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TIBProd. News 020906






Time again for another update from the TIBProd. hq.

many new releases since last newsletter.






-[A:M:B] – Chloramphenol (tibcd84) €5

-Christian Galarreta – Live At CCE (tibcd71) €5

-Tüsüri – Idhylio Ephoka (tibcd62) €5

-Danny Kreutzfeldt – Disruption (The Ruptures, part 1) (tibcd61-1) €5

-Courtis/Kiritchenko/Moglass (tibcd80)€8  (co-release with gold soundz, 1000+1 TiLt, Nexsound and Carbon Rec)

-The Domestic Front – Constrictor: An Electro-Asthmatic Suite (tibcd81) €6

-HOH, Anders Hana Remixz: (tibcd82) €5 (co-release with gold soundz)

-OZKA – Glaciers (tibcd58) €5

-Mono-Drone – Autumn Leaves (tibcd59) €5

-Compest – Auferstehung (3″) (tibcd73) €5

-Convurazio – Backside Hellflip (tibcd74) €5

-Old Fashioned Donkeys – Carnival Is Burning (tibcd78) €5 (co-release with gold soundz)

 (wholesaleprices available, of course)





-Baba Llaga – Baba Llaga

-Vladislav Buben vs Nadin Katrin РRadio Concert P̬cs, Hungary, 090606

-_bas – Grabacion De Los Muertos

-Carl Kruger – Visuals & Music

-K. Saunders – Step Lightly

-Swamps Up Nostrils – Finvær/Dritvær





-Megatone – Pure Land/Tree Of Life

-Bjerga/Iversen – Brads Pit/Wave

-Hebronix – Harmonium/I Tried To Love You Once

-Cadmium Dunkel – Trenody For The Victims Of Religion, Part 1

-Bodycoctail – Mirrow Clear/Restless Caressless

-The Domestic Front – Dissipation 24:24



*The shop has also been updated with several new Bjerga/Iversen-releases, a new Iversen, a new Maskinanlegg,

some titles from Roggbif and Abgurd and also the new 3-cd compilation (featuring bjerga/iversen) from Carbon Rec.


*TIBProd. will feature in a label-showcase at this years numusic-festival (www.numusic.no) together with the

brilliant labels gold soundz and zang. TIBProd.-artists perfoming will be Bjerga/Iversen, Staplerfahrer and

Swamps Up Nostrils.


*oh, and while i have your attention (?); go to www.zang.no and get yourself PÃ¥l Asle Pettersens new cd ‘Kompromisasjoner’.

a ‘must-have’ release.




jan-m. iversen