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New and recent CDr-releases:

Oscillator707 – Suite#2, tibcd69. 5 euros.
New mix by Guignol Dangereux featuring members of the Osc707-collective of Italy. Included is Paolo Veneziani, Strinqulu & Urkama, !((OrKZa1, Luca Confusione, Talk Show Host, Orchestra Vuota, Black Dezign and Guignol Dangereux.

Bjerga/Iversen – Dragging Words Our Of A Stone (Tour Benefit CDr), tibcd68/gs44, 5 euros.
Co-release with Gold Soundz, a cdr released for the Bjerga/Iversen-tour of the Netherlands and Belgium. Limited to 47 copies, only a few copies left.

Iversen – Singles, tibcd66, 5 euros.
A selection of tracks previously released as mp3’s at various places, plus a few new/unreleased tracks as well..

Maurizio Bianchi + Siegmar Fricke – Endokraniosis, tibcd65, 10 euros
4-track collaboration, limited to 150 copies.

Other recent releases includes Omen Faustum, Resin, Reconstruct3 (Swamps Up Nostrils remixed), Deadwood, Sound_00, The Catzenjammer-compilations and more.
Check out www.tibprod.com/catalogue.htm for details.

Coming releases from Christian Galarreta, Origami Arktika, Mil.Org., ODRZ, a Wormdahl/Galåen/Mikalsen/Giffoni/Toft/Gjerde-collaboration/jam, Strinqulu and more.

New and recent MP3-releases:

-Albert van Abbe (The Pulse Prjects)/Roel Dijcks (Ekman)
-Paolo Veneziani
-Torstein Wjiik
-Christo Demoledor
-Josh Brown/Carl Kruger
-Cadmium Dunkel

Added to the shop is also a few releases from various other labels, including the very limited 3″cdr ‘Aggreko Generator’ by Bjerga/Iversen, released on Ytstebrød Plater. Other items include the Sound_00/Iversen seveninch released by Dirtydemos, some Maurizio Bianchi-titles from both Simlog and Small Voices, the Bjerga/Iversen-release ‘Earth Pit’ from Barl Fire, the ‘Where In This World Are You’-release from Iversen, out on Krakilsk, Sound_00’s ‘Flower’ EP on Minor Label .. and more.

Other news:
Bjerga/Iversen’s volume 4 in their Lighthouse-series is out on Nani Nani, named ‘White Lights From The Deep North’. Bjerga/Iversen also put up a page at My Space. (www.myspace.com/bjergaiversen) And Chefkirk is still keeping himself active, his website at www.tibprod.com/chefkirk.htm is updated with more out or coming releases.

So, get downloading. And contact with me with any questions on orders, wholesaleprices or whatever..


Jan-M. Iversen