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>>> Six Twilights will be out on Own Records on June 29, that record also contains a Video Digifile. Promo Territory | ITALY

>>> Guillaume Eluerd, french songwriter will release is first album “The Year of the Dog” in september 2007 on Fabriq. Promo Territories | FRANCE | BENELUX | ITALY

>>> Katamine “Lag” on Tinstar | Carrot Top | Blunstone.

>>> Function, “The Secret Miracle Fountain” on Locust Music (chicago).
The band will tour europe in september 2007. Promo Territory | ITALY

>>> Vialka “Plus Vite que la Musique” will be out mid june 2007. promo territory | FRANCE | UK

>>> Swims great drums & bass american instrumental duet and their “s/t” EP on Distile Records. promo territory | WHOLE EUROPE

>>> Fago Sepia “l’ame sure ruse mal” on Aposiopèse. promo territory | WHOLE EUROPE

>>> Ulan Bator presents 68mn of unreleased material in “Ulaanbataar” on Ruminance.
promo territory | FRANCE

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Artist | Six Twilights
Title | Six Twilights
Release date | June 29 2007
Label | www.ownrecords.com
Band Website | www.myspace.com/sweaterweather
Promo Territory | Italy

Six Twilights is a music and video project by Aaron Gerber of the Portland based band A Weather.
The music is a collection of carefully recorded bits of hushed, delicate male and female vocals, warm acoustic guitars and melancholy piano all rearranged in non-repetative patterns which sometimes resemble songs in the traditional sense and sometimes veer more towards ambient electronic atmospheres…Read more and Listen



Artist | Guillaume Eluerd
Title | The Year Of The Dog
Release date | September 2007
Format | CD
Label | www.fabriq.net
Band Website | www.myspace.com/guillaumeeluerd
Promo Territories | France | Benelux | Italy

Frenchman, Guillaume Eluerd (pronounce L.U Air), was born in Versailles, France, in 1970.
His personal DNA test states that he’s a considerate artist.
I met him and I can second that! (And I’m sure he’s a lot more!).
After releasing several electronica records over the last few years under the name of NIMP, Eluerd recently finished recording his first solo ‘songwriter’s’ album…
Andrew Richards | Label Manager | Fabriq Read more and Listen



Artist | Katamine
Title | Lag
Release date | November 14 2006
Format | CD
Labels | www.tinstarcreativepool.com | www.carrottoprecords.com | www.blunstone.net
Band Website | www.myspace.com/takamine
Promo Territories | France | Spain | Germany | Netherlands | United Kingdom

1. surround ourselves with small machines and old transmitters.
2. meet people with faces we can’t remember
3. play with our ears filled with water.
4. drown them in acoustics, vocals & noises…Read more and Listen



Artist | Function
Title | The Secret Miracle Fountain
Release date | 2006
Format | CD
Label | www.locustmusic.com
Band Website | www.functionensemble.com
Promo Territory | Italy

Matthew L Nicholson is an Australian born musician, composer and sound artist. He has produced works for Locust Music, Room 40, Fat Cat, Au-Go-Go, Love & Mercy and numerous soundtracks for documentaries, short films and art installations. His collusion with a geographically vast network of talented friends creates Function; Often ecstatic experimental songs incorporating sound sources from all over the world, his ensemble’s work has been copiously praised by indie media worldwide since the release of “The Secret Miracle Fountain” by Locust Music of Chicago early in 2006…Read more and Listen



Artist | Vialka
Title | Plus Vite Que la Musique
Release date | June 2007
Label | www.vialka.com
Band Website | www.vialka.com
Promo Territories | France | United Kingdom

When two nomads of different origins set their way of life to music, we are struck by the sincerity of their difference and fascinated by the combativeness with which they preserve the improbability of their musical entity.
Published after a long preparation, the album “Plus vite que la musique” recorded and mastered by Bob Drake (famous name of the Rock In Opposition movement) marks the blooming of the dynamic duo Vialka, thanks to an elegant composition which combines traditional and modern music…Read more and Listen



Artist | Swims
Title | s/t
Release date | December 8 2006
Format | EP | CD
Label | www.distilerecords.com
Band Website | www.swimsband.com
Promo Territory | Europe

Mark and Paul meet and begin creating music around the end of 2002.
Paul taps and strums a self-customized 1980 Kawai graphite 4-string bass through a bi-amp setup.
Mark plays big drums and loves his Zildjian Z Custom Mega Bell Ride.
It’s established some time after to remain a duo, having formed an interesting blend of mathy, jazzy, proggy, ambient, instrumental rock…Read more and Listen



Artist | Fago Sepia
Title | l’âme sûre ruse mal
Release date | April 2006
Format | CD
Labels | www.aposiopese.org | www.myspace.com/boltonwonderlandrecords
Band Website | fago.sepia.free.fr
Promo Territory | Europe

In a few words fago sepia is a band made of old friends who were fomerly playing in other side-projects.
At the beginning of 2002 a concrete line-up was constituted.
in the lapse of a year, the band elaborated it first demo , a “diy” 4 titles hand-made cd mixed by a friend.
The musical orientation tended to enlarge from the “bed-room ” music format to a more rythmical one.
Been the first part of fly pan am, the buzz started and a few opportunities to play in paris caught their attention…Read more and Listen



Artist | Ulan Bator
Title | Ulanbaatar
Release date | May 7 2007
Format | CD
Labels | www.ruminance.com | www.jestrai.com
Band Website | www.ulanbator-archive.com
Promo Territory | France

ULANBAATAR is 68 mns of unreleased material, (1993-1998) played by original members (Amaury Cambuzat, Olivier Manchion, Franck Lantignac).

Amaury Cambuzat and Olivier Manchion plays together since 1987.
They’ve founded Ulan Bator in 1993 in Paris, while building a studio recording in a disused chalkmine. The drummer Franck Lantignac joined and they started to record in the chalkmine. They produced the 3 first albums (”Ulan Bator s/t”, “2 Degrees”, “Vegetale”) together with Les Disques du Soleil du Soleil et de l’Acier…Read more