Under My Beds Records News

Nuove Uscite, Nuove Uscite, Nuove Uscite!

Dear Sir and Madam

We are glad to announce, together with spring, a few new releases (or reissues)
of Under My Bed Recoding Productions and bands which had collaborated with us in
the past:

[More Tapes Kept Under My Bed]

The third volume of Under My Bed compilations has been finally be reissued. I
managed to convince the US postal service, that not, I am not a territorial
army camp based either in the UK or in Italy, but a rather harmless indie
label, it took a bit of effort, but after several months of delays, the copies
are finally stored under my bed and ready for delivery if anyone of you feels
like is interested. The compilation feature the original contribution by “Mouse
and Sequencer, Last Chance Motel, Northern Elevator, Jet Johnson, Breams,
Jupiter Crash, Felipe, Burd Early, My Dear Killer, Meets Guitar, Lorca, Hollow
Blue, Straight Saranza, Baggage Claim and Valerio Sartori” and three additional
tracks by “My Shell, The Frozen Fracture and Prague”.
Moreover you will be able to download different versions a few songs present on
the compilation if ordering the compilation through the Under My Bed website, or
simply by sending us an email at the address: info@undermybed.org.

[My Dear Killer/Prague split 7”]

The second release by Eaten by Squirrels [Ebs#2] is a split 7” by My Dear
Killer and Prague. It has been printed on transparent lathe cut vinyl in 50
copies only, you can order it from EBS website:
and I (Stefano) have a few copies left as well, you can contact me at the
address indicated above.

[5 Pezzi Facili #3 The Frozen Fracture/Mr 60]

The third EP of the “5 Pezzi Facili” series is almost ready to be released and
will present contributions from UMB veterans, The Frozen Fracture and Mr 60,
which have recently recorded a lovely album for the Danish label BSBTA (and in
Italy from Marsiglia records). A tentative date of release is 15 August,
because we like holidays.
More info about mr60 available here:

[ONQ, Canzoni tutte uguali] http://www.undermybed.org/ONQ

We still have about 10 copies left of ONQ “Canzoni tutte uguali”. After two
years of silence following “Desein Ohne Leben” released in USA by
Bluesanct/Orphanology in 2002, when ONQ was still a 4-piece band, ONQ has
released “Canzoni tutte uguali” their first album with lyrics in Italian (Luca
Galuppini used to sing in English on all his past releases) and also the first
work involving female singers.

Other past ONQ works are “The Supreme Weight” and “The Supine Waste” (2001),
“Bound to the Whips of Aeronautical Fatwa” (7″ in collaboration with Oregon’s
MINMAE, Dhyana records, 2001) and a number of tapes that came out all through
the 90’s, released by a bunch of indie tape-labels worldwide.

And that’s pretty much all for now.
Take care
Stefano & Marco