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P.O. Box 19206, 3501 DE Utrecht

Rumor 55 Festival of Adventurous Music

Utrecht, 23 October 2008
Start: 20.30 h, Theater Kikker
Tickets: 15 Euro / 12 Euro (U-pas, student, CJP)

Theater Kikker


The HERMESensemble from Antwerp was founded in 1999. The collective focusses on the performance of classical avant-garde, but in addition to that it deliberately aims at opening up new musical and disciplinary horizons. Tonight the ensemble will present Disappearing in Light (2008). This work, first performed in June this year, is part of a series of compositions Tantric Cycle by Wim Henderickx (1962). Henderickx studied percussion and composition at the Antwerp academy of music. In eastern philosophy he has found inspiration for Tantric Cycle, the piece he has been working on since 2004. Henderickx: “the entire composition is based on the tantric mode. From this mode series were construed that form the basis for the melodious and harmonic material of the work.” Lighting and positioning of the musicians are major elements in the performance of the piece.

Wim Henderickx – conductor, Mireille Capelle – mezzo-soprano, Marc Tooten – alto violin, Karin Defleyt – alto flute, Gaetan La Mela – percussion


The Julie Mittens

The Julie Mittens is a powertrio from Leiden. The trio engages in long, sometimes deafening jams based on the principle of improvisation. The music, that has no clear beginning or end, is often described as the guitar equivalent of Peter Brötzmann’s Machine Gun. The band claims to be heavily inspired by John Coltrane’s freejazz and Sonic Youth’s passion to experiment. Nevertheless The Julie Mittens is able to create noise eruptions that completely dull the sound of this New York band.
On the basis of their first recordings Recorded Live March 2003 and Recorded June 20 2005, aided by positive reviews in the British magazine The Wire, the band fairly quickly acquired cult status. Last spring their fifth album The Julie Mittens was released on the American Holy Mountain Records label. In September this release was supported by a tour along the east coast of the United States. These coming months the trio will be performing in this country. Speaker-blowing meltdown jams made in Holland and to our own -polder- standards possibly unique.

Aart-Jan Schakenbos – guitar, Michiel van Dam – bass guitar, Leo Fabriek – drums

SJU Jazzpodium

Paul Dunmall Trio

The variation within Paul Dunmall’s (1953) extensive discography is great. From working together with Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson on Ain’t that a bitch via solo albums on bagpipe to recordings with his own trios and quartets. Still Dunmall, as one of the key figures of the British freejazz/improvisation scene, is perhaps best known for his role in the Barry Guy London Jazz Composers Orchestra. Tonight in the SJU he will be performing with bassist Paul Rogers and percussionist Tony Levin. As a trio they play together regularly. On four CDs Deep Soy (2004), with recordings from 1995, 2000 and 2004, is evidence of that. Jazz that often initially sounds sweet, but in the end breaks free from all conventions.

Paul Dunmall – tenor saxophone and Northcumberland bagpipe, Paul Rogers – 7- string bass, Tony Levin – percussion

Special thanks to: Theater Kikker, SJU Jazzpodium, Ekko, the City and Province of Utrecht, KF Heinfonds, SNS Reaal Fonds
Information and tickets: /               030-2382080        / / P.O.Box 19206 3501 DE Utrecht