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We know it’s expensive, and that’s a problem. But it really is expensive to make, and there’s no way around that. However, from feedback we’ve had we have an extra sub-method to propose. If you desperately want the box but just can’t spend so much at once, we can do it this way. Buy 2 CDs a month (at the usual £11 per CD) and we’ll send two CDs a month. We’ll send the booklets and boxes with the 5th CD and the 9th, and the extra box and extra item with the DVD. You can pay the balance and get all the rest at once any time you want. Hopefully this will make it a more manageable proposition for some of you. If you start this month (October) by December you’ll already get the whole of the first box and you’ll have the first CD of the second.

Stockholm & Gotebörg [£11]  ReR HC7. Limited Edition
Ahead of the 40th Anniversary box set (see below) there will be a limited release of this CD in September. From two high quality Swedish Radio recordings, made in 1975 and 1977 this CD includes Tim’s epic Erk Gah (now known as Hold to the Zero Burn), Phil Ochs’ No More Songs and Fred’s March – none of which were ever recorded for LP release. Plus Ottawa Song & other, untitled, pieces. Over an hour of music, taken from original radio tapes and either remixed or re-mastered for this edition by Bob Drake.

(double CD) [£18]  ReR 1982
Faust, Art Bears, ZNR, Robert Wyatt, The Residents, Henry Cow, This Heat, Art Zoyd, Univers Zero, Stormy Six, Aqsak Maboul, Picchio Dal Pozzo, Decibel, Goebbels and Harth, The Homosexuals, The Work, Amos and Sarah, The Black Sheep, Feliu Gasul, Hector Zazou, The Muffins,  R.Stevie Moore, Robel Vogel, Ron Pate/Raudelunas, Conventum, Joseph Racaille and Patrick Portella
Originally released in 1982, this is a collection of specially commissioned and (at the time) newly recorded pieces by the most interesting groups and individuals then in the Recommended catalogue. Never reissued, it has slowly become a prized collectors’ item – and remains an indispensable snapshot of the range and musical brilliance of this critical moment in the history of a small community of left-field groups struggling towards new musical languages. The breadth of imagination displayed is exemplary and it is amazing how fresh and original this music still sounds, and how much things have changed in only 25 years. What was intended on its release as a practical compendium has now become a definitive document so, on the occasion of Recommended’s 30th anniversary, we have decided to reissue it fully re-mastered and with additional accompanying material.

IN OCTOBER. Last opportunity to subscribe.

Clothbound 72 page 25 x 14 cm book with two CDs. [£20 – after release it will be £25] ReR RAG 1, 2
CD1: The Symphony of Sirens. In 1922 Arseni Avraamov composed and conducted a visionary public sound event, activating the entire port city of Baku: its factory sirens, the ships horns of the  entire Caspian flotilla, two batteries of artillery, several full infantry regiments, trucks, seaplanes, 25 steam locomotives, an array of pitched whistles and several massive choirs. Constantly referenced but forever lost, this extraordinary event is here painstakingly reconstructed and spatialised to approximate the original experience. Plus 39 other priceless sound works, including the legendary Victory over the Sun and other lost documents of Malevich, Dziga Vertov, Nikolai Foregger & his Orchestra of Noises, Sergei Prokofiev, El Lissitsky, Velimir Khlebnikov, Ivan Ignatyev & The Ego Futurist Group, Mikhail Matiushin, Alexei Kruchenykh, Georgi Yakoulov, Konstantin Melnikov, Igor Severyanin, Vasilisk Gnedov, Vladimir Kasyanov & The Futurist Circle, David Burliuk,  Elena Guro, Olga Rozanova, H2SO4 Group, Simon Chikovani, The Nothingists, Vasily Kandinsky, Danil Harms, Igor Terent’ev, Mikhail Larionov, The Psycho-futurists group, Vasily Kamensky, Varvara Stepanova and Roman Jakobson.
CD2: Enthusiasm! The Dombass Symphony (1930)  is possibly Dziga Vertov’s most revolutionary achievement: a symphony of abstract industrial noise for which a specially designed giant mobile recording system was constructed (it weighed over a ton) in order to capture the din of mines, furnaces and factories. For Vertov, the introduction of sound film didn’t mean talkies, but the opportunity to collage, montage and splice together constructions of pure environmental noise. In addition, this CD collects together for the first time a definitive library of original sound documents from the Russian Avantgarde: contemporary recordings of Alexander Mossolov, Julius Meytuss, Roman Jakobson, Velimir Khlebnikov, Alexei Kruchenykh, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Lili Brik, David Burliuk, Sergei Esenin, Vasily Kamensky, Semen Kirsanov, V.I. Lenin, Anatoly  Lunacharsky, Alexandra Kollontay, Leon Trotsky, Boris Pasternak, Anna Akhmatova, Osip Mandelshtam, Ilya Ehrenburg, Marina Tsvetaeva, Naum Gabo, Noton Pevsner and Dmitri Shostakovich.
BOOK: A comprehensive overview of the complexity and breadth of the many early C20 Russian avantgarde movements, followed by detailed notes and contexts for the individual recordings – including summary biographies of the main actors; additional work notes about the process of the extraordinary Baku reconstruction; a bibliography, rare photographs, web research links, artwork,, facsimiles of contemporary documents, a comparative timeline of European and Russian Avantgardes and fisrt English translation of an article by Avraamov about the symphony. This is a definitive library collection, some seven years in the making and possibly our most important release of recent years.

The Subscription Edition comes with a free numbered art-CD   L


(double CD)  [£18]  SIG 11059/60
A collection of spacious, mostly quiet, beautifully recorded (in the studio of Radio France) improvisations, edited but otherwise unprocessed, by Xavier Garcia (computer, sampler, real time processing), Lucia Rechio (voice), Jean-Paul Autin, (various reeds), Chris Cutler (classical percussion, real-time processing), Alexandre Meyer (electric guitar) and Eric Brochard (contrabasse). Unusual as improvisations go, with many quite exquisite passages where individual players vanish into the sound.

Infinity  [£11]   Ad Hoc 21
A first in formatting. This CD will only play on your computer, on the other hand it will always be different, every time you listen to it. K Space is Tim Hodgkinson (electronics, Hawaiian guitar, reeds), Ken Hyder, (percussion, voice) and Gendos Chamzyryn (voice and percussion), but this doesn’t tell you much. There are also environmental recordings here, and deconstructed fragments, all pooled so that specially written software will compile and sequence 20minute pieces according to complex algorithms (rather than just randomly) that will never repeat. In other words there is no object here that will deliver what you know; there are materials that are constantly recombined so that each audition will be something unexpected. A great idea, brilliantly realised.

Japanese Souvenir 10 CD Box [£110] INCLUDES POSTAGE.  By Name. We are able to get only a handful of these, so advance orders are recommended; there won’t be many and there probably won’t be more.
Samla Mammas Manna was one of the really great bands of the ‘70s, founder members of RIO and remain a glowing example of how intelligence, musicianship, imagination and innovation could be applied infectiously to the best of rock.  We have got hold of a handful of this limited edition, expensive, beautifully produced and boxed collection of all their releases on 8 CDs, all re-mastered, with lots of (mostly live, nicely recorded) bonus tracks. Each album is individually packaged in Japanese mini-album sleeves that immaculately reproduce the original artwork (right down to the infamous “scissors” which, in the old days, prompted the buyer of the double album to snip it in two); each mini-sleeve is individually wrapped in re-sealable cellophane and each disc slips into the mini-sleeve in protective gauze. This is great music in luminous packaging and, for those who care, highly collectible. Contents: Samla Mammas Manna, Maltid, Klossaknapitatet, For Aldre Nybegynnare – Schlagerns Mystik, Familiesprickor, Snorungarnas Symphonie, Bildcirkus.   L


To Sail, to Sail [£12]  TZ 7625
Fred’s first solo CD in a long while, all played on a six (steel) string acoustic guitar. A compendium of many techniques. The 16 tracks are dedicated individually to people Fred identifies as his teachers (including Champion Jack Dupree, John Cage, Terry Riley, Daevid Allen, Barre Phillips and Davy Graham).  A sure and light touch from a player with nothing to prove, just following his fingers and his imagination.

Horizon [£12]  Artyard CD08
Long awaited reissue of the classic full-on 1971 Arkestra with June Tyson, and Ra on Moog Synthesiser and Tiger-organ, recorded in Cairo at the Balloon Theatre – with several Ra classics and a lot of moog mini solos linking them together. In addition to the whole original LP, this CD adds fours previously unreleased tracks from the same concert: Enlightenment, Love In Outer Space, We¹ll Wait For You and The Satellites Are Spinning.
This LP was a companion to the adjacently recorded Nidhamu and Dark Myth Equation.

OFFER. This CD plus Nidhamu and Dark Myth (both on one CD) – due to be released in November £18.

Hoarded Dreams [£12.50)  Rune 252
Commissioned for a festival in 1983, this piece – and this performance – captures a musical moment in late British post-jazz in which some of the best aspects of European free improvisation were employed in the context of stretched but through-composed structures. Wild spontaneity meets high discipline and moves into an interesting musical grey zone, keeping the ear busy and constantly stimulated. There’s no fat here, just movement, contrast and juxtaposition, set in a clear over-arching structure with long composed chunks holding it all together. Played by a large (19 piece) ensemble that includes Connie Bauer, Kenny Wheeler, Henry Lowther, Art Themen, Manfred Schoof, Ted Curson and John Surman and driven by two guitars, piano (Roger Dean) bass and drums, this still belongs to the world of mainstream UK jazz, but catches it while it was still innovating.

MEV (Musica Elettronica Viva)
Spacecraft [£12]  15NMN.038
Reissue of the legendary 1967 live electronic/noise release by the American/Italian counterparts of AMM, featuring Alvin Curran, Frederick Rzewski, Richard Teitelbaum, Allen Bryant and Ivan Vandor who play various kinds of early synthesisers, amplified glass and springs, electric percussion, trumpet and saxophone in a take no prisoners abstract style. The entire original LP is accompanied by an extra 33 minutes of newer music from a 1990 version of MEV with Curran, Rzewski, Teitelbaum, Steve Lacy and Garrett List.

MEV (Musica Elettronica Viva)
Friday  [£12[]  29NMN.073
Reissue of the legendary 1969 live electronic/noise release by the American/Italian counterparts of AMM, featuring Alvin Curran, Frederick Rzewski, Richard Teitelbaum, Franco Cataldi and Gunther Carius. Electronics of various sorts, piano, moog synthesiser, flugelhorn, saxophone, trombone and real-time processing.

Opus Spongebobicum  [£12]  BY Name
Newest by the prolific and constantly moving Rothkamm – who is something of a phenomenon. Here he broaches very different territory indeed, with a 35 minute piece of constantly mutating, quote-infested, melodic, harmonic, romantic, ascerbic, brittle, contemporary, traditional, piano bar, concert hall, uncategoriseable piano music. It’s a beautiful enigma, and a pleasure to listen to. Subtle but great. And, as ever, the sleeve-notes are exquisite.  L

Heave to  [£12]  Sedc 044
Known for her electronic pieces, here Olivia plays cello – and 10 other people play trumpets, trombones, bass trombone, oboe, violin, viola, clarinet and bass clarinet – very sparingly, and mostly indistinguishably, within a field of (mostly nautical sounding) environmental recordings. That’s the mechanics; the experience is rich, diverse, mostly abstract and timbrally complex. This is wide and deep, with many facets, and it constantly mutates and evolves. A wholly absorbing and fascinating piece of work.


Music/NoMusic [£9] CDR and artwork.  By Name
8 very different, nicely formed, atmospheric and musically articulated (rhythm, harmony) pieces, for a wild array of instruments including double bass, brass snare, all manner of keyboards (clavinet, harpsichord, pipe organ &.) cello, industrial noise, radio, stones and some wind instruments. Careful and very nicely recorded. Very nice work.  This is small, limited edition pressing expressly made for ReR.

By Chance [£9] CDR and artwork.   By Name
A very fine CD by the artist formerly known as Charles Vrtacek, here playing a wide variety of instruments, treated and untreated, somewhat after the manner of Biota. A sustained, evolving, unfolding of sounds both synchronous and asynchronous, but always in focus and to the point. Excellent.
This is small, limited edition pressing expressly made for ReR.


Orchestral works 2 [£7]  8.557882
Not really all orchestral works, but a great and essential collection. Every piece is luminous and prophetic. Taken with the companion Naxos CD Arcana, Integrales, Deserts, it covers virtually the entire existing oeuvre of one of the C20 greatest composers. This volume contains the breathtaking Ameriques, as well as Equatorial (bass voices, two ondes martinots and ensemble), Nocturnal (soprano, bass voices, ensemble), Hyperprism (9 winds and 9 percussionists), Density 21.5 (flute), Ionisation, still the greatest – and effectively the first – major work for  medium-sized (14) percussion ensemble, as well as the rarely heard pieces Un grand sommeil noir (on a poem by Verlaine) the sole (accidentally) surviving work from his early years, Dance for Burgess (chamber orchestra and percussion) and Tuning up (a short work, based around the pitch A for large orchestra). These are interesting versions of the works, played by the Polish National Radio Orchestra – wholly digital recordings offer good dynamics and a very contemporary sound, which mostly works well. With 18pp of useful notes.  L

OFFER: Vols I and 2 (Covering the complete works with the exception of the wholly electronic Poeme Electronique)  £12   Varese Complete.


Extended Play (Triptych for child survivors of war and conflict) [£12]   L-NE 036
3 pieces created for an installation at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in 2007 for 9 record players.  Each plays a specially cut LP containing one sparse sequence of tones taken from a Polish tune (for reasons explained on the cover) on Cello, Piano and Violin respectively, which are played back simultaneously at 33, 45, 78 rpm on the 9 record players, the combinations never repeating. The results are spare and rich (not unlike some Feldman; the tones just hang there). Two further tracks offer a layering of all the parts into something more dense and conclude with an old recording of the source song montaged with 40’s radio broadcast material. An interesting project nicely realised.

AMBIANCES SONORES, enregistrements domestiques & tourisme audio. Vol 1 (8 cm mini CD)  [£7 ]  Ui-002
Mini CD by various hands of very diverse sound environments, natural and human, close-up and long-shot, in a continuous sequence. It works.

NOTE:  A bold L after an entry indicates we think this should be in any comprehensive Library.


·SALAH RAGAB and the Cairo Jazz Band
Egyptian Jazz [£12]   Art Yard CD 006
An extraordinary culture clash of a band, immediately on Sun Ra’s wavelength (they performed together and Salah – a percussionist – played with Ra on several occasions); the musical overlaps are audible. This CD collects pieces recorded in Heliopolis between 1968 and 1973 and covers a lot of ground. This was a highly competent large ensemble, drawing on American bigband and 50s jazz, but with its own feeling for Egyptian music and instruments and steering a path that explored both traditions at the same time. A very enjoyable collection.


Bourges, 1979 (dbl) [£18] AKT 15
Unheard at time of printing. They say ‘…..extreme tension and risks taken collectively, AKT 15 holds a special place in the band’s history, documenting for the first time ever this particular period’, they say.

Secrets of the Sun [£12]  ALP 266 CD
First time on CD for this early Saturn release (1962) which comes here with and additional LP-side-length piece (planned but never released by Saturn) Flight to Mars from the same period.

Untitled Recordings [£12]  Transparency 0309
A completely unknown Quintet recording with Sun Ra, John Gilmore, Milford Graves, Andrew Cyrille and Don Moye made in Brooklyn in 1985, plus two intimate recordings from “The House of Ra” in Philadelphia, one, a rehearsal from 1978 in which Sun Ra plays, sings and talks extensively, the other a jam from 1973 with Sun Ra, Moog, Marshall Allen, John Gilmore and others in a small group setting.

Live at the Electric Circus (NYC 1968) and Newport
Jazz Festival (RI 1969) Double CD. [£18}
Transparency 0308
‘From the lesser-known psychedelic era of Sun Ra (1968-1971).The Electric Circus show features an unknown female singer who was with the group prior to June Tyson. The sound quality is so good you might be fooled into thinking this is some lost studio album from that time. The Newport set is raucous and frenetic’. Unheard at time of printing.

Electronic experimental and microtonal 1953-1999
[£12]  SR 289
Unheard at time of printing.

L’Œuvre Musicale  (12 X CD DELUXE BOX SET) [£46]   INAG6000/11
12 CD set anniversary issue. Unseen at time of printing.


SUN RA and the Omniverse Jet Set Arkestra
The Complete Detroit Jazz Center Residency,
December 26th, 1980 – January 1, 1981. (28 CD set)
[£50 INCLUDES POSTAGE]  Transparency 0307
A new, factory pressed edition of this excellent collection previously available from us in a handmade set (these are now selling for $300 on ebay, therefore this extra limited reissue). Sun Ra and the Arkestra played eleven concerts over a week in this club, culminating in three complete shows on New Years Eve 1980/1, during which nearly 100 Sun Ra compositions were performed in a single night. These are good quality desk recordings. There are over 26 hours and a massive number of Sun Ra compositions here and it’s cheap. This edition is limited to 540 copies.

Nazca [£12] Reissue of the 1983 LP by this most left field of Mexican groups. Close to Univers Zero and with Henry Cow influences, they avoid the jazz-rock aspects of what is called progressive music altogether. Their instrumentation- bassoon, oboe, violins, piano, bass and percussion already tells a lot. An interesting record.

Nazca en Vivo  [£12]

Estacion de Sombra [£12]


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40th ANNIVERSARY BOX SET Volumes 1 & 2
9 CDs and 1 DVD with 2 substantial books – in two solid Boxes.  LIMITED EDITION.

Assembled over 15 years, this collection gives for the first time some idea of the breadth and depth of Henry Cow’s work. Always very much a live band, performance was their metier, and a concert might range far – always driven by an intense dialogue between tightly knit compositions and radically open improvisation. The officially released LPs tell at best only half this story, and one purpose of this definitive collection is to set the work back into its broader context. These are all previously unreleased recordings and include many compositions and improvisations new to anyone who only knows the official releases, as well as documentation of a number of one-off projects and events and – where different or remarkable enough to justify inclusion – live versions of parts of the LP repertoire. Many of these recordings are high quality radio transcriptions taken directly from the original masters, others are less hi-fi, but justified, we think, by their historic and musical quality. It has all been carefully transferred and re-mastered by Bob Drake to the best audio quality that current technology allows without interference or tampering – a million times better than the terrible bootlegs that are swimming around. Altogether, these 9 CDs embody some extraordinary, and occasionally prescient music and, taken together with the officially released albums, make it possible at last to get some impression of the extensive ground Henry Cow covered in it’s 10 short years. Finally, there is the DVD: 80 minutes of the 1976 Cow (with Georgina Born and Dagmar Krause) performing many unreleased pieces as well as Living in the Heart of The Beast, Beautiful as the Moon &c. This is the only known video recording in existence – professionally made, multi camera – and has not been recovered since its original broadcast (just scour U-Tube, HC is conspicuous by its total absence).  And last but not least, there is a great deal of written, photographic and textual documentation. Since this will probably be the last and definitive collection, it has to be thorough. For reasons of fairness and cost we have decided to split the set into two boxes – which can be bought separately or together. VOL 1 covers the period 1971 to the 1976 Hamburg radio show which documents John Greaves’ last concert with the band, as well as the extraordinary Trondheim concert from the quartet tour that immediately followed. VOL 2 takes the story through to 1978 and includes more previously undocumented compositions as well as the Bremen radio recording. The Stockholm CD belongs to this second box, which also contains the DVD.


VOL 1 –  5 CDs , box, book                  £45
VOL 2  – 4 CDs, DVD, box, book    £50

THE ENTIRE SET, in two boxes plus a free, third, specially designed, solid matching continuous-artwork empty box in which to keep the already released 5 studio CDs. In a numbered edition, with a special additional subscription item.                            £99

The idea of subscriptions is to help raise the vast sums these things cost to manufacture and to recognise your participation with special editions, extra items and lower prices.


Historic numbered art edition: 12 CDs, book and box [£58]  pe/box

We are slowly moving toward a number that may make this release possible but we are not there yet..

The Rock experiments of Eastern Europe were no less interesting (though they were somewhat rarer) than those in the West, but they went undocumented for years – they made no commercial or official CDs and could not tour. Concerts were rare even in their own countries. Outside, to all intents and purposes, they didn’t exist. To begin to redress this lack, in the late ‘80s,  Recommended launched Points East, a label dedicated only to this music. Because of its historical importance – and musical excellence – we plan to manufacture a very limited edition of the 8 PE LPs (re-mastered on CD), plus 3 or 4 extra CDs filling in further details of the music of the various territories in that time, mostly taken from other Recommended releases as yet not reissued – including the extraordinary ‘Raab’ and Zygmunt Krauze’s luminous ‘Folk Music’- plus a couple of CDs with samples of other groups from the time and new materials by the original artists. All the CDs will be in facsimile edition, fully re-mastered, in a box with a fat book outlining the way it was in the old East and the way it is now, as well as a more general overview of experimental music in each of the territories. In other words this will be an historic documentation of a missing part of the history of progressive and experimental music, a documentation much needed. It will be made to our usual standards and very thoroughly documented, but we want to make it as cheap as possible – since this for art’s sake; it’s certainly not a commercial proposition. So we will try to keep the 12 CDs, box and book down to £58 – close to cost. However, origination, manufacturing and production costs will be huge, and we will only be able to make it if there is sufficient interest and enough pledged advance orders. To that end, if you are interested in this project, please subscribe – just write in and say you want your name put down, we will not take any money until and unless the box is actually realised. If and when we reach a viable number, we will announce the issue, confirm your subscriptions and go ahead.

– The original PE series was:
BORIS KOVACS. Ritual Nova 2 (YU)
ZGA. Zga (Riga)
STRANGE GAMES, Strange Games (Russia)
BORUT KRZISNIK Currents of Time (Slovenia)
KAMPEC DOLORES Levitation  (Hungary)
REPORTAZ. Reportaz (Poland)
PULNOC. Midnight Mouse (Czechoslovakia)



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The Recommended Quarterly Volume 1


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To become a Friend of Fred costs 95 pounds (45 now and 50 when we send CD No.5, You get the ARTIST SIGNED LIMITED EDITION  of Vol 3:
8 CDs with a special signed book with Fred’s notes on the works, the process of their composition and recording, related photographs and other documentary materials. You get the CDs as soon as they come out, the signed book, occasional other additional materials and 1.50 pounds off any other Fred CD you buy from us during the subscription period – whatever label it’s on.

Volumes 1 and 2 can still be purchased separately at £100, with the signed book.

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