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Leslie Woods & Dark Mountain Orchid ‘The Luxury Of Sin’



“The Luxury Of Sin”

(+ bonus CD “Velvet Sky”)

data di pubblicazione italiana: 25 maggio 2005 (distribuz. Venus)


Una vera “dark lady” texana tutta da scoprire. La Glitterhouse pubblica il suo nuovo lavoro THE LUXURY OF SIN con allegato (come bonus CD gratuito) il suo album d’esordio VELVET SKY.




“Listening to Leslie Woods second album Luxury of Sin is akin to being an unseen witness as some horrendous crime unfolds. With each track you’re left with the feeling that you’ve been handed another clue to solving the mystery without ever getting the key to revealing all. If there is an album with a more startling opening song than Train then it’s being kept well hidden. Anyone who says music can’t send a shiver down your spine hasn’t listened to Luxury Of Sin yet.” (No Depression)


“The sophomore release from Knoxville’s Leslie Woods and Dark Mountain Orchid is a sweeping audio stretch through the delicious deviance of Appalachia. From the album’s first eerie scratch at your door, beckoning you away with Train up to the climax of Say Anything and Heroin (recorded with Knoxville’s It-Rockers Dixie Dirt), this album is an escape. It is a lush, obsessive, hungry walk through the dark heart of the idle southern mind. Perfection.” (CMJ)