 stories as a motif and ventured to express that story through sound. This is not simply a soundtrack that showcases a story but the story itself is told through music. The first song “stella” tells the story of the “Night on the Milky Way Railroad” and the second song “write once, run melos” is based on the story, “Run Melos!”

The all too transparent scenery of “Night on the Milky Way Railroad” is characterized by a magical cosmic view engraved by deep thought. “Run Melos!” portrays speed and the wavering spirit of the characters. This album dynamically portrays these story characteristics through lyrical melody and ingenious arrangement.

This is a stunning masterwork that speaks of musician Kashiwa Daisuke’s rich creativity and his passion for creation and proudly exploits the possibilities of musical expression.

+ + +

KEN IKEDA – Mist On the Window
CD Spekk KK010

Ken Ikeda is a video artist and composer born in Tokyo but currently resident in New York. He has exhibited sound art and visual installations and has collaborated with painter Tadanoori Yokoo and artist Mariko Mori. Mist On The Window is his third album, following Tzuki (2000) and Merge (2003), both on the Touch label.

All sounds on the record are made with handmade string instruments involving rubber bands and synthesizers. It was made under the concept to focus on the “vibration” of sounds. Ikeda believes the dynamics of the vibration have enough strength to detach yourself from daily surroundings and lead you into unexpected time and space. In these recordings, his approach is to create a unique “vibration” and to change the timeline in electronic music.

“There are moments in your life when something changes as you hear and become aware of the sounds around you. Why do the sounds that cups and chairs make feel so distant? It seems that “I” as an existence won’t be forgiven for being my ordinary self. The meaningless noise that reverberates in the living room opens up the possibility of connecting beyond the horizon… Then, I become alone and say goodbye to the ‘Me that was pretending to be like me.’ By assimilating these everyday sounds I get away from the everyday me and get closer, little by little, to the universe of ‘eternity and nothingness.’ At this point – meaning the moment I change – I enter a personal time and space which could never be shared with others. During the 2 years spent on this project I used an instrument made with rubber bands and nails to document my daily involvement with sounds. There exist various faces of ‘me’ and through the process of recording I became aware of the concept of ‘beyond the window’ and got lost in this vague daily space. What could you see beyond the window? The whole universe and at the same time the usual me living my daily, ordinary life.” Ken Ikeda

+ + +

CDep Editions Mego eMEGO088

Kevin Drumm: guitar and noise
Daniel Menche: organ and noise

One organ, one guitar, several fuzz boxes and two highly regarded purveyors of American extreme sonics are the savuory ingredients that created Gauntlet. Building on Menche’s aural low end physicality and Drumm’s exacting attention to high frequency detail – the aptly titled ‘Gauntlet’ is sizzling, scorching slab of essential audio. Heavy in iron and protein. A lean cut indeed, no fat included.

Recorded Fall of 2006 in Chicago at Uggae’s Porta-toilet studio
Mixed and mastered at Stereophonic Mastering in Portland, Oregon

+ + +

LUKE VIBERT – Chicago, Detroit, Redruth
CD/3×12″ Planet Mu ZIQ175

Luke Vibert’s second album on Planet Mu brings together many strands of his work: Drum and Bass (“ComfyCozy” recalling past glories as Plug); Trip-hop (“Rotting Flesh Bags” being his finest Wagon Christ type track for many a year); Breaks (“Breakbeat Metal Music” the possessor af a Speak and Spell lyric of coaxing danceability) and Acid (“Argument Fly” must be the most straight-ahead acid track so far released by monsieur Vibert reminding one of F.U.S.E or early 808State…) The album hangs together with the strands of acid, breakbeats, techno and disco at its heart; the reassuring hand of an old master triumphs again.

+ + +

MAX GOLDT – There are Grapefruit Hearts To be Squeezed In the Dark
LP Gagarin Records GR 2020
Streetdate: September 28

Max Goldt verstand es immer, dem deutschen Wort das Gewicht vom Hals zu nehmen. Bevor er jedoch mit seinen Büchern und Lesungen zu nationaler Berühmtheit gelangte, produzierte er eine unüberschaubare Menge seltsamer Homerecording-Stücke, deren musikalische Vielschichtigkeit bis heute viel zu wenig gewürdigt wurde. Nach einigen Jahren des Schweigens befördern die Seelenschürfer von Gagarin Records nun eine besonders tief unter der Zeitachse vergrabene Schönheit ans Licht. Die hier versammelten “Musiksachen von Kassetten” aus den Jahren 1981-83 entstanden nach eigenen Angaben in “splendid isolation”, unter Verwendung der Rubbermind-Methode:

“Elektronik kam bei der Klangerzeugung nicht zum Einsatz. Ich hatte ‘1981 – 1983’ noch keinen Synthesizer, weil ich diejenigen, die ich mir hätte leisten können, nicht mochte. Ich verwendete in erster Linie eine akustische Gitarre und eine Zither, die ich allerdings mit Holz- und Metallgegenständen, Papieren und Textilien präparierte und hackbrettartig anschlug.” (Max Goldt)

Verstimmte Gitarrensaiten und gelegentlich eingestreutes Glockenspiel ergänzen den Eindruck einer bis auf die Knochen skelettierten, mikrotonalen Musik, die einsam und silbrig schnarrend den Nachtklang einer Großstadt auf freischwingenden Klaviersaiten vermittelt.

Schon in diesen frühen Aufnahmen zeigt sich ein großes Talent für Texte und Stimmungsschwankungen: die blonde Nadine und die schwarze Carola trinken Rum mit Cola und warten auf ihre Veteranen (“Soldaten”), zwei Männerhände streicheln einen Globus (“Bei elektrischem Licht”) und Pampelmusenherzen werden in der Dunkelheit zerquetscht (“Upside Downtown”). So bleibt Max Goldt bis heute der einsame Held deutscher Songtexte, dem es gelingt, seiner Sprache gleichzeitig Melancholie und Glamour zu verleihen.

+ + +

µ-ZIQ – Dunisbourne Abbots Soulmate Devastation Technique
CD/3×12″ Planet Mu ZIQ190

µ-Ziq’s place in musical history is secure. As a key innovator who to brought electronic music to a wider audience in the nineties, the group, a moniker for Planet Mu founder and head MIKE PARADINAS, pushed boundaries and rattled heads with a consistent stream of releases, each exploring some new realm of consciousness.

It’s been four years since the whirlwind of chaos that was Bilious Paths, and Paradinas’ new album a more reflective body of work that is no less as revelatory. More introspective and melancholic, µ-Ziq revisits his roots in the early 90s ambient techno scene pioneered by,
among others, The Black Dog, Aphex Twin and himself. Amongst these 17 tracks of off-key melodies, nauseous harmonies and woozy beats can be found gems such as the beautiful “Strawberry Fields Hotel” in which a lone bassline strikes out a refrain of unexpected simplicity while bees swarm overhead around a fig tree. And “Drum Light” where a five part melody gives way to a startling noise assault. “Acid Steak Night”, a collaboration with labelmate The Doubtful Guest, is a more straightforward techno number with 303 basslines warring it out with spooky melodic synth lines. A melodic tour de force, and a welcome return to one of the most vital artists in music today.

+ + +

CD Spekk KK011

Optiope is a duo from Tokyo, DATE TOMOYOSHI and CHIHEI HATAKEYAMA formed in autumn 2002. Tomoyoshi’s music was previously introduced as best demos on the Fat Cat and Mille Plateaux site and made their first official appearance on the Spekk compilation “Small Melodies”. Chihei has released his first solo album in 2006 on the Kranky label (US). Together they organize the music event series “Kuala Mute Geek” and run the label “Kualauk Table.”

This is an imaginary album traveling from the north to south, overlapping the images of transition of the four seasons. In reality, indeed one thing always leads to an end and I feel sad every time I think about that. In this album, we tried to express this sorrow feeling changing gradually into hope as we travel south. Seasons have no end. It always moves from spring, summer, autumn, winter back to spring..  And just like the changing seasons, the tracks in this album constantly shifts another and the last piece connects to the very beginning which forms the never ending circle. We have expressed the images of these “endings” with “never endings” by music. These thoughts were brought up naturally during the making of this album and it’s not that we had this idea from the start. Another concept of this album is “symmetry”. There are 9 pieces in this album and it is constructed by track 5 being the axis of the symmetry – like in terms of composition, the 1st track is a piano piece also the 9th track. The same thing goes to the arrangements like you will notice sounds that form contrasts between the left & right speaker. – Date Tomoyoshi and Chihei Hatakeyama (Opitope)

+ + +

RF & LILI DE LA MORA – Eleven Continents
CD Rowing At Sea RAS001
Streetdate: September 28

Blending acoustic arrangements alongside subtle introspective vocals, “Eleven Continents” is the first offering from multi-instrumentalist RYAN FRANCESCONI (RF) and vocalist LILI DE LA MORA. In the spirit of collaboration, both decided to invite a few friends to contribute to the record. The addition of Familiar Trees’ vocalist FABIOLA SANCHEZ adds a warmth and conversational aspect to the lyrics, while JOANNA NEWSOM’s harp adds a resonance to Francesconi’s arrangements of cello, viola, winds and subtle percussion. While the arrangements and textures are reminiscent of his releases under the RF moniker, much of the electronic aspect of his other music has been replaced by the breathy tone and sincerity of Lili De La Mora’s lyrics.

“In addition to Ryan Francesconi’s deftly picked guitar and Lili De La Mora’s breathy voice, wisps of cello, trumpet, flute, and harp drift through the album gentle as a breeze, never upsetting its delicate balance. The result is music that moves efficiently without sounding hollow and artificial, music that is full of embellishment while sounding neither gaudy nor ostentatious. The album’s finest moments, though, come when the silvery tones of Joanna Newsom’s harp join the mix. The album’s title track unfurls to reveal a rushing, ever-growing spiral of graceful guitars, playful harp strings, and fragile, pensive vocals. Every note sounds as if it has been bathed in silvery twilight.” – Jason Morehead, OpusZine

“Multi-instrumentalist Ryan Francesconi (RF) and sensually hushed vocalist Lili De La Mora have collaborated to form the most gorgeous album of the year thus far….It seems like all the ingredients are near perfect for this record, and the outcome is sheer beauty.” – The Black and White Magazine

+ + +

CD Very Friendly VF043
Streetdate: September 24

Having almost given up on the changing power of music, and inspired by an insomniac crawl through the Tate Modern, Saturation Point were formed in 2005. A face-to-face encounter with the work of abstract expressionist, Rothko, led to their creation and development, improvising slabs of sound, forever evolving, and best understood as a whole and from a safe distance. Saturation Point were forced to ask how Punk Rock it was to play three and a half minute pop songs and swear a lot? While some opt for the “how cool do I look on stage?” school of post rock this band understand that it’s only how you sound that counts and that when it comes to any form of expressionism less will always be less and more is always more.

Saturation Point drag you back to the eye of the apocalypse. They are punishingly loud effortlessly dwarfing their peers’ heavy climaxes while surrendering none of their melodic inclinations or sense of space. And that is their undoubted beauty. Theirs is not the staple quiet-loud post rock dynamic; instead textured guitars cascade over liquid bass and sharp polyrhythms meandering fluidly. Moody, episodic, violent and reflective, their music is a calling card from a band who want to come round to your place, redesign your furniture, paint the walls green and then blow your windows out. Saturation Point’s catharsis comes in volume. Swaying effortlessly between Explosions in the sky style prettiness and blistering Mogwai crescendos, their take on post-rock stands tall amongst their camera – shy peers, both in deft interwoven guitar tapestries and ear-splitting climaxes.

+ + +

SHITMAT – Grooverider
CD/3×12″ Planet Mu ZIQ151

The king of mashcore returns for yet another journey through the sound of mashedupgabbaravehardcore, Shitmat style. As the name suggests, Grooverider is highly influenced by the uk rave scene and sees Shitmat move to a more serious, hard jungle sound with less random samples (although Tina Turner, Britney Spears, and The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe still manage to make an appearance).

Another classically rungleclotted, ass kicking selection to follow up the 9000+ selling Full English Breakfest, Grooverider is set to destroy dancefloors worldwide and is a must for the discerning breakcore connoisseur.

+ + +

CD Crónica 029

An evening of romantic drones… Marcel Proust has been one of the main sources of inspiration to me in the last years. His ideas devoted to the affections of the human heart, his approach deeply rooted on the long literary French tradition in which love can only be lived in sadness, is something that goes much beyond pure aesthetic. So it came only natural that somehow I would try to convey this literary and philosophic interest with the sound aesthetic I pursue. The image of a sleepless solitary writer confined to a Parisian soundproof room, has everything to do with the experience of a modern laptop composer, alone in the dark of a room, in a sort of headphone ecstasy with his acoustic fragments of reality. Both experience loneliness. Both are melancholic dreamers creating from an imaginary memory of the world. Whether this music is truly related with some of the delicate emotions depicted in “La recherche du temps perdu” or not is up to the listener to decide. Could this be a possible sound equivalent to the literary images of affection written by Proust in the early 20th century? Is the sound atmosphere of each piece loaded with some kind of sensual aura? Would ever be possible to express a sadness full of joy in the same moment of music? Probably we’ll never know. But perhaps we think about it next time we’ll listen to musicamorosa. – JORGE MANTAS, February 2007

The Beautiful Schizophonic was born in 2003 out of a laptop and a minidisc. The main influences of this project are to be found outside the music field, namely in literature – Marcel Proust, Edgar Allan Poe, Dante Alighieri -, painting – Caspar David Friedrich, J. W. Waterhouse, Dante Gabriel Rossetti -, cinema – essentially French new wavers such as Eric Rohmer and Jacques Rivette, but also Wong Kar-Wai, Sofia Coppola – and even erotic photography – Guido Argentini, Roy Stuart. An impossible mix of ancient and contemporary influences eventually turned into an idea of sonic extravaganza. Since the beginning, drone music has been the main concern but its schizophonic edge also means indoor field recordings, safe sampling and acoustic instruments, all assembled under the laptop spell. I rather like the term “sound designer” than “composer” as I don’t see myself as an artist but as a true esthetician, searching for the sonorization of affective environments that express my deepest innerself. Most of my sound pieces are developed under a thematic concept which is never imposed to the listener, only suggested. I don’t believe in the abstract approach practiced by some modern digital composition, too much afraid of express emotions through music. There’s nothing more uninspiring to me than an “untitled” piece. That’s why the literary quality of my titles is something that I care about.

+ + +

VS_PRICE – songs06.txt.
CD Expanding Records ecd28:07

Songs06.txt. is the new album by VINCENT PAPON as Vs_price. It is his second album for Expanding Records, his first being the album “callin minette” released in 2002.

From the age of 5 until 15 Vincent studied the piano, a formal introduction that led him to try out many different instruments, including drums, guitar, mandolin and accordian. He found himself playing guitar in bands such as anaH and but in 1996 he began recording his solo project Vs_price. In recent years he has concentrated on live performance working closely with choreographers and visual artists on sound installations, performance and video work.

Songs06txt was recorded during the summer of 2006 between Mimizan (by the sea) and Toulouse (where Vincent lives and works) using both places as sound sources for the project finally mixing the whole in his studio in Toulouse. For the last two years the vs_price live performance has been complimented by the work of v/jyu who creates video images in real time, from this has developed a project called ‘4muses? a collaboration developed out of live improvisation.

+ + +

WZT HEARTS – Threads Rope Spell Making Your Bones
CD Carpark Records CAK40
Streetdate: September 18

MIKE HALETA – circuit bent guitar pedals, laptop, guitar, tapes
JEFF DONALDSON – commodore 64, bi-tone guitar, mixer
JASON URICK – laptop
SHAUN FLYNN – drums, vocals

Wzt Hearts. It’s pronounced “Wet Hearts” but spelled “Wzt Hearts”. Got it? Maybe it’s something in the Baltimore city water, maybe it looks good on paper. Whatever the reason, when these guys perform they harness sonic energy like nobody’s business.

“Threads Rope Spell Making Your Bones” is Wzt Hearts’ second full length of improvised electronic psych-rock. In preparing the album, the band recorded hours of music and whittled it down to present you with the crème de la crème. At times reminiscent of the digital sparkle of European sound sculptors like Fennesz, but also harking back to the energy of Krautrock and its psychedelic progeny, Wzt Hearts have created their own unique sound that blends the organic and synthetic, digital and analog, difficult and easy, and other musical dichotomies yet to be defined.

Wzt Hearts will be touring North America and Europe this fall and winter.

+ + +


FENNESZ [Editions Mego]
25/08 CH – Mutamenti Festival, Montebello Castle, Bellinzona

19/09 NL – Groningen, Vera
20/09 NL – Amsterdam, Paradiso
21/09 NL – Utrecht, Rasa
22/09 BE – Gent, Vooruit

THE EX [The Ex Rec.]
01/11 ES – Castelló, Tanned Tin Festival
03/11 DE – Hannover, Indiego Glocksee
04/11 DE – Hilden, Area 51
05/11 DE – Reutlingen, Nepomuk
06/11 AT – Vöcklabruck, Foyer des Arts
07/11 DE – Regensburg, Leeren Beutel
08/11 DE – Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg
09/11 CZ – Prague, Akropolis
10/11 DE – Jena, Kassablanca

23/10 – Day 2 @ The Bedford Arms, London
Chris Watson presents…, BJNilsen, Biosphere, People Like Us
24/10 – Day 3 @ The Museum of Garden History, London
Storm: Chris Watson & BJNilsen, Biosphere
25/10 – Day 4 @ The Museum of Garden History, London
Free lunchtime event: Jon Wozencroft & Mike Harding interview and presentation; evening concert by Biosphere, Chris Watson & BJNilsen

ZEEBEE [Angelika Köhlermann]
03/08 AT – Freudenhaus, Bregenz
19/09 DE – Popkomm, Berlin

27/09 FR – Dijon Concert Hall, Music by and with Alvin Lucier
28/09 FR – Dijon Concert Hall, Music by Steve Reich, Lou Reed, Jens Brand, Reinhold Friedl

+ + +


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