Thermos live. click for infos!!!!

Venerdì 28 Ottobre @ Circolo Arci THERMOS – V. San Martino 10, Ancona


opening: DADAMATTO (Senigallia)

Inizio concerti ore 22.00 / Ing. 3 euro / dalle 00.00 entrata libera afterparty: DjMichele (StereoClub)



BIOGRAFIA:In the depths of November 2003, Slideling and Riotmiloo met through a common friend, not yet knowing what fate was destined for them. What they already knew though was that they could party and drink and share that strange tendency of loving loud rock’n’roll and instant noodles, and that a friend of theirs could do whatever she wanted to the holy Princess Leila.Time went by and Slideling – already starring in the famous Stoke Newington band The XR5 – began thinking of starting an all girl band. Without guessing it was also Riotmiloo’s secret dream, together they outlined the basis of their new band and in addition got a drummer girl. But things didn’t really work out. The lovely drummer girl left…They didn’t lose hope and started invading mailing lists, annoying London’s promoters in the attempt to find the jewel they needed. Then someone calling themself The Cave Woman Machine captured their attention. Pretending to be a genius artpunk/angular inspired lady, the creature fooled the two vixens, hiding himself behind wigs and stilettos (which was an inspired and creative thing in itself!)So the real Venom Seeds set up was born. The two vixens forgave him, the Cave Man Machine got the job. They started having even more fun than before. With their new crazy sonic experiments, they tried to mix raw blues with punk, and added more than a hint of the subversive garage/art spirit. And what came out surprised them: they really liked it!!!
Don’t miss the chance to experience something new and quite intense, listen to their tunes and please give them some feedback!!!!!!!

opening: DADAMATTO (da confermare)


“JAPONIZU” – Reverberazioni Sonore dal Sol Levante @ THERMOS

Sabato 19 Novembre – LIMITED EXPRESS (Tokyo, Jap) +IOIOI

Giovedi 24 Novembre – MYWAYMYLOVE (Kyoto, Jap) + Guest (ingresso 3 euro)

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