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Soundtrack For An Exhibition – Opening 8 March MOCA Lyon. Click For Infos.

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Soundtrack for an Exhibition
8 Mar – 11 Jun 06, Musée Art Contemporain Lyon, FR
SOUNDTRACK composed by Susan Stenger with contributions by Robert Poss, Alan Vega,
Alexander Hacke, F.M. Einheit, Will Oldham, Kim Gordon, Mika Vainio, Bruce Gilbert,
Ulrich Krieger, Warren Ellis, Jim White, Jennifer Hoyston, Andria Degens, Spider Stacy
PAINTINGS by John Armleder, Steven Parrino [until 14 May 06] FEATURE FILM by Kristian Levring [until 14 May 06] An exhibition conceived by Mathieu Copeland
Co-produced by forma and Musée Art Contemporain Lyon
Musée Art Contemporain Lyon presents a major new time-based project that confounds
traditional expectations of an exhibition.
Soundtrack for an Exhibition comprises three main elements: a specially commissioned sound
score, an exhibition of paintings and a feature film. The soundtrack is broadcast both inside and
outside of the museum for 96 days, whilst the paintings and feature film are presented in the
gallery space for 69 days.
The sound piece, composed by Susan Stenger and featuring contributions from a stellar list of
international musicians, employs an archetypal pop song structure ‘exploded’ in form to last 96
During this period a feature film [The King Is Alive, by Danish filmmaker and Dogme95 signatory
Kristian Levring], screened not in its final, edited version, but as the entire footage shot in its
making – will be shown in the gallery. Presented alongside in the gallery space will be an
exhibition of paintings, including the late American painter Steven Parrino’s Slow Rot works and
large scale commissioned Puddle Paintings and Pour Paintings realised in situ by Swiss artist
John Armleder – all unstable paintings that both evolve and decay over time.