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Randomworld 2‏. Click For Infos.

Discus is happy to announce the release of Randomworld 2, which as the name tells you, is the second volume in this ongoing project.  This time round the players are:
Martin Archer – nightingales, metronome, sopranino sax, laptop
Chris Bywater – synths, guitar, violin, laptop
Charlie Collins – drums, waterphone, percussion
Herve Perez – soprano saxophone
UTT – turntables, processing
Beatrix Ward-Fernandez – theremin
As with the first volume, each copy ordered is individually cut to CDR and, thanks to the composition software, is a unique version of the piece – and that means radically different from any other, not just a few cosmetic tweaks. Each comes in a handmade sleeve with a dedication to the purchaser.  Edition is limited to 150 copies.
On average R2 is rather more electronic and agressive than R1, despite the presence of the acoustic instruments, and is an ever changing kaleidoscope of drones, shreiks, chatters and beats.
Available from www.discus-music.co.uk £15 inc p&p worldwide.  Order 2 copies (both completely different) for £25 – go on, try it!.  NB Randomworld 1 is still available too.  PayPal address is mw.archer@btopenworld.com 
Thanks for reading this, and please let me know if you prefer not to receive details of Discus releases in the future.
All the best,
Martin Archer