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Live in Japan [£12]  ReR FRO 12
Concert recordings made at various venues in Japan in 1981 and released by Recommended Records Japan in 1982 in an edition of 1000. Out of print since, though highly sought after, it has now been transferred and remastered by Tom Dimuzio for this official reissue. Fred was just starting out on his long career as a solo improviser when he made this double LP, still using the now long retired Charles Fletcher custom double-neck guitar (one fretted, one fretless) and the Burns Black Bison, as well as a pilot’s throat mike, a violin and (at one venue) the house piano. And they do strangely give some sense of how it might have felt, being there in 1981, confronted with this strange character with his guitars on the table, making unnacountable noises. You can hear a pin drop (unless that’s Fred too). An historic and important document.

71 Minutes  180 gm Virgin Vinyl Edition  (double LP)  [£28] ReR VF0/12

Unrest  180 gm Virgin Vinyl Edition  (LP)   [£18] ReR FHC2


Golden State (LP) [£17] ReR 196.966550
A limited Edition of 1969 numbered copies pressed into 180 gsm virgin vinyl and rather beautifully (and horribly expensively, as it turned out) packaged. The music was recorded in California in 1999 with guest Beth Custer (clarinet) on one track. Carefully mastered by Tom Dimuzio in wide frequency, solid footprint, broad compass stereo. Solid and expansive. Though we waved goodbye to vinyl decades ago, we felt this release was made to be an LP – a CD just wouldn’t be the same, sonically, visually or ontologically. And of course we took advantage of the exaggerated dimensions and physicality to make it a thing visually to savour. Off the groove, Dimuzio, Cutler, Frith and Custer do what they do and you get a ringside seat – as well as something exquisite to look at and play with while you listen. A thing of beauty. The first 500 will be pressed on white vinyl, so please order early to get these.

Golden State on transparent golden vinyl.
Edition of 500.  [£20]

Golden State Signed Collectors imprint on transparent golden vinyl – last of the 50 copies signed by the band.    [£25]

· Outside Europe, please add £3 for postage and packing. Sorry.


Hopes and Fears Vinyl Edition [£18] ReRVab1

Legend  180 gm Virgin Vinyl Edition  [£18] ReRVhc1

Tapes 180 gm Virgin Vinyl Edition  [£18] ReRVf

SPECIAL OFFER: ALL THREE plus the two new ones; FAUST 71 Minutes and HENRY COW Unrest £75 postage included)

Impressions on Piano  [£12] ReR SM4
Steve’s fourth CD for us is a remarkable set of pieces for mediated acoustic piano that operates in the shadowy territory between what is playable and what is programmable; between narrative simplicity and performative complexity; between hopeful intentionality and flawless execution. Unusually, Steve has put our ear right inside the piano, sans artificial reverberations and blurring tools and, over the course of the CD, various musical dialects are explored and extended – from the plausible through the exquisite to the impossible. MacLean also mines a subtle complexity that offers more on each audition and, occasionally, an extreme (of Nancarrowistic speed or sound amplified through gongs). The process remains impenetrable, so what remains is the listening. In Steve’s long and varied musical career he has consistently explored new compositional techniques and new technologies (he teaches at Berklee in Boston) and this is no exception; a unique take on the acoustic piano.

Tibi (CD/DVD Hybrid disc). [£14]  ReR PA4
This disc will play in stereo on a CD player and with film and 5.1 surround sound (or stereo) on a DVD player or computer. The music, as always, is prodigious, sounding like a small band, but played by one person in real time (as the film attests). In this format, you can also see the instrument close-to – a highly rebuilt and extended giant Sardinian guitar – with many sympathetic and extra strings, motor driven hurdy gurdy wheels, whirling strings, springs and other appendages, played, like a cello, vertically, with bow, fingers, plectra and machines. However Heath Robinson it may appear, however, it is clearly, under Paolo’s hands, a highly serious and extraordinarily flexible beast – that requires and has given rise to new playing techniques. The programme of compositions here navigates through highly organised additive rhythms, freer Frith-like pointillism and some seemingly impossible mini-orchestrations. The film, professionally made, follows the performance, occasionally interpolating abstract passages and processed images. A remarkable player with a unique instrument, playing a music entirely his own.

Met(z) (3 CDs and DVD in special box)  [£42] COLLECTORS EDITION                  (3 copies only )
By Name ‘Collectors Met(z)’
3 copies of the full collectors version, long out of print of the box manufactured for the Faust Fiesta Festival, these CDs all feature Jean Herve Peron and Zappi Diermier as the core Faust with long time collaborators Olivier Manchion and Amaury Cambuzat. One CD is a concert recording from 1996, remastered and featuring anarchy enough for Bakunin (or Hugo Ball), plenty of rock noise and the twin pillars of Jean’s driving spirit and Zappi’s inimitable style. The second CD is of rehearsals in July 2005, more songlike; work in progress. The third CD is a kind of musical sketchpad, half of it featuring private solo (with multitracking) recordings by Zappi, the same by Jean – including a very nice piece for voices and running. From individual ideas, through rehearsal to the transforming energy of the stage (all featuring completely different material), this is a rare unpolished peek behind the curtain of how groups do what they do. In a special long box with additional DVD.

Met(z) limited edition released version 3 CDS (no DVD) contents as above. [£28]  (2 copies only)
By Name ‘Official Met(z)’

First come first served for these 5 sets I’m afraid.

The 4th World [£12] AdHoc 36
This would have been the band’s last album, made two years after See. A live recording – arguably sounding better than the earlier studio recordings, doubtless in part thanks to Udi Koomran’s post production work – it captures the energy and power of the band, and a genuinely unusual programme, recognisable as The Work but very different – more like a long experimental music theatre piece than a normal band concert. There’s a lot of writing but only some of it is in straightforward song form. The texts are strange and strangely handled; I can’t think of any other band who tried anything quite like this. A fifty-minute composition that passes through many stations.  L

See [£12]  AdHoc 22
Tim Hodgkinson’s first major project after Henry Cow with Bill Gilonis, Mick Hobbs & Rick Wilson. See was the third and last record the band released before it broke up, and was continuing to evolve, becoming more subtle, complex and rounded than the earlier albums, though still packing a mighty punch. There’s nothing polite about this record and no other group ever attempted to occupy this territory. See is extremely appropriately recorded and is constantly in your face with powerful rhythmic tension and a brilliant use of electronic detail. Melody is used as a subversive weapon in a spiky but coherent universe of sound. The layers stay apart but work together. It’s a classic.  L

Special offer: Both for £22

Hatwise choice [£14] HATCO DD73-7501
Archive recordings 1973-1975.

Hatitude [£14]  HATCO DD73-7502
Archive recordings 1973-1975.

Like Henry Cow, Hatfield – contemporaries, friends and occasional collaborators – were at their best on a stage. The stupid machine / lucky accident of industry indifference has meant that the band has happily been left to collect the materials on these two records together themselves, put them into the shape they wanted and release them, accompanied by excellent notes that cast a useful and sympathetic light on the times, the music and its paradoxical careful-raucous, serious-irresponsible schizophrenia, the dramatis personae, and a generally more musical world. There’s familiar stuff played in not quite familiar ways, unfamiliar stuff, a lot more stretching out of the material and some carelessly virtuosic and inspired playing. Nicely digipacked with generous booklet. L

Start with Hatitude I think.

Special offer: Both for £25

HIST  678   SONG

Paris Tapes (double CD) [£18] KSAY 6 CD
An excellent, radio quality, live recording of a 1971 concert by the large version of the band (21 piece plus dancers) on their classic first European tour. These are long extended version of familiar materials including Discipline 27, Love In Outer Space, Somebody Else’s Idea, Watusi, Space Is The Place, Angels And Demons at Play – with various solos and untitled stretches along the way, including a long Moog solo from the boss. Against the very high recording quality one has to set the sense of pace. This obviously suited the concert but to my ear is hard to sustain on a record. There’s great material but some editing would have helped. That may just be a bugbear of mine though.

Paris Tapes (Vinyl Edition)[£15] KSAY 6N
Three tracks taken from the Paris Tapes CD: Space is the Place,  Somebody Else’s Idea, Watusi.

The Unameables LP  [£18] By Name
A limited edition vinyl reissue of the album made by a 9 piece Magma under another name, shortly after making 1001 degrees, to – so they say – ease the listening public into Magma’s music, essentially by sounding even more like Chicago and Blood Sweat and Tears than they did on their first album. As a classy jazz-tinged brass-led rock album it’s a pretty amazing piece of work. And there’s a lot of Magma –impossible to misidentify – and hearing Christian in this straightish four-four context is interesting. Some of it’s just too over the top but hey…  Magma fans will be very happy to recover this important bit of history.

The John Baker Tapes Vol 1 [£14] JBH 028-CD
BBC Radiophonics, rare and unreleased workshop recordings.
John Baker was the third of the Radiophonic Workshop regulars along with Delia Derbyshire and David Cain, and a master of concrete techniques applied to eccentric musical ends – part Spotniks, part eerie soundtrack, part proto electrobeats, as well as being a fine conventional composer in the best ‘60s TV style. This volume concentrates on the Radiophonic studio output, station indents, programme themes and incidental music. There are also some programme excerpts where Baker explains and demonstrates the workshop’s methods.
Comes with a fold-out booklet of background and track information, and illustrative photographs. A gem.

Hints  [£10]      By Name
For guitar and piano mainly, sometimes with bass and some kind of synthesised keyboard, these exquisite and deceptively simple pieces are rather like underwater plant fronds, drifting in an uncertain current. Delicate but with deep roots, they fill space in large part because of the beautifully modulated quality of the recording which gives the instrumental sounds depth, body, space and clarity – they seem neither quite acoustic nor quite electric. The pieces are slow, harmonic, melodic and far from obvious – and there is some extraordinary processing going on, especially in the low end, as well as some subtle detuning. It adds up to a music that comes without any precedent I can refer to but that may be an acquired taste. It certainly lives or dies by the immediate impression it makes; the rest is somehow elusive. Very interesting work. In 26 minutes, it makes its statement and leaves. Worth your time.


[£14] NMC D136
An invaluable collection of pieces commissioned for the Aeolian Company – who made the pianola and cut rolls for it – in 1921, plus a handful of other notable works for the instrument. The compositions featured are by Percy Grainger, Igor Stravinsky, Eugene Goosens, Herbert Howells, Alfred Casella, Gian-Francesco Malipiero, Frederic Cowen, Hubert Parry, Arnold Bax, Harry Gill, Mauice Ravel, David Stanhope and Robin Walker – the last two being recent (mid ‘80s ands ‘90s). The point of the pianola was that it was an instrument; it had to be played. The notes were cut, but expressive dynamics and tempi had to be generated during playback with foot-pedals and levers. Rex Lawson obliges on this CD. All the pieces explore techniques, speeds and the multiplication of lines impossible for a single human pianist, while remaining, more or less, in the world of the music of their time. It would be 25 years before Conlon Nancarrow moved to the next logical position, though there are already echoes on this CD. Useful booklet with background, history, notes and photographs.  L

Chromatic Mysteries 1963-2009 [£14]  sham 054
Corrinne and Arthur Cantrill have been key Australian experimental filmakers for the last 50 years but, as is so often the case with avant garde film soundtracks, Arthur’s sonic assemblies have not so far been collected and considered as listening objects in their own right, so this release is timely. Using tape machines and musique concrete techniques, Cantrill works mostly with raw environmental sounds, treated but not disassembled, layered with processed instrumental sounds. Not hi-fi and not aestheticised, these are strong and irreducible sonic objects. The four minute Petunias is a particularly unusual experiment in pure panning.  A specialised but interesting release. With notes by Warren Burt and Arthur Cantrill.

Venus Notorious [£14]  Innova 769
Contemporary music with acoustic instruments in very small ensembles, mostly with drums (or percussion making fiendish up kit-style parts) playing fast, complicated additive rhythms and modular variant motifs. Quite linear, minimal in a fast and furious way. Sounds like chamber rock gone native a lot of the time. Probably needs to be taken in small doses since it’s a bit neurotic. Tracks 6 and 7 are more open, very different, make great use of percussion and  and – to my taste,  interesting, but …interesting.

6th in this wide-ranging series featuring, with a few exceptions, pieces made in the last two decades in Mexico, USA, Slovakia, Iran, Austria, Holland, Japan, China, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Israel, Denmark, Italy, and Greece with the emphasis this time mostly on the noise component: the Japanese stratum is well represented and there’s a furious recording of Z’ev in Holland. Computers are much in evidence too. Exceptions include Henry Cowell performing The Banshee in 1957, Dick Raaijmakers’ fine Piano-Forte (1959) and Tvi Avni’s Vocalise from the Princeton Electronic Music Centre in 1964.


Egg fry #2  (7cm)  [£6]   By Name
Nicely packaged in an 18×13 cm card folder, this is a ‘soundscape in a pan’ as Lee has it. Essentially a close recording of an egg frying and cooling down. Takes 15 minutes and is extraordinarily rich and full of complex and engaging sounds, patterns and events. Chaos revealed and somehow engulfing, satisfying – as well as having ineffable affect, at least for anyone who grew up around frying eggs. A miniature classic with a long shadow. L

The Thousand Symphonies [£14] Plana H31 NMN 077
In 1967 Fluxartist Higgins arranged for Captain Toby of the South Brinswick police to machine gun a lot of music paper. The shot-up sheets were then used as scores – the holes, tears and indents being interpreted by the players. Some of these pieces were performed in December 1968, Philip Corner directing. But this recording documents a concert given in 2003, again conducted by Corner and performed by a 28 piece ensemble of winds, brass, strings, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, a number of percussionists – including kit drums – glass instruments and voices. It sounds like controlled improvisation (which is what it is), but the different tracks take different generic approaches, so there is variety. The full score, pictures of some pages, and the rules of interpretation, as well as noted by Higgins and Corner are printed in the booklet that accompanies the CD. Limited Edition release.

MAGNETIC TRACES: A survey of French and Australian Sound Art. [£14]    By Name
A broad survey of 14 recent pieces curated by Eric la Casa and Philip Samartzis for Project Space in Melbourne.  High definition, highly processed sounds, mostly of environmental origin but made highly abstract and hyperreal. A useful snapshot.


Tres  [£14]  HoF-048-CD
Essentially a trio consisting of A.L. Guillien, Angelina Olea and Juanjo Sanchez – adding various other collaborators as required. A band that covers a lot of ground between chamber music, eccentricity and chunks of rock; experimental but working in song and instrumental form, not unlike early After Dinner in many ways, with echoes of Stevan Tickmayer. There’s a lot of good music here, and nice ideas. Great production by Bob Drake helps. It won’t change the world but lord knows people who still take the trouble to write and play and take the trouble to explore new ideas need all the support they can get. Booklet of pictures and texts, but drab packaging undersells the quality of the music

Sound the All-Clear [£14]  Innova 750
Interesting because impossible to place. It’s not improvised – more studio composed, but a very open form of composition; it belongs to no genre; its sounds are often obviously acoustic but unplaceable, and include sheng, music boxes, prepared koto, electric guitar, piano, balloons, Aeolian harp, lithophones and wildlife; it isn’t afraid of sparseness but doesn’t make a fetish of it. I’m not even sure how much I like it (as opposed to find it intriguing) but it has something and it marches to its own drum. With very enigmatic – but engaging – track notes by the composer


[£12.50 – includes postage]  By Name.
Edited by White Panther head and MC5 manager John Sinclair, these are essays by poet Amiri Baraka, Sinclair himself, David Henderson (Editor East Village Other) The Specials’ Jerry Dammers, David Kerekes (co-founder of Headpress), MC5’s Wayne Kramer, Arkestra and Kool and the gang alumnus, Michael Ray, Rick Steiger who promoted the Detroit Jazz Centre marathon residency, Steve Fly Agaric 23, pictures by Mat Colegate and Dan White, a long poem by Amiri Baraka and an interview with Ra by Sinclair.


De Musica Inversa (4 x CD)  [£66] 30NMN.076
Unheard as yet.

Oeuvre Desintegrale (3 x CD) [£46] 19VocSon078
Unheard as yet.

Illuminations (LP)  [£18] 21VocSon082
Unheard as yet.

Il Divano dell’orecchio (5 x LP) [£75] 34NMN.083
Unheard as yet.

Instrumentations verbales (LP) [£18] 22VocSon084
Unheard as yet.

Tranquilles impatiences (LP) [£18] Alga028
Unheard as yet.

2 Pipes (LP) [£19] Alga033
Unheard as yet.

Cdg  (LP) [£18] PLANAMCDG
Unheard as yet.

Exercices d’improvisation (LP) [£18] PLANAMFER
Unheard as yet.

Handmade (LP) [£18] BIPLANO
Unheard as yet.


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NEWS. Planned for 2011
Cassiber (phonetically: ‘a message smuggled out of prison’) crashed like a locomotive into the Deutsche Neue Welle. Founded by Heiner Goebbels, Alfred Harth, Christoph Anders and Chris Cutler (his first major project after News From Babel), Cassiber managed to fuse materials and attitudes drawn from experimental rock, fringe jazz, punk, pop, plunderphonics, improvisation, close structure and musique concrete into an energetic and complex form of studio (and then concert) composition unique in its fusion of highly diverse experimental approaches to form with risky, emotional and expressive execution. Through a deep connection between instrumentation, form and topicality, their musical evolution tracked and anticipated the political and technological changes of their time. Thus, in the course of their 10 years of intermittent touring and 4 records they evolved significantly through the high stakes energy of the earlier releases into their later, more complex and composed, studio works (by which time they had become a trio: Goebbels, Anders, Cutler) with access to the new (first) generation of polyphonic samplers. Highly radical, their music opened up song form by abandoning, extending or crashing sideways into it – and was built mainly out of noise, libido, high musicality and, uniquely at the time, a great deal of cultural debris. This box collects it all (most of it out of print for some time now) alongside a lot of unreleased material – and full concert DVD.

The 4 released albums will be thoroughly re-mastered and there will be at least one CD of unreleased studio and live material and at least one DVD of live and studio footage, including a mini documentary made during the recording of ‘A Face We All Know’: 5 or 6 CDs and a DVD – in the usual sturdy box with a fat booklet of documents, interviews, information, photographs, pictures, itineraries and miscellaneous memorabilia. Subscribers will also get an extra, otherwise unavailable, CD in a limited and numbered edition.

In hard times for physical media, this inevitably will be an expensive undertaking, so we are asking anyone who wants to subscribe please to do so as soon as possible (no money will be taken until 2 months before release) – if it is released; and that will depend the number who are ready to assist the production with their subscriptions. In recognition all subscribers’ names will be credited in all boxes sold.



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The ReR Quarterly Selections. Vol 1


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This update’s must have library items:

2. THE WORK. See
3. LEE PATTERSON. Egg fry #2  (7cm)  [46]

£27 (save £5)

Essential history items:

2. ARTHUR CANTRILL Chromatic Mysteries 1963-2009  [28] 3. JOHN BAKER.The John Baker Tapes Vol 1

£36  (save £6]

All £57save £15


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Historic numbered art edition: 12 CDs, book and box [£58]  pe/box

We are slowly moving toward a number that may make this release possible but we are not there yet..
The Rock experiments of Eastern Europe were no less interesting (though they were somewhat rarer) than those in the West, but they went undocumented for years – they made no commercial or official CDs and could not tour. Concerts were rare even in their own countries. Outside, to all intents and purposes, they didn’t exist. To begin to redress this lack, in the late ‘80s,  Recommended launched Points East, a label dedicated only to this music. Because of its historical importance – and musical excellence – we plan to manufacture a very limited edition of the 8 PE LPs (re-mastered on CD), plus 3 or 4 extra CDs filling in further details of the music of the various territories in that time, mostly taken from other Recommended releases as yet not reissued – including the extraordinary ‘Raab’ and Zygmunt Krauze’s luminous ‘Folk Music’- plus a couple of CDs with samples of other groups from the time and new materials by the original artists. All the CDs will be in facsimile edition, fully re-mastered, in a box with a fat book outlining the way it was in the old East and the way it is now, as well as a more general overview of experimental music in each of the territories. In other words this will be an historic documentation of a missing part of the history of progressive and experimental music, a documentation much needed. It will be made to our usual standards and very thoroughly documented, but we want to make it as cheap as possible – since this for art’s sake; it’s certainly not a commercial proposition. So we will try to keep the 12 CDs, box and book down to £58 – close to cost. However, origination, manufacturing and production costs will be huge, and we will only be able to make it if there is sufficient interest and enough pledged advance orders. To that end, if you are interested in this project, please subscribe – just write in and say you want your name put down, we will not take any money until and unless the box is actually realised. If and when we reach a viable number, we will announce the issue, confirm your subscriptions and go ahead.

– The original PE series was:
BORIS KOVACS. Ritual Nova 2 (YU)
ZGA. Zga (Riga)
STRANGE GAMES, Strange Games (Russia)
BORUT KRZISNIK Currents of Time (Slovenia)
KAMPEC DOLORES Levitation  (Hungary)
REPORTAZ. Reportaz (Poland)
PULNOC. Midnight Mouse (Czechoslovakia)
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