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Dekorder (Germany) :

tu m’ “Just One Night” [cd] tu m’s new album titled “just one night” still contains their trademark improvisations on guitars, alto sax, flutes, toy keyboards, alto flugelhorn, percussion, harmonica, etc. looped, processed and edited into compositions, combined with field recordings and the odd vinyl sample used occassionally. these raw materials are sculpted into beautifully melancholic songs all dealing with the “night” theme, making this their most coherent album yet.the album has been mastered by marcus schmickler (pluramon, mimeo, etc.).
Euro 15,50

Flying Swimming (Japan) :

Henri Chopin / Pan Sonic / Achim Wollscheid “Composition i” [cd] A three-way split CD with about 20 minutes of material from each artist. Artwork by Tatsuo Ikeda. Very few copies.
Euro 19,00

Various Artists “Das dreidimensionale Moebiusband” [2cd+cdr] Compilation with Achim Wollscheid, Asmus Tietchens, Conrad Schnitzler, Darius Ciuta, DAS, Es, Felipe Caramelos, Frans de Waard, Ilpo Vaisanen, John Watermann, Juozas Milasius, Kouhei, Leif Elggren, Liddikoatight, Merzbow, RLW, Spectre, Trevor Wishart with Martin Mayes, The Animist Orchestra(Jeph Jerman). Great Packaging.
Euro 22,00?

Grooves Magazine (US) :

Various Artists “Grooves #18” [Magazine] With interviews : Merzbow, Fennesz, Peter Rehberg, Alias, Hair Police, Minotaur Shock, Eight Frozen Modules. 100+ review
Euro 7,00

Jumbo (US) :

Mr.Dorgon “Smell the Glove” [cdr] Rob Price-theremin / Mr. Dorgon-Saxophone, clarinet, harmonica / DJ $ Shot-turntable “Another strange and interesting release from Mr. Dorgon, mostly recorded in NYC with one track from his new San Francisco home. Mostly minimal jazz with Dorgon playing a fair amount of clarient, ending with some of the dirtiest and most distorted harmonica playing you may have ever heard. To go along with the new “dirty” covers…”
Euro 14,00

Mr.Dorgon “Bumbaklaat” [cdr] “Starting with a brutal distortion rhythm, the two parts ofBumbaklaat returns to thick distortions and intense squiggly sounds. In between blurry vocal territory with thick effects introduces us to Old Lady (Is #1). A rough ride as only Dorgon could take you on – …xxxcover, don’t show it to your mom…” Recorded: Recorded 2002 at House of Cromwell, NYC
Euro 14,00

nonvisualobjects (Austria) :

Heribert Friedl “Bradycard” [cd] bradycard, a medical term means: to have a very slow heart-rhythm,mostly under 60 beats per minute. the soundwork consists of digitally processed hackbrett (cymbalon), a combination of minimal digital soundscapes, fieldrecordings and acoustic phrases. it is built of very slow, from meditative to almost lethargic gestures that bring the mind into a smoothly, flowing state. heribert friedl, 2005. ltd. ed. of 300 copies in cardboard cover.
Euro 16,50

Roel Meelkop “>MOMENTUM<” [cd] This CD contains tracks that are based on works for specific spatial and temporal conditions. Sound installations are very different from compositions for CD, because circumstances differ widely from one situation to the other. In general, my approach to sound installations is more conceptual and systematic than my approach to sound works for CD. The spaces and events involved demand a more specific response to composing than the loudspeakers in my studio and living room. Sound installations are often multi-channel pieces, designed to fit in a certain space (in most cases an exhibition space in which they have to coexist with other works of art) whereas works for CD are composed for regular use in a regular situation (in most cases most likely the living room). To turn sound installation pieces into something more regular is not an easy task and I have been pondering about this for some time. In the end I decided to just give it a try and with careful editing I was able to come up with a satisfactory translation. The result is this CD: it gives an overview of some of the installations I have done in the last eight years. Some tracks are basically the same as the installation, others have been transformed into works that fit better the medium it is presented on. Roel Meelkop, 2005. Ltd. ed. of 300 copies in cardboard cover.
Euro 16,50

Steve Roden “oder delias or butterflies ” [cd] “4/8/05 from a dream, nyc – i tried to order “oder delias” in a restaurant, which i remember as rice forms floating in broth. the phrase “oder delias” running through my head over and over through-out the dream, even as i awoke it was with me for awhile. (also in the dream, the waitress i was talking to said not to order the “oder delias” because it was too expensive. i remember now it was $9.)” when i wrote to heribert that i wanted to title my cd “oder delias”, he replied “how is the title to understand?, oder = is a german word (engl. or?), delias – are these kind of butterflies? ” as i have worked on many projects translating languages that i don’t understand into english through the suggestions of their sounds or spellings; i thought heribert’s meanings of my dream words seemed perfect – thus the title “oder delias or butterflies”. the main source material for the sound was a beautiful bamboo flute made for me by bernhard günter that arrived in the mail around the
time of heribert’s invitation to make this cd. i’ve also added a few other sounds which are not from my dreams, nor rice forms, and most likely not butterflies …steve roden, 2005. Ltd. ed. of 300 copies in cardboard cover.
Euro 16,50

Plop (Japan) :

FilFla “Frame” [cd] FilFla is another new alias from the Tokyo based musician Keiichi Sugimoto who is known as Fourcolor with his beautiful outputs from 12K, Apestaartje. Among his other projects such as Fonica, Minamo, Installing and Good Music, FilFla is probably his most composed outfit ever adding rhythmic elements actively to rather more song oriented arrangements than his usual minimal style. Maybe you could call it as the developed version of Fonica with beats since the fundamental parts and sound materials heard in this album were first prepared for Fonica’s new album. Not to mention his precise and delicate digital processing and the overall beautiful impression of his atmospheric landscape is still present. He also runs the great Cubic music label.
Euro 15,50

Spekk (Japan) :

Various Artists “Small Melodies” [cd] With ultra milkmaids, sogar, tomoyoshi date, taylor deupree, hervé boghossian, aen, naph, tape, oren ambarchi, fenton, RdL, anderegg, mondii, stephan mathieu.
“This is the first compilation album from Spekk compiled by the label owner mondii. Each of the artists were asked to compose a track with their interpretations of “small melodies” with Keywords like Warm, tender and calm. It was meant to present diversity of minimal-style music in a peaceful “harmonic” way. And it was a coincidence that both Taylor Deupree & Stephan Mathieu created a track dedicated to their child. The first half of the album is the more “digital” side and the last half more “analog” side encompassing laptop digital processed music – field recording materials (For instance, Naph’s track is only made out of frequencies within the wind/air) – band oriented materials. Participants delivers these great pieces of music from various continents including USA, Sweden, France, Germany, Australia and Japan showing slight relationships between each other which kind of gives us a warm feeling of unity within this ongoing global minimalist scene. It was also my intention to present that nowadays, there are not much differences between the outputs from more digital background artists and more band oriented musicians due to their methods of composing (technology) and interests and such. Evidently, more and more rock labels will release digital processed music and bands will use digital softwares, electronic artists will become more aware of small sounds and warmth within the nature. I take this positive!” (Nao Sugimoto)
Euro 15,50

Synchron (Switzerland) : sync01

Steinbruchel “contacT8 / 00Sieben” [7″] Granulat Live Series Volume 1, out of print.
Euro 7,00

Steinbruchel “sixsix6 /end5″ [7″] Granulat Live Series, Volume 2, out of print.
Euro 7,00

Tonschacht (Germany)

I’ve find a small stock of most of the 7” released in the past years by
the German label, connected to A-Musik. They are all numbered edition of
500 copies, and most of them are out of print. Heavy vinyl, good pressing.
Oren Ambarchi “Der kleine konig” [7″] Euro 7,00
Ashtray Navigations “end-of-the-pier vault” [7″] Euro 7,00
Fibo-Trespo / Anders Gjerde “hoax scam phony” [7] Euro 7,00
Keith Fullerton Whitman “Live at the Tremont Theater” [7″] Euro 7,00
Gate “3M” [7″] Euro 7,00
Hrvatski “Raume” [7″] Euro 7,00
Jazzkammer”Knitter” [7″] Euro 7,00
Rosy Parlane “The Petoom Files” [7″] Euro 7,00
Joseph Suchy “Tau” [7″] Euro 7,00
Vote Robot “H.waiian Blue” [7″] Euro 7,00

Giuseppe Ielasi – Fringes Recordings
Giovedì 29 Settembre ore 21:00

Seth Nehil (USA)
solo concert for electronics and amplified objects

A+MBookstore / Fringes Recordings
Via Tadino 30, Milano
Ingresso 5,00 euro


Giovedì 6 Ottobre ore 21:00

Burkhard Beins (Berlin)
concerto per percussioni, oggetti ed eletronica

A+MBookstore / Fringes Recordings
Via Tadino 30, Milano
Ingresso 5,00 euro


Domenica 16 Ottobre ore 21:00

Nobukazu Takemura & ZU

Teatro i
Via Gaudenzio Ferrari 11, Milano
Ingresso 10,00 euro


Seth Nehil

Composition holds the possibility of placing into conjunction divergent areas or parallel streams, and
can form a new space from the fusing of “unacceptable” contrasts. A search for sounds may lead the ear into
diverse sonic fields, carrying or placing a microphone to collect documents – the almost-closed interior of a
ceramic urn, the reflective chamber of an open room, the diffused area of a wooded path, the extensive
dimensions of a grassy field…  Fields of activity and interaction.

Seth Nehil (b. 1973) is an american visual, performance and sound artist.
He started to work with sound around 1990 using found objects and instruments,
old records, reel-to-reel machines, discarded magnetic tape and other detritus.
Then, Alial Straa was formed in 1994 by John Grzinich and Seth Nehil as a studio project
involving Grzinich’s handmade amplified piano wire instruments and Nehil’s
analogue tape treatments and instruments.
The heart of Straa music is the topographical contour of an immense plain – a ‘balanced field’.

He also worked with N D magazine from 1995-2000 as a writer and artistic contributor.
He received a BA in studio art from the University of Texas at Austin in 1998 and now resides in Portland,
Oregon where he works as a teacher’s assistant in a Montessori elementary classroom.
He currently continues collaborations with John Grzinich, Olivia Block and Michael Northam in sound, performance and organization.

discography :
“tracing the skins of clouds” “uva” “umbra”
“stria” and “confluence” (with jgrzinich)
“sunder, unite” (with olivia block)


percussion / selected objects on assorted resonators

*1964, lives in Berlin and Rome.

Since the late 1980’s international festivals, concerts and tours with experimental music throughout Europe and overseas.
He is a member of several ensembles like Perlonex, Activity Center, Polwechsel, The Sealed Knot, Phosphor and also works
with Keith Rowe, Sven-Åke Johansson, John Bisset, Orm Finnendahl, Phil Minton, John Tilbury and many others.
More than 25 CDs and LPs, released on labels like 2:13 Music, Zarek, Erstwhile, Hat Hut, Potlatch, Confront, Absinth and Rossbin.

” …simply one of the most imaginative percussionists around, indeed making the tag ‘percussionist’ seem hopelessly deficient.”
– All Music Guide –

“One of the strengths of Beins’ playing is his ear for the strange.”
– The Wire –


Zu & Nobukazu Takemura

collaborazione inedita tra gli italiani Zu ed il genio giapponese della nuova elettronica, collaboratore di Tortoise ed Aphex Twin fra gli altri…

Nobukazu Takemura?e’ considerato uno dei maestri della nuova musica elettronica. ispirato in egual modo da John Cage, Brian Eno ed Afrika Bambaata , come dalla creativita’ free-form di John Coltrane , Takemura e’ pubblicato dall’ americana Thrill Jockey e collabora in pianta stabile con artisti del calibro di Jim O’ Rourke, ?Aphex Twin, Tortoise e la scena “post rock”? di Chicago. E’ anche noto per aver curato i suoni di?Aibo, il cane robot della Sony!?

Zu : in partenza a settembre per un tour in Giappone e Corea. Piu’ di 600 concerti all’ attivo , e due cd , uno per l’ italiana Xeng ed uno per l’ americana Atavistic- Touch & Go, in uscita in autunno. L’ ultimo cd “Radiale” era nella top ten del 2004 del Village Voice di New York. Collaborano con?Thurston Peter Brotzmann, Ken Vandermark, Otomo Yoshihide, The Ex, Mats Gustafsson, Dalek, e molti altri.

Giuseppe Ielasi – Fringes Recordings

Giuseppe Ielasi – Fringes Recordings