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Rumor 60 Festival of Adventurous Music‏.Utrecht 27 February 2010. Click For Infos.

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Rumor 60 Festival of Adventurous Music

Utrecht        27 February 2010         Start: 20.30        EKKO
Admission: 15,- Euro / 10,- Euro (U-pas, student, CJP)



Led Bib, EKKO

The band named after the ‘lead bib’ dentist patients get to wear while being X-rayed. The name of the band says all about drummer Mark Holub’s sense of humour, the man who formed Led Bib. It’s a kind of humour that can also be heard in his music. Led Bib produces a frenzied form of punk jazz echoing John Zorn’s Naked City, British sixties’ and seventies’ jazz rock (Soft Machine) and even Radiohead. Combining the energy and passion of a rock outfit with the technical ability of trained jazz musicians their effect is exhilarating. To attend a concert by Led Bib has been described as “crossing the street in a reverie and being run over by a passing bus, but in a pleasing way.”

Chris Williams – saxophone, Pete Grogan – saxophone, Toby McLaren – keyboards, Liran Donin – bass, Mark Holub – drums


György Ligeti – Mechanical works, RASA

To the general public avant-garde composer György Ligeti (1923-2006) is especially known for his music for Stanley Kubrick’s films (2001: Space Odyssey, The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut). His Mechanical Works for barrel organ are not so well-known and have been performed even less. In this work Ligeti was strongly influenced by the complex compositions of the American composer Conlon Nancarrow (1912-1997). “Nancarrow’s magnificent music for mechanical pianos prodded me to think up ways in which living interpreters could manage such complex polyrhythms”. Because mechanical pianoes have much more potential as compared to living musicians, he decided to arrange his ‘études’ for these instruments. The concert begins with ‘Poème symphonique’ for 100 metronomes.

Pierre Charial, Jean-Marc Puigserver


Ansatz der Maschine, Theater Kikker

Ansatz der Maschine is the indietronica project of sound technician Mathijs Bertel. He adapts and samples acoustic sounds to create inflaming beats and compelling melodies. Subtle electronics are interwoven with violin, saxophone, drums, horn, vocals, keyboards and guitar producing catching and adventurous pop music. Live Ansatz is an intense experience, the concerts move to unknown territories: “After a Fatboy Slim-like intro with accelerating and decelerating voice samples a swarm of beats, bleeps and synths was driven into the concert hall where two saxophones – like mosquito repellent – provided the necessary protection.” Ansatz der Maschine is the answer from Courtrai to groups like múm and The Go Find, present at previous Rumor festivals.

Mathijs Bertel – electronics, alto violin, keyboards, Bram De Vreese – alto sax, guitars, Jan Dhaene – drums, rhodes, moog, Ruben Vercaemer – tenor sax, rhodes, moog

With special thanks to: EKKO, RASA, Theater Kikker, City and Province of Utrecht, KF Heinfonds, SNS Reaal Fonds, Fentener van Vlissingen Fonds.
Information and tickets: / 030-2382080 / / P.O.Box 19206 3501 DE Utrecht