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23CD Outward Sound Ensemble – as yet untitled
We’re looking for advance subscriptions to the new OSE release, which should be out 12/05 approx. Advance subscribers (we need about 50 to finance the release) have their names printed in the CD booklet. Over the summer Chris Meloche (tabletop guitar, effects) played his first live concert in around ten years at our Over The Top venue  in Sheffield.  He was joined variously by Martin Archer (software instruments) Charlie Collins (vibraphone) Mick Beck (bassoon) and Nick Robinson (guitar).  The concert was recorded by the redoubtable Chris Trent. Back in Canada, Chris edited concert highlights into a single 77 minute piece and then (masterstroke!) had regular OSE partner Herb Bayley (trombone, percussion) play a continuous minimal improvisation along with the concert material.  The result is a shifting electronic texture piece studded with tiny detail, and makes for a great new release.  Fans of krautrock thru low activity improv will enjoy.  Please subscribe to ensure this can appear!  Details of how to subscribe are on the site under www.discus-music.co.uk/dissubscribe .
Review of the previous OSE release on Discus:
“A tremendously subtle work for which you need to devote the hour’s attention it deserves as it slowly reveals its secrets, like a labyrinth…..an amazingly vivid sound….. you can almost smell the freshmints on the breath of the two Canadian performers….. Measured, quiet and deliberative, producing effects that are ethereal and fugitive, but there’s no concealing the wiry strength at the core” – Ed Pinsent, Sound Projector