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1) Janek Schaefer: Broadstairs Children’s Piano Trio
2) @c: 73
3) Gilles Aubry: s6t8r
4) Lawrence English: A Certain Death by Drowning
5) The Beautiful Schizophonic: Music For Lonely People
6) Ran Slavin: Summer Clouds
7) o.blaat: Snark and Caramel
8) Paulo Raposo: A Bag of Water
9) Mosaique: Tapis
10) paL: shezalready5
11) Cem Güney: Subsequently Ad Hoc To Daylight Mistreatment
12) Gigantiq: A Few Steps From Your Shoulder
13) @c: 68
14) Freiband: Rob’s Longest Beard
15) Tu M’: Sea n° 43
16) Pure: 643
17) Heitor Alvelos: O Corpo é que Paga
18) James Eck Rippie: Black Transmission
19) Pedro Tudela: Op1s2s2m
20) Vitor Joaquim: The Devil is in the Detail
21) Marc Behrens: Website
22) Durán Vázquez: Segunda Natureza (Noite)
23) Autodigest: Judas! (Leave Her Alone version)
24) Gintas K: Excerpt from

Produced by Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela.
Cover photo by JCruz.
Mastered by MCarvalhais.



All of a sudden Crónica’s fifth anniversary is here to be celebrated. Nothing better than to do it with something both big and new. Our thirty-second release, sporting 192 minutes of the finest mus*****c from our dearest artists, gift-wrapped as our first full digital release, in a brand new and parallel immaterial venture called the “Unlimited Release Series”.

It’s been five years of Crónica, with 32 releases out and many more to come, with wonderful work to do and wonderful people to do it with, with something (we hope) accomplished, but with still so much to be done.


Download as Apple Lossless (991MB)

Download as MP3 256 VBR (360MB)



A lot of hard work is invested in these releases and in Crónica’s operations. We do not believe in DRM and we certainly don’t want to create any barriers between you and our releases, so, for the time, and in experimental regime, all of the Unlimited Releases will be free to download, but if you can, please consider to leave us a small donation for the benefit of both artists and label. Don’t forget to leave us your address, so that we can send you a thank you postcard in return.


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