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BRETSCHNEIDER + STEINBRÜCHEL – Status [CD 12k] COLUMN ONE – Dream Time (1994-2004) [CD 90%WASSER] EZEKIEL HONIG & MORGAN PACKARD – Early Morning Migration [CD Microcosm
Music] FENTON – Pup [CD Plop] GUIDO MÖBIUS – Dishoek [CD Dekorder] LESBIANS ON ECSTASY – Giggles in the Dark: The Remixes [LP Alien8] SOVACUSA ­ centrepoint [CD/LP Expanding] THE EX ­ Singles. Period. (THE VINYL YEARS 1980 – 1990) [CD Ex Records] TILMAN EHRHORN – Heading For the Open Spaces [CD/LP Resopal] V.A. – BIG EARS – FITZGERALD’S MANIFESTO [Book+CD Sonic Arts Network] VENETIAN SNARES – Meathole [CD/2LP Planet Mu] VESSEL ­ resist [CD/LP Expanding Records] YANNIS KYRIAKIDES – The Buffer Zone [CD Unsounds]

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12k presents Status, the result of two of the genre’s most talented, and
diffferent, composers; Frank Bretschneider and Ralph Steinbrüchel, sharing
their sounds and styles. Status began in the Spring of 2003 when they
designed their own sound sequences and samples and sent the material to each
other, waiting and hearing what the other will create out of it. They played
this game for nearly 2 years, sending sequences and tracks back and forth
until both of them were satisfied with the result.
When the minimal 120bpm rhythmic structures of Frank Bretschneider and the
austere sonic minimalism of Steinbrüchel get together, a rare piece of
atmospheric rythmics is created. Sometimes very melodic, sometimes abstract,
sometimes very rhythmic, sometimes nearly pop, and always minimal. Detailed,
fragile and full at once Status shows where rhythmic and abstract music can
get together, how different sonic worlds combine to create a unique
listening experience.


COLUMN ONE – Dream Time.
An anthology of selected public and private materials (1994-2004) [CD
90%WASSER WCD 006]

The sun is shining and the sky is bright blue above the laughing children.
Noses with freckles, little princesses and big robbers have gathered for a
picture. The boys and girls are wearing their underwear in sweet poses and
present themselves so nicely before grandmother, mommy and daddy that the
old underwear soon will have to be thrown away. How cute!
“Dream Time”, the dreamy title of this advert for children’s underwear gives
this scene ist friendly atmosphere and no cloud is to be see on the horizon.
The little children are so perfectly integrated in the concept of western
humans, they seem to understand the game that they are playing in the
underwear section of the mailorder catalogue. Not even at second glance the
picture is disrupting its perfect surface.
Thus began the collecting, cutting, transforming, reassembling of these
materials, that penetrate our everyday life. So many people are involved in
its creation, reproduction, cleaning and protection. The materials here
collected are (almost) exclusively materials of major media (slogans,
pictures, TV-materials), a direct expression and language of our everyday
surroundings. Non of the materials come from closed circuits. They were
collected while having breakfast, shopping or getting the mail, while
driving or during holidays, before falling asleep or during sleep.
These materials are a depiction of a conscious act and state, not an
accident and not an empty form written on a wall. It is something & it says
“Dream Time” materialised in different performances (2002-2004), the work on
a film has not been terminated until today.
This project is a mirror and a distorted anthology of the 10 years of Column
One’s existence. The materials are biographic snapshots and testimonials of
the internal struggle with the “mediated”, with an inter-mind, with this


EZEKIEL HONIG & MORGAN PACKARD – Early Morning Migration
[CD Microcosm Music MCOSM1009]

Early Morning Migration is comprised of abstract 4/4 rhythms made of an
array of found sounds, coupled with supremely warm, deep pianos, looming,
textural pads, and colorful, shifting ambience. Fragments of expressive
sound rub up with real world edits, clanky percussion and long melodic
passages. It creates a world that is introspective and melancholy just as
much as it is friendly and inviting; just as natural and organic as it is
Each producer contributes their individual styles and abilities, Morgan
using his methodical approach, which is heavily informed by his classical
training, alongside Ezekiel’s more observational, cut and paste perspective.
The songs were conceived and produced separately, but the awareness of what
it was a part of, and the ideas and influence of the other person, helped to
sculpt the finished product into what it is. Keeping each other in mind,
each track helps its surroundings to build an expansive arena, incorporating
micro-rhythm and modern composition.


FENTON – Pup [CD Plop PLIP-3014]

Also known as the critically acclaimed artist Shuttle 358 on the NY based
label 12k and of Germany’s Mille-Plateaux fame, Dan Abrams created quite a
stir in the minimal electronic scene with his releases like Frame,
Understanding Wildlife, and Chessa. Fenton turns a page for Dan, adding
acoustic and processed electric guitars to his signature microsound
aesthetic. This yields a familiar sound, perhaps
even more accessible than Dan’s earlier work : “I always enjoy the beginning
and endings of pop songs. I wanted to know what would happen if I made an
album out of just those moments. The tracks on Pup are sketches, playfully
jumping from the head and tails of different songs in my mind, staying in
that moment, never really going anywhere, but not needing to.” – Dan Abrams


GUIDO MÖBIUS – Dishoek [CD Dekorder 013]

Two years ago Guido Möbius’ solo debut “klisten” had the press and music
lovers everywhere turn
somersaults when hearing this wonderfully whimsical smorgasbord of countless
tiny sounds and instruments. All material on “klisten” had been strangely
interwoven, laminated and set against each other yet always remaining songs,
almost Pop. And despite all the complexity and craftiness it never sounded
difficult, academic or pompous. One could dive into this music or simply
move within it and discover a new plant behind each corner. But one would
never be led astray by it. And if you walked the same path a few days later
suddenly new buds had grown and someone might have carved a few weird
symbols into the trees.
And just before we started to miss Guido Möbius he surprises us with
“Dishoek”, his second album,
recorded for Hamburg’s Dekorder label. Again featuring a conglomeration of
acoustic and electrical instruments (guitar, bass, violin, cornet drums,
synthesizer, clarinet among other things.) and a variety of guests, so that
one hardly dares to call it a solo album. Still everything is magically held
together by one single person. Melodies and noises, styles and individual
characteristics, intelligence and humour collide and become friends for
live. We hear Krautrock minus Rock, Folk minus tronics, Pop minus popular;
Psychedelia meets Improvisation meets Electronica without the slightest
know-it-all approach. Styles get intermingled, copulate and finally dissolve
completely to become only music without the need to be labelled because it
is functioning completely within its own context and never fails to
astonish. The computer remains a tool, never an end in itself and the
alleged separation of acoustic and electronic music becomes completely
obsolete. With its wily down-to-earth approach “Dishoek” proves that an
eagerness to experiment and the will to explore unknown territories do not
have to sound arduous yet always have the ability to gently surprise any
adventurous listener.


LESBIANS ON ECSTASY – Giggles in the Dark: The Remixes [LP Alien8 ALIENLP56]

“Gluteal Arrest² is a physical ailment which has spread rapidly  throughout
dance floors, school gymnasiums, soccer fields and living rooms worldwide.
If gone untreated, it can lead to lower body
paralysis, chronic arm crossing and excessive pouting. This irritating
condition was thought to be incurable until now. Dr. Fruity Frankie, Head
Technician Bernie Bankrupt, Low-End Specialist  Véronique Mystique and
reflexology expert Jackie the Jackhammer have teamed up with an all-star
cast of the world¹s finest aural surgeons and beat chemists to bring you the
cure: ³Giggles in the Dark – The Remixes². Although this remedy has yet to
be used on humans, preliminary tests on lemurs have produced encouraging
Announcing “Giggles in the Dark” – the Lesbians On Ecstasy remix  album.
After a year of touring in North America and Europe in support of the debut
self-titled album, Lesbians On Ecstasy, this vinyl-only release of remixes
is guaranteed to keep the party raging.
Featuring tracks by: le tigre, Tracy and the Plastics, Scream Club, Sean
Kosa, 1- Speed Bike, Katastrophe, DJ Aï, Jody Bleyle and Kids On TV.


SOVACUSA ­ centrepoint [CD/LP Expanding ecd22:05/eva14:05]

Centrepoint is the debut album from Sovacusa.
Sovacusa is a collaboration project between Tim Martin (Maps+Diagrams) and
Steve Davis (Broca) born in 1972 they have been friends for 20 years and
grew up with the same sounds and directions towards music. This long term
friendship has resulted in them forming their Cactus Island record label
which they have both released music under their solo project names.
‘Evolving into an electronic atmosphere of processing and frequencies and
fragmented splinters. Centrepoint is structured around music and sound
recordings originally composed by Martin and Davis a few years ago. the
restructuring has been reformed and processed this year’ Expanding released
the Maps + Diagrams album ‘Polytuft-tech’ by Tim Martin in 2003.


THE EX ­ Singles. Period. (THE VINYL YEARS 1980 – 1990) [CD Ex Records 099D]

At the end of the seventies of that other century, somewhere in Amsterdam, a
band called The Ex was formed. More than 25 years later the band is still
around‹and so is the demand for their old vinyl singles, especially those
made between 1980 and 1990. Most of those singles were released only in
Holland, and all of them have been unavailable for entirely too long.
Back in the 1980s The Ex regularly released 7² singles on vinyl, a format
that was wonderfully suited for hit-and-run releases and small collaboration
projects. These singles were never intended to enter the ugly World of Pop
and its pitiful hit-parades. On the contrary, these cuts were considered
pamphlets, statements, political comments on current situations, reflecting
the times in which The Ex were living. Hit singles for sure, but mainly with
the aim to strike and to strike back.


TILMAN EHRHORN – Heading For the Open Spaces [CD/LP Resopal RSP028]

Working full time as saxophone player, composer and teacher Tilman Ehrhorn
is a highly regarded artist in the young german jazz and electronic scene.
Besides teaching, giving jazz clinics and regular work in theater, tv-,
radio-, and cd-productions he has established himself as a composer as well
as a performing artist in clubs, festivals and concert tours all over the
world. Before he graduated with a music degree from colleges in The
Netherlands and in Germany he also took music lessons with highly reputed
jazz artists in New York/USA as well as in Europe and took part in many
workshops.He has collaborated with commissioners like Goethe Institut,
Auswärtiges Amt (German Office Of Foreign Affairs), Landesmusikrat
Niedersachsen (Council Of Music of the County of Lower Saxony), with
Ensembles like NDR Bigband, Hamburger Sinfoniker, L’Atelier d’Orchestre and
with musicians like Wayne Shorter, Brian Blade, Nils Wogram, Albert
Mangelsdorff etc.
For the last two years he has concentrated his efforts on a solo project in
electronic music ( releases and collaborations on Mille Plateaux and Frank
Brettschneider, as well as continuing to work as a jazz musician. Since
samplers and synthesizers are the only source of sound in his electronic
music, it evolves in a completely different way to jazz and improvised
music, the major focus being the development of the individual elements of
sound and their function within the composition.
Most of the sounds are based on micro fragments of designed samples. Loop
structures of pads and percussive minimal sound clicks enhance the entire
sound. The manipulation of the original sound material creates some new and
unexpected functions of sounds.
The sound design, which is developed in a non-conventional way, using
elements of chance has similarities with the improvisational niveau of jazz
and contemporary composed music, in which the mood and character play an
important role. The warmth and stillness of the overall sound is also
characterized by modal, continuous melodic and harmonic development

Tilman Ehrhorn LIVE: 27.08.05 at Badeschiff Berlin



Two pairs of ears flapping in the wind, meticulously organised chaos,
accidents, childish antics, sharply swinging moods and a totally
unpredictable playlist were the key features of the Big Ears radio show
broadcast by the Sonic Arts Network on London’s Resonance 104.4 FM between
March 2003 and December 2004. Mixing trite and tested formats for presenting
a radio show with a host of haphazard influences from Fillipo Marinetti to
Britney Spears, the Big Ears presenters regularly both delighted and
disgusted their audience as they attempted to broadcast a contemporary show
within the somewhat dated principles of Charles Fitzgerald’s legendary 1931
manifesto of broadcasting.
Sonic Arts Network is pleased to announce the release of Big Ears –
Fitzgerald’s Manifesto, the 4th edition in its ongoing critically acclaimed
tri-annual limited edition series. This publication has been created and
curated by the Big Ears anchorman Tim Steiner. The son of an itinerant
Jewish chemist, Tim Steiner became fascinated with the history of
broadcasting at a young age. Broadcast History magazine lists him in the top
10 broadcast historians of all time and his exhaustive study, The Dawn of
the Radio Age, is widely regarded as a definitive text on the subject. He
was honoured by the
Association of Broadcasting Historians in 1996, receiving the coveted Medal
of Honour. He teaches widely and is in constant demand for his award winning
lectures and workshops on broadcast historians. The CD publication features
work from a highly diverse range of artists including: Otomo Yoshihide, Nam
June Paik, Halim El-Dahb, Philip Corner, Leon Theremin, Harry Champion, Sol
Hoopi and The Children’s Ensemble of the Moscow Union of Drivers.


VENETIAN SNARES – Meathole [CD/2LP Planet Mu ZIQ099]

Aaron Funk returns to the Clautrophobic beats & brutal atmospherics of the
earlier classics “Doll Doll Doll” and “Find Candace” for this dark opus
recorded back in 2003 between the “Chocolate Wheelchair” and “Huge Chrome
Cylinder…” albums. “Meathole” eschews the charming melodic sketches and
string samples of its predecessor “Rossz Csillag…” For a dark underbelly
of unease and brutality. The beats are unrelenting and the odd-time
signatures & spooky pads are all present and correct.


VESSEL ­ resist [CD/LP Expanding ecd21:05/eva13:05]

Vessel is Gavin Toomey.
His new album ‘Resist’ is the second for Expanding Records the first being
the critically acclaimed debut album ‘Dreaming in Pairs’ (2002) A true
artist of the 21st century Vessel spends almost all of his time in front of
screens, when not making music, watching films or playing video games, Gavin
is a visual effects genius who has contributed to the vfx design of major
Hollywood films. He has just finished working on Tim Burtons ‘Charlie and
the Chocolate Factory’ Last year he contributed the mini album ‘South’ to
the Cactus Island ‘Residents Association’ series of 3″cds and his 7″ ‘fold’
on the second series of evs singles has now become a much sought after
The track ‘Tiny’ from gavins first album ‘Dreaming in Pairs’ has been
included on the recently released Pet Shop Boys compiled compilation ‘Back
to Mine’


YANNIS KYRIAKIDES – The Buffer Zone [CD Unsounds 11u]

The Buffer Zone is the 3rd musical drama of Yannis Kyriakides to appear on
UNSOUNDS. It can be considered a sister piece to his ŒconSPIracy cantata¹
(2000) as it deals in some way with the legacy of the cold war, and spaces
that have arisen from those conflicts. The Buffer Zone¹ composed and
presented in the theatre in 2004, is a work that explores boundaries of
separation. It draws its material from the UN Buffer Zone in Kyriakides¹s
native Cyprus that runs across the island and divides the two communities.
The central figure in the work is a UN soldier who guards the buffer zone
and has to deal with his own dislocation and relocation in a desolate no
man¹s land where his main duty consists of reporting and turning away
trespassers. Based on interviews and recordings from UN soldiers in Cyprus,
the piece explores both the undercurrents of tension and inner and outer
landscapes of the peculiar state of being Œin limbo¹, between two physical
and mental states. The sound world of the Buffer Zone consists of nature
field recordings in the buffer zone, electronic sounds of military
technology, piano, cello and voices. The cellist Nikos Veliotis who uses his
special curved bow technique, creates a rich sound world of drones that
heighten the feeling of suspended time, as does the pianist Marc Reichow
playing with a refined inside piano technique that utilises precise string
harmonics. Tido Visser (from the Kassiopea Quintet) portrays the UN soldier
whose inner world unravels under the alienating effect of the bizarre
landscape that he is watching over.

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THE EX presented by SPEX, OX,, &
17/11 DE – Oldenburg – Alhambra
18/11 DE – Marburg – Café Trauma
19/11 DE – Berlin – Bastard
20/11 DE – Jena – Kassablanca
21/11 DE – Reutlingen – Nepomuk
22/11 DE – Munich – Feierwerk
23/11 DE – Darmstadt – Oetinger Villa
24/11 DE – Hamburg – Hafenklang
25/11 DE – Bielefeld – Bunker Ulmenwall
26/11 DE – Dortmund – FZW

PIT ER PAT [Thrill Jockey] presented by SPEX
04/09 DE – Hamburg, Astrastube
25/09 DE – Dresden, Scheune
27/09 DE – Berlin, Magnet Club
28/09 DE – Offenbach, Hafen 2
29/09 DE – Stuttgart, Schocken
30/09 DE – Chemnitz, Voxx
01/10 DE – Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
02/10 DE – Köln, Kulturbunker Mülheim

02/08 SL – thilges3  plays izdiucz: sajeta festival
04-07/08 DE – thilges3 plays izdiucz: garage festival stralsund
04-07/08 DE – thilges3 +Claudia Märzendorfer: garage festival stralsund

12/08 DE ­ Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein Musikfestival (+ Mu, Hofuku Sochi, DJ

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