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Werner Durand (Germany)
Strumenti in plexiglass e PVC amplificati, Electronics

He performs his own music for saxophones, iranian ney, and self-made wind instruments since the late seventies.
He studied with Ariel Kalma in Paris, Indian classical music in India and Berlin (with Kamalesh Maitra) and Iranian ney with Ali Reza Asgharia. He started to build wind instruments out of plexi-glass and PVC in the early 80s, which led to the foundation of THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE in 1990.
His current projects include ASHTAYAMA with Dhrupad singer Amelia Cuni; RE/ORIENTATION with Amelia Cuni and percussionist Marika Falk; the BEATLESS SAX O´DRONES, a sax quartet specialising in just intonation; and the group ARMCHAIR TRAVELLER with Sebastian Hilken (cello and percussion), Hella v. Ploetz (glassharp) and Silvia Ocougne(ac.guitars).

Werner Durand has collaborated with numerous composers/performers including David Behrman, Samm Bennett, Fast Forward, David Moss, Fatima Miranda, Muslimgauze,Henning Christiansen, Dominique Regef as well as with visual/ sound artists Michaela Kölmel, Victor Merteens, Andreas Oldörp and Rolf Julius. He was a member of Arnold Dreyblatt´s Orchestra of Excited Strings from 1990-1997.
In 1989 he received a grant from the city of Berlin for the Cité des Arts, Paris.
He was granted a residency at Podewil (Berlin) for 1999 together with Amelia Cuni.
He has collaborated in the organization of festivals of traditional as well as avantgarde music in Berlin like “Urbane und Aboriginale”, “Pipeline” and USArts.
Performing worldwide, he participates in international festival and cultural exchange programs (also through Goethe Insitut).
He has composed music for theater, dance and radio features and is presently engaged in several CD productions and musical projects.

Coming from the minimalist tradition, Werner Durand´s music has evolved into a personal style over the years. Inspired by various kinds of traditional musics and instruments, he started to create his own music and instruments reflecting this. A variety of materials and playing techniques enables him to bring out unusual sounds and with the help of digital delays he can create rich textural and rhythmic pieces, which might recall tribal music from Africa or the Pacific, but at the same time sounding experimental or even (post-)industrial.

selected Discography
Urban Sax (Cobra, 1977)
The Thirteenth Tribe Ping-Pong Anthropology No Man’s Land 1993)
Arnold Dreyblatt Animal Magnetism (Tzadik 1995)
Arnold Dreyblatt The Sound of One String (Table of the Elements 1998)
Werner Durand Tulpas -Sampler (Selektion 1997)
Muslimgauze Mort aux Vache ( Staalplaat 1998)
Sampler Staalplaatcocktail (Staalplaat 1998)
David Toop Hot Pants Idol (Barooni 1999)
Amelia Cuni-Werner Durand Ashtayama -Song of Hours (Amiata – 2000)
Cuni-Durand-Marika Falk Drumming Breath (Syntorama NO-CD – 2000)
Werner Durand The Art of Buzzing (x-tract- 2001)
Armchair Traveller The Perfect Record (No Man´s Land 2001)

selected Solo-Performances
– Berlin (Institut Unzeit, Podewil, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse etc)
– New York (Goethe Haus, Roulette)
– Munich (Gasteig)
– Madrid (Parallelo)
– Eindhoven-Holland (Het Apollhuis)
— San Sebastian – Spain (Festival Int. Nuevas músicas)
— Dresden ( Leonardi Museum)
— Dessau ( Bauhaus)
—Salzburg (Toihaus)

informazioni : 02-29527729

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