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ANGEL – Hedonism CD Editions Mego
AMPLIFIER MACHINE – Her Mouth is an Outlaw CD 12k
FUSSEL – Planet Egmond LP Zoikmusic
GAGARIN – Golden Cap/Gavvers 7″ Geo
GD LUXXE – Crave CD Angelika Köhlermann
LAST STEP – 1961 3LP/CD Planet Mu
OFFICE-R(6) – Recording the Grain CD +3db
OTOMO YOSHIHIDE – XAVIER CHARLES – Difference Between the… CD Textile
REHAB – Man Under Train Situation CD +3db



AMPLIFIER MACHINE – Her Mouth is an Outlaw
CD, 12k 1049

Amplifier Machine began in 2002 with JAMES DIXON (Swordfish, Supagroop, James Dixon) on guitar, Korg & piano, SETH REES (The Spheres, This Is Your Captain Speaking, I Want A Hovercraft, Seth Rees) on drums, violin, samples, piano & guitar and ALEX JARVIS (Automatic, Black Cab, Registered Nurse, Alex Jarvis) on guitar & drums, with the intention of combining their songwriting talents.

Something about getting three solo artists together, or maybe something about what rehearsing for so long in a freezing Collingwood warehouse does to the brain, caused the pop-bred members of Amplifier Machine to spiral out into a peculiar music of inquisitive, atmospheric, half-improvised mini-epics.

Amplifier Machine is a self-described experiment inanemocratic process and near-improvisation (anemocracy = rule by whim or the wind). Through earnest discussion and endless unending jams, Amplifier Machine came upon The Rule: that when the other two members have settled, it’s your turn to change.

The Rule was found to be useful, not only in musical terms, but also as a strategy in discussion, advocacy for the devil, and reducto absurdums. Each members’ musical approach is informed by knowledge of various artistic process, including: visual art, drama, the written word, carpentry and car maintenance. Thus, in music and in discussion, Amplifier Machine tends to start with a thesis, then to spiral out into varying antitheses, to arrive at some sort of synthesis. At least, that’s the idea.

Somewhat of a departure, in terms of sound, for 12k, Her Mouth Is An Outlaw breezes darkly languid chords over a post-rock-meets-experimental structure that is decidedly lacking in micro-electronics. These echoes reach for new 12k-heights while the spirit of ambience and space remain familiar.



ANGEL – Hedonism
CD Editions Mego eMEGO093
Streetdate: December 9

Music by Dirk Dresselhaus & Ilpo Väisänen
Recorded & mixed January 2004 – December 2007
Constructionsite Studios, Berlin and Ilpo’s cottage, Karttula

Mastered by Rashad Becker, August 2008
Cover photo by D. Dresselhaus
Design by Stephen O’Malley

Despite only being released now ‘Hedonism’ is actually the first studio album by Dirk Dresselhaus and Ilpo Väsiänen as duo, a project which started in 1999. 5 years in the making and being started before Hildur Gudnadottir joined forces, ‘Hedonism’ is colllision of urban and rural settings.

The opening five blistering tracks retain a full in sci-fi punk feel being made in Dirk’s Berlin studio. Tracks such as ‘Holding Loose’ and ‘Adrenaline Strike’ are brutal urban mantras bristling with energy. These are followed by electro-acoustic exercise manipulating various concrete sources, leading up to the final 2 pieces recorded at Ilpo’s lakeside cottage in the wilds of northern Finland. Here fragile field recordings of insects, fish eating mosquitos, birds mesh with the duos shiny electronics to create the massive ‘Mirrorworld’. The closing ‘Hornet’ while stating a calm atmosphere has a somewhat startling surprise in store for the listener.



CHRISTOPH DE BABALON – Scylla & Charybdis
12″ LP, Cross Fade Enter Tainment PP012
Streetdate: November 3

“Scylla & Charybdis”: This new release by Christoph de Babalon is dedicated to two unfortunate girls from Greek mythology. Once beautiful nymphs, both were jinxed to live their life as monsters.

To describe his melancholic viewpoint of their fate, he chose the long forgotten romantic art of the Symphonic Poem. Influenced by works such as Arnold Schönberg’s “Veklärte Nacht”, Sergei Rachmaninoff’s “Isle Of The Dead” and Richard Strauss’ “Also Sprach Zarathustra”, Christoph de Babalon transfers this technique into the present and breaks the tradititon by
incorporating the human and inhuman voices of Alexandra von Bolz’n and Hanayo to create the most haunting experience for the listener.

His Diptychon about the unforgettable story of “Scylla & Charybdis” transcends past, present and future, myth and reality.

Inside the limited Premium Edition Box of “Scylla & Charybdis” the eternalness and versatility of the subject becomes most clearly visible: The “Mother Work” (and a choice of archaic format) of the Vinyl , “The Miniatures” of the CD – showing a more fractional and microscopic apporach to the monstruos atmosphere and finally the “Mixtape” interweaving beats and atmospheres into an almost disco version. Altogether the Premium Edition includes over 120 minutes of music and comes with postcards and an A1-sized poster with Ian Liddle’s intriguing Cover artwork, all enclosed in a beautiful high quality handmade recordbox.
The Premium Edition of “Scylla & Charybdis” will be available through CFET mailorder only.

CHRISTOPH DE BABALON is known for tripping beats, dark wide spaces and eternal melancholy. He released his first record in 1994 on Hamburg’s cult-label Fischkopf. This record (as well as all that followed over the next years) were extensively played by BBC-DJ-legend JOHN PEEL. Right after his debut he began working with ALEC EMPIRE’s Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) where he, besides a couple of other records released his
most important work: the legendary album ‘If You’re Into It, I’m Out Of It’. DHR still say that it remains their most important release.

Also THOM YORKE of Radiohead is a big fan of Christoph de Babalon’s music and invited him on a tour through southern europe in 2001. Christoph remembers those shows as being ‘unreal’ – playing dark ambient in front of an average 10.000 people per show. The arena of Verona painted black – while the sun went down.

As co-founder of the music label Cross Fade Enter Tainment [CFET] he has been putting out records by influential electronic hardcore producers such as Somatic Responses, DJ Scud, Zbigniew Karkowski and Merzbow (to name but a few) since 1994.

In order to learn more effective production techniques and gather new experience, he began working on music for theatre productions, dance performances and film. In June 2008 he hooked up with Radiohead again to play the “Daydream” Festival in Barcelona and introduce “Scylla & Charybdis” to the public for the first time. It was a sunny day – but the sky turned dark during Christoph’s set.

“The most menacing record I own” – THOM YORKE of Radiohead about “If You’re Into it, I’m Out Of It”

“The most outstanding album on DHR […] – nobody will ever top this!!!” – ALEC EMPIRE about “If You’re Into it, I’m Out Of It”

ALEXANDRA VON BOLZ’N is famous for her work with Grindcore-band Bolz’n. Once her vocal chords are unleashed, she runs the gamut from the deepest frequencies up to the highest pitches, emitting sounds that are hardly recognizable as products of a human voice.

HANAYO is celebrated for her work with german artist Christoph Schlingesief and musicians such as Violent Onsen Geisha, Red Crayola, Vapid Dolly, Black Dog, Merzbow, Woodman, Kai Althoff, Terre Thaemlitz, The Panacea and most recently Wooden Veil.

Christoph de Babalon selected works:
1996 ‘Destroy Berlin!’ 12″ Vinyl, Digital Hardcore Recordings
1997 ‘If You’re Into It, I’m Out Of It” LP/CD, Digital Hardcore Recordings
1999 The Peel Sessions Live, Royal Festival Hall, London
1999 ‘Dark Background’ on
2000 Split EP with Kid606 12″ Vinyl, Fat Cat
2000 ‘Rise Above This’ 7″ Vinyl, Zhark International
2000 ‘Monkey’s Uncle’ Remix for The Locust, GSL
2000 ‘Misfortune Must Be Fought Back’ Remix for Tocotronic, Motor Music
2000 Music for ‘I Suppose this time I see what he saw (a temporary switchback)’ by Norwegian Dance Company Zero Visibility Corp.
2001 ‘Untitled’ with Hanayo for ‘Mutations’ group exhibition in Tokyo, curated by Rem Kolhaas
2001-2006 Several theatre music productions in Germany with director Schirin Khodadadian
2003 Founding of Übergang with Guitarist Christian GG Haudej
2005 ‘Atomkrieg’ sound installation for group exhibition at Kunsthaus Dresden
2006 ‘Fear Leader’ EP with Übergang, Low Res Records, Detroit



FUSSEL – Planet Egmond
Vinyl LP/MP3 Album, Zoikmusic ZM001
Streetdate: November 14

Escaping from the strange everyday life on Planet Egmond, RUPERT and DROET the two confused friends from the German Electroduo Fussel, visit planets of great promise in their spaceship made of dawn and candy floss. We are lucky now, signs are showing planet earth.

In their bags Fussel bring along an Eartrumpet-Experiment named “Planet Egmond”. The first album released on the Hamburg based Label Zoikmusic is like a non-stop-Comic-Show, with radio plays in between. It comes like driving Staccato Beats, Noise-Hop-Explosions, Popmelodies and Batteriedrummrolls, like Tire squealing Kidrhymes, confetti bypass and Torpedogalaxys in stuck lifts, roaring on the dancefloor.

Insanity does’nt end, when “Pfannkuchenaus” starts, in which a spacedisco made of chocolate and croquant comes alive. Keyboardhips like “Frosch” and eggpelvis with mangoflowers on electric eel – “intergalactic Radio” rushes along like niped balloons, that rub on pantyhose while Rupert and Droet master the most bizarr situations on Planet Egmond. The first Fussel Album – “Planet Egmond” is a comedy pop event of a different kind – when it ends you want to start again.



GAGARIN – Golden Cap/Gavvers
7″ vinyl, Geo Records GEO 013
Streetdate: November 10

Ahead of his album “Adaptogen” (coming in February 2009) Gagarin releases the very special limited edition 7″ Golden Cap/Gavvers. On 40gm vinyl and limited to 250 hand numbered copies this very collectable artefact contains exclusive remixes of two tracks from “Adaptogen”: GOLDEN CAP (Up and Down mix) – a glorious journey of melody, rhythm and white noise climbing to a height of 192 metres before falling back to sea level, and GAVVERS (Stop & Search mix) a sonic picture of an urban dream full of tension, fear and final escape.

Reviews of Gagarin’s latest album ARD NEV

“His work has a Biosphere-like iciness that suggests deep-space psychic isolation rather than flashy sci-fi, along with a faint whiff of nostalgia. What sets Gagarin apart is the ease with which he improvises with a small range of materials; clusters of notes are configured into melodic themes and vari-ations, samples are constantly worried at with effects, and the complex, skittering electronic rhythms are the result of hand percussion techniques applied to midi drum pads. Often these beats are surprisingly street and tuff, yet refracted through an abstract, chilly sensibility that both entices and unsettles. Occasionally the beats give way to bleakly attractive drones, but the pulse looms constantly like a shark under the ice, and when those Grimey beats kick in it?s not so much Sublow as sub zero.” THE WIRE

“An album so full of micro-sounds and disciplined melodic layers, requires a high fidelity system or a tranquil listening on headphones. Little digital inserts and the elaborate velvet textures of the beat catalise the attention of ‘Ard Nev'”. ROCKERILLA

“GD is drummer, composer and sounddesigner with a past in Punkjazz and also releases under the name Dids. As Gagarin he presents melodic, intrumental and, in the most positive sense, comfortable electronics full of warm, analgue synth sounds. Minimal, quiet und laid back, partly Ambient, sometimes on a breakbeat/grime basis. Beautiful music.” DE:BUG

“Gagarin produces shuffling elektronica, filled in with broken beats, muttering bass tones and warm sonic undulations. He works magic from his lap top – with regard to composition, variation and rhythm the tracks have a rare depth to them.” GONZO CIRCUS



GD LUXXE – Crave
CD Angelika Kohlermann AK031
Streetdate: November 14

GD Luxxe/Gerhard Potuznik biography

1988: first release on GIG records under the name of “HYPE”. an hommage to new order and pet shop boys. turned out to be a mega flop. GIG (home of FALCO by the way) never release another “hype” record.

1993 i met PATRICK PULSINGER. he just founded the record label “CHEAP RECORDS” together with ERDEM TUNAKAN. soon the first “techno-band” was born by the name of IO. we released four 12″ eps and a full length CD. besides IO i started releasing straight egde, detroit influenced minimal techno stuff under the name POTUZNIK on CHEAP.

after that i released many different kinds of electronic music on many different labels in vienna (MEGO, SABOTAGE, POMELO, UPTIGHT, MORBID etc..) and also some stuff on DISKO B. from munich. my first full lenght CD “amore motore/autobahn” came out on MEGO, my somehow very prog-rock influenced electro-opus “concorde” – a double 12″ and full lenght CD, featuring the narration by MAX GOLDT – was released a bit later on CHEAP.

1994 was the year when another project called “MAEUSE” was formed toghether with actor, writer and cartoonist TEX RUBINOWITZ. we tried to bring back “rock n roll” into electronic music and did three “electroclash” albums ten years too soon.

i met HANS PLATZGUMER in the middle of the 90ies and we decided also to do some projec ts together. this was the birth of our “experimental drum&bass-project” CUBE & SPHERE (named after a futon bed). we released an album and many 12″ eps on DISKO B. and CHEAP. with Hans i also started worked on some RnB influenced tracks together with QUEEN OF JAPAN singer and FRANZ FERDINAND comrad CATRIONA SHAW.

through Platzgumer i got in touch with CHICKS ON SPEED soon after they invented themselfs. i totaly liked their attidude, the mixture between art and punk and became part of the family. i produced a lot of tracks for themof tracks that i produced for them, some of them together with MEGO man RAMON BAUER.

Chicks on Speed introduced me to ED DMX aka DMX KREW. i was already an avid fan of him and his everything on his label BREAKIN’ records. i had those very 80ties influenced tracks lying around that didnt fit on any techno label at that time. when i played those tracks to Ed, GD LUXXE was born. i released the album SUBMISSION and two 12″ eps on breakin.

soon after i recieved an offer from detroits INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSMISSIONS to release an album there. label-founder BMG already released a track by pulsinger & tunakan on his label. and also liked my style. soon after getting in touch, the 12″ vinyl “THE 20TH DOOR” was released. a full length album called “THE 21ST DOOR” followed in summer 2003. it also featured the very rare collectors item “CORROSION/PAIN” – a limited 7 inch disc with 2 cover versions: This Corrosion (Sisters of Mercy) and Pain & Love (T. Rex)

at about the same time i hooked up with SUCTION RECORDS from canada. i did a track with label-founder JASON AMM that appeared on a suction compilation called SNOW ROBOTS. after this collaboration we agreed to release the GD LUXXE mini album VENDETTA.

i ve been doing tracks and remixes for detroits legendary ERSATZ AUDIO – label too since the mid 90ties. meeting LE CAR in vienna and later ADULT. was like seeing someone for the first time but having the feeling that you know him since ages. album number six, “BETWEEN ZERO AND ETERNITY”, has been released in summer 2004 and clearly pointed to a new direction for GD LUXXE. moving away from my electropop songs to a more futuristic kind of simple electronic form of rock.

with the album MAKE, which was released ob TIGERBEAT 6 in autum 2005, i tried tofollow this road that i started with “ZERO”.  thanks to the wonderful piece of software called “Ableton Live” i was able to record most of the MAKE songs with guitar and bass guitar and transform them into something new. MAKE was also released on my own label ANGELIKA KOEHLERMANN for austria, germany and switzerland.

in january 2005 i also had the chance to write the score for a movie called “TEENAGE WASTELAND” for the first time. a very cool experience. sadly the movie-guys decided to keep the movie without music for long parts. so most of the trcaks didnt make it on the big screen..

besides recording my own stuff as GD LUXXE im also working more and more as a producer. i enjoy being involved in the process of editing music which is not created by me. gives me the possibility to see things from a different angle and to learn from the people im working with.

so far i produced records for acts like CHICKS ON SPEED, ELECTRONICAT, TED MINSKY, austrian electropop duo SKIZZE , female singer ZEEBEE, the guys from BUNNY LAKE etc.

something else that i also enjoy doing a lot is contributing my voice to different artists. it started a long time ago when i was doing a remix/coer version with PITA and RAMON BAUER from MEGO for one of my all time heroes WIRE, where i sang a cover of “the drill”.

other vocal contributions can be heard on CITIZENs “Xerox, NOIAs side project RAYMOND BARRY, a MARC ALMOND remix 12″ together with ALEK STARK and on some tracks by FRANZ & SHAPE.

in 2006 i joined forces with DIDI BRUCKMAYR, an outstanding vocal performance artist. i wrote some tracks and also sang on some songs for the album “a little warning from the pimps”. the CD came out again on my label ANGELIKA KOEHLERMANN.

at about the same time i did the mixing and engineering for a new album by MEDIENGRUPPE TELEKOMMANDER and new tracks for TUJIKO NORIKO.

in 2007 i started to work with tex rubinowitz, philipp quehenberger and didi kern on the great “MAEUSE” reunion, after 8 years of doing nothing we got together to play some live shows all over europe. i also started collecting material for the next GD LUXXE release.

after rebuilding my studio in a new location, i started to concentrate on “CRAVE”, GD LUXXE album number 8. it contains some old unreleased tracks that were recreated using some new gear and some brand new tracks. the album will be out in november 2008. im also working with MAX FREUDENSCHUSS (former member of “SKIZZE”) on new material that will be released later in 2008.



LAST STEP – 1961
3LP/CD Planet Mu ZIQ220
Streetdate: October 20

After the unmitigated success of Last Step’s eponymous debut, Aaron Funk re-ignites his
odd-time-signatured electronic disco pseudonym for more off-kilter analogue adventures. This time it’s party-time: a celebration! Hence the cake… Everyone knows Aaron (a.k.a. VENETIAN SNARES) as a pioneering breakcore producer, but 1961 is a collection of joy-filled jumpy acid manoeuvres, funky grooves and kitsch beats. The opening track “My Home Recordings” sets the tone with Aaron’s trade mark attention to detail, ever shifting arrangements & strong acid bass line, a recurring theme throughout the recording.



CD +3DB 001

MICHAEL DUCH: Double bass

LEMUR is Norways new all star quartet of composers and improvisers. The four instrumentalists combine their work from classic composition, noise, chamber music and free jazz making a highly surprising and unique blend of contemporary sound and attitude.

Starting their work in 2006 the ensemble has done a series of tours in Scandinavia and Europe
with great acclaim. Their first album “IIIIIII” is a document from their debut tour: recorded in one session and presented in its original order – the seven tracks portrays an ensemble on the edge of defining a new sound.

The four musicians form one sound-generating body as they manipulate their instruments into
making unheard sounds one would believe to be electronic. Making a clear contrast to “the northern sound” of Norwegian jazz – LEMUR still manages to build beautiful soundscapes next to frantic phrasing and intense solo playing.

The four have collaborated with an almost endless list of both norwegian and international
players ranging from Fred Frith, Nikos Veliotis, Mats Gustavsson. Lasse Marhaug, Maja Ratkje, Jazzkammer, Otomo Yoshihide, Peter Brötzman, Jaap Blonk, Mark Wastell, Matin, Evan Parker, Paal Nilssen-Love etc.

Previous works from the four has been released by Rune Grammofon, SOFA, Asphodel, X-OR
and others.

+3dB is a new, small label focused on bringing out new music and sound without consideration for genre esthetics. Our releases will diverge from contemporary composer portraits through electro-acoustics, experimental performance, improv and sound art. This self-imposed cacophonic approach promises a high degree of variation and risk, all focus generated solely from our definition of quality.

Based in Bergen, Norway, +3dB embrace local, national and global talent in an effort to draw
connections not yet seen or heard.

Our releases are presented in two categories: MAIN and LUX. The MAIN-line is for our normal
releases, new albums etc. LUX is reserved for compilations, special editions and documentation projects. All releases hold a beautiful design from our friends at BLANKBLANK.



OFFICE-R(6) – Recording the Grain
CD +3DB 003

KOEN NUTTERS – Bass, structure
JEFF CAREY – Laptop (Super Collider)
SAKIR OGUZ Buyukberber – Bass clarinet
DIRK BRUINSMA – Soprano and Baritone sax
MORTEN J OLSEN – Percussion

“Recording the Grain” is a full-bodied and mature presentation of Office-R(6) s highly personal take on improvisation. Their blend of tight ensemble playing and precise use of electronics fuses the world of composed music with the art of improvisation. The result is a vivid session of electro-acoustic gymnastics ready to bring music to the next level of engagement.

The music of OR(6) is in essence improvisations based on an expanding catalogue of structures that define different elements of each piece. All tracks are performed live in studio ensuring this hyperactive collision of prepared and intuitive elements wont rule out the human touch and the quality of split-second decision making.

OR(6) started working together in Amsterdam in 2001 and its musicians have since spread throughout Europe and the US.

Their highly skilled fusion of instrumental craft and digital permutation has been presented on stages all over Europe and the US. The members are all active within other groups of the N-Collective including amongst others MoHa!, USA/USB, SKIF++.

“This is genre-defying stuff that rides roughshod over lmprov purism and compositional dogma.” Keith Moline – The Wire

“a tour de force of both discipline and stamina” Forced Exposure

“A highly palatable, invigorating and sophisticated appetizer of tradition and renewal, superbly performed and recorded” – Paris Transatlantic



OTOMO YOSHIHIDE – XAVIER CHARLES – Difference Between the Two Clocks
CD/Digital, Textile Records TCD14

Difference Between The Two clocks is a new project featuring the French multi-instrumentist Xavier Charles and the most well-known experimental Japanese musician Otomo Yoshihide.

Recorded during Xavier Charles’s first Japanese tour in 2005, this album is not a matter of swapping digital file but a real musical collaboration between two of the genre’s most talented composers.

Difference Between the Two clocks comprises live tracks (recorded at the Kid Ailack Art Hall- Tokyo) and studio pieces (with Otomo Yoshihide on guitar and Xavier Charles on clarinet). The duo explores the relationship between sound and silence, focusing on non-beat rhythm and minimalist texture and volume. Together their sounds create a monochrome mental image in a field of ambient drone and glitches.

Difference Between the Two clocks is an involving, sometimes uneasy listen.



REHAB – Man Under Train Situation
CD +3DB 002

JOHN HEGRE – Guitar and electronics
BJØRNAR HABBESTAD – Flutes and electronics

Sudden death under a railway car seems to tie this album together as the 11 titles constitute a journey between underground stations across the globe. “Man under train situation” is the first album from REHAB – a fierce unit with the unlikely line up of flutes, guitars and electronics!

The two protagonists Hegre and Habbestad are long time collaborators in live-situations around different projects from the N-Collective and also in the studio with Hegre`s other duo,

The album is solidly based on the crafted playing from the two: flutes and guitars forging a mayhem of electronics, manipulations and studio wizardry. Tight and stringent in its form and surpricingly lyric at times, “Man under..” is almost gentle before it unleashes the storm of noise.

Definitely performed and improvised, but also transformed, composed and rebuilt, REHAB
bridges the gaps between the instrumentalism of impro and the joyous harshness of noise. Not confined to genre esthetics but relentlessly pursuing the right sound REHAB has put together a rare album holding subtleties inspired by electro-acoustic music as well as the delicate art of real time musicianship.

John Hegre is half of JAZZKAMMER and the latest addition to NOXAGT. His guitar and sound
work is heard on numerous releases both solo and in collaboration with Maja Ratkje, Lasse
Marhaug, Der Brief, Kaptein Kaliber and others.

Bjørnar Habbestad is a third of PHO, a fourth of LEMUR and a founding member of the N-
Collective. He performs all over Europe as a soloist and in a wide range of ensembles of contemporary and experimental music.



CD + mini CD, Mosz 016
Streetdate: November 3

christian fennesz: electric and acoustic guitars, computer
werner dafeldecker: doublebass, tapedelay, computer
martin brandlmayr: drums, percussion, vibraphone, computer, piano on (cd1/1)

source material was recorded in march 2005 by christoph amann / vienna.
additional recordings during 2007 and 2008 by brandlmayr, dafeldecker and fennesz.
mixdown by werner dafeldecker / berlin 2008.
mastering by nicholas bussmann at studio beige/ berlin

CD1/1 and CD2/3 edited and arranged by martin brandlmayr.
CD2/1 edited and arranged by christian fennesz
CD2/2 edited and arranged by werner dafeldecker

cover art by re-p

The process: several improvisations are reworked into three brief tracks, one edited by each member of the trio. Then these pieces are mined for a few very short fragments. These, in turn, form the core of a much longer piece, painstakingly assembled around repeated motifs salvaged from the wreckage. Very slowly – over four years of intermittent activity – a long piece comes into being. As it gets longer more space and silence enters the music. The trio’s working method on “till the old world’s blown upŠ” is one of sudden flash and meltdown, followed by a gradual process of cellular division. This inexorable metastatic activity builds a new organism with a peculiar life of its own, far removed from its sources. Ghostly twangs of Americana, Ligeti-esque glissandi, hesitant electronic sputters, luminous vibraphone – all these and more combine and recombine, separated by stretches of nothing at all and driven by an urge to become ever more abstract. By the end of the process the old world has gone for good. (Will Montgomery)

Martin Brandlmayr: composer, drummer
Bands and projects: Radian, Trapist, Polwechsel, Kapital band1, Autistic daughters
Collaborations with Tony Buck, Christian Fennesz, Fritz Hauser, Christof Kurzmann, Paul Lovens, Sachiko M, John Mcentire, David Sylvian, John Tilbury, Otomo Yoshihide, and many others.

Werner Dafeldecker: double bass (Austria), is an internationally recognised musician, composer and producer
He is the co-founder of Polwechsel and Durian records and has performed in prestigious music festivals the world over. Throughout his many projects he has collaborated with John Tilbury, Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M, John Butcher, Franz Hautzinger, David Dylvian, Fennesz, Gene Coleman, Tony Buck, Martin Siewert, Klangforum Wien, Patrick Pulsinger, Burkhard Stangl, Eugene Chadbourne, Dean Roberts, Radu Malfatti, Luc Ferrari and many others.

Christian Fennesz: musician, composer, lives and works in Vienna and Paris
Collaborations with Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Sylvian, Peter Rehberg, Sachiko M and Otomo Yoshihide, Keith Rowe, Toshimaru Nakamura, Oren Ambarchi, Mika Vainio, Christian Zanési, Jim O’Rourke, Robert Hampson, Rosy Parlane and many others.



CD/Digital, Room40 RM435

Tujiko Noriko joins with collaborators Lawrence English and John Chantler for ‘U’, a record of orbiting themes, esoteric lyrical wordplays and warm analog-infused song-forms.

Following on from the acclaimed ‘Blurred In My Mirror (ROOM40), ‘U’ is an LP of phases and exchanges between Paris and Brisbane over a three year period. Like its recording process, it unfolds with a time-lapse exposure – capturing moments of absolute loss and unrelenting ecstasy. It’s a record of extended technique and unconventional method (both in terms of song writing cycles and production), but most of all U is a swelling passage through the rare and eccentric reality Tujiko Noriko evokes with her curiously distant songs.

U, a title chosen for its ‘shape’ (reflecting the collaborative nature of the record), is by far one of Noriko’s most affecting records. It’s also one of her most eclectic, littered with songs that are telling of the world in which Tujiko Noriko finds herself.

PRESS on “Blurred In My Mirror”
“This is not an album that you skip to a middle of a song, every second on the album is embraced by the previous. As such, it’s hard to imagine that there’ll be a better batch of glitchy electronic pop released this year.” – Stylus Magazine

“the album manages a measure of magic when it rests right at the nexus point of song and sculpture, pop and experiment.” – Pitchfork

“one of the most intriguingly inviting voices on the planet.” – XLR8R




ALEXANDER TUCKER [ATP/R] European Tour with Bohren & Der Club Of Gore
Oct 15 BE Ancienne Belgique, Brussels
Oct 17 DE Gebaude 9, Koln
Oct 18 FR Nouveau Casino, Paris
Oct 19 NL Paradiso, Amsterdam
Oct 20 DE Gleis 22, Munster
Oct 21 FR La Catonnerie, Reims
Oct 22 DE Ubel & Gefahrlich, Hamburg
Oct 23 DE Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin
Oct 24 DE UT Connewitz, Leipzig
Oct 25 DE Scheune, Dresden
Oct 26 HU Merlin, Budapest
Oct 27 AT Arena, Vienna
Oct 28 DE Feierwerk, Munich
Oct 28 DE Manufaktur, Schorndorf
Oct 29 PL Club Firlej, Wroclaw
Oct 31 CH Bad Bonn, Dudingen

BEEHATCH [Lens] Oct 22 NL MS Stubnitz, Amsterdam
Oct 23 DE AZ Conni, Dresden
Oct 25 DE Barockpalais im Großen Garten, Dresden
Oct 26 PL Torun Piwnica Pod Aniolem, Torun
Oct 27 PL Bydgoszcz Mozg, Bydgoszcz
Oct 28 PL Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz Art Centre, Lodz
Oct 29 CZ Cross Club, Prague
Oct 30 SK Subclub, Bratislava
Oct 31 DE Raum der Kulturen, Leipzig
Nov 1 DK Arhus Recession Festival, Arhus

DUNCAN Ó CEALLAIGH [parvoart] Oct 4 DE Open Air, Wismar Town Centre, Wismar
Dec 7 DE ‘Wort Reich’ Alte Löwenapotheke, Wismar

ERGO PHIZMIZ [Gagarin] Oct 10 DK Phono Festival, Odense
Nov 11 UK King’s Place, London

FELIX KUBIN [Gagarin] Oct 10 DK Phono Festival, Odense
Oct 11 AT Kontraste Festival, Krems
Oct 18 FR Chez Fichtre, Nantes

FENNESZ [Touch, Editions Mego] Oct 9 PL Transvizualia Festival, Gdynia
Oct 11 IT Romaeuropa Festival, Rome
Oct 23 CH Shift Festival, Basel
Oct 24 AT Tanzquartier – [live music for “3 Spells” dance piece, Vienna

FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER [raster-noton] Oct 2 PL Jazz Waves, Gdansk
Oct 4 PT EME Festival, Lisbon
Oct 5 PT Auditório de Serralves, Porto
Oct 20 Shanghai Electronic Arts Festival
Oct 25 Mutek Mexico, Mexico City
Nov 8 PL Plateaux Festival, Torun

FUCK BUTTONS [ATP/R] Oct 21 UK Corn Exchange, Edinburgh
Oct 23 UK Academy, Manchester
Oct 24 UK Hammersmith Apollo, London
Oct 25 PL Unsound Festival, Krakow

FUCKHEAD [mosz] Nov 22 AT Forum Stadtpark, Graz
Dec 5 AT Volxhaus, Klagenfurt

METALYCÉE [Interstellar] Oct 10 AT Minoritenkirche Krems with Akemi Takeya
Oct 12 DE Stadtgarten with Akemi Takeya, Cologne
Oct 26 AT Viennale with Maja Osojnik, Vienna

PETER REHBERG [Editions Mego] Oct 25 AT Pita & Jade, Radowan Halle, Wien
Nov 21 FR ‘Kindertotenlieder’ (Gisele Vienne), Festival Automne en Normandie, Rouen
May 22 2009 DE ‘Kindertotenlieder’ (Gisele Vienne), Kampnagel, Hamburg

Oct 7 CH Cave 12, Geneva
Oct 8 CH Moods, Zurich
Oct 28 AT Wien Modern Festival – Noise Night at Fluc, Vienna
Oct 31 DE Sophiensaele, Berlin


Wundergrund 2008 @ Sophiensaele, Berlin
* 30.10.08 * 20:00
Ambient electronics with instrumentalists
FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER * electronics | Ejnar Kanding * composer und electronics | contemporánea ensemble * violin, double bass, bass clarinet, percussion, electronics
rechenzentrum 2.0 and ensemble contemporánea
Marc Weiser * electronics, Robert Seidel * live video und animation | contemporánea ensemble
* 31.10.08 * 20:00
Neobechstein live!
REINHOLD FRIEDL * electroacoustic Neobechstein piano | SUDDEN INFANT * performance | Rune Søchting * electronics | David Balzer * piano contructor | Sukandar Kartadinata * 8-Kanal-Verteilung
Weiser and Engkilde meet Superflex animals
Marc Weiser aka Marc Marcovic * electronics, guitar, voice | August Engkilde * vinyl scratch, double bass, sounds
I like America!
Horst Possling * performance


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