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The reviews have been rolling in on a daily basis for Club 8’s brilliant new album “The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Dreaming”. On Sunday the The Sunday Times awarded it 4 stars, calling it “the dreamiest dreampop imaginable”; on Monday the Metro gave it another 4 stars and said “it throbs to the pulse of deliciously bittersweet guitar melodies, a lifelong passion for The Smiths and even a shaking of Latin percussion”; and on Tuesday BBC 6music made it their Album Of The Day and wrote that it was both “fey, filigree pop music of the highest calibre” and “the finest 60s-influenced, acoustic-led pop south of the arctic circle”! Anyone who likes Swedish pop music (is there anyone out there who doesn’t?) is sure to love this album and you can order the album direct from us for £10, details of how to do so at the bottom of this e-mail.

Of course, there’s a rare chance to catch Club 8 live tomorrow (Thursday January 10th) at the Luminaire with support from the equally fantastic Would-Be-Goods and The School, plus DJs from Tack! Tack! Tack! playing Swedish pop. If you’d like to come along, and we strongly recommend you do, there are still some tickets to be had here…

In other news just in, The Clientele are going to headline our next night at the Buffalo Bar on Friday 25th January, with support from Richard Olson’s (Eighteenth Day Of May) new band The See See, Le Volume Courbe and The No Sorrows.

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Fortuna POP! presents

Club 8 + Would-Be-Goods + The School

Plus Tack! Tack! Tack! DJs

Thursday 10th January 7:30pm
The Luminaire, 311 High Road, Kilburn, London NW6 7JR
Nearest tube : Kilburn (Jubilee Line)
Tel : 020 7372 7123
E-mail :

Advance: £8
We Got Tickets
Door: £10

Initially inspired by a love of The Smiths and Sarah Records Karolina Komstedt (vocals) and Johan Angergård (all instruments) released their debut album as Club 8, “Nouvelle”, on Spanish label Siesta. However, it was with their more dance-orientated next album “The Friend I Once Had” and its beguiling mix of bossa nova, glittery guitars and shiny pop melodies that they took their first big step forward, the single “Missing You” becoming a club and radio hit in Spain and a college radio favourite in North America. Constantly changing, the self-titled follow-up was both darker and slower, labelled as both “trip-hop” and “chill-out”, before the band diversified again with the semi-electronic, slightly experimental but intensely emotional “Spring Came, Rain Fell” (2002) and the more guitar-based “Strangely Beautiful” (2004). During this time the band’s reputation spread, with live shows across Europe, USA and South East Asia. Signed to Johan’s own Labrador label in Sweden, the band release their new album “The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Dreaming” through Fortuna POP! in the UK on January 7th.
“From Sarah Records-inspired guitar-pop to St. Etienne-tinged dance music and delicate dream-pop… indie pop bliss” (Pitchfork)

Eccentric and evocative guitar pop helmed by Jessica Griffin, enigmatic star of cult label él, with her crew of elegant rascals – Peter Momtchiloff, guitarist (Talulah Gosh, Razorcuts, Heavenly, Scarlet’s Well) and occasional songsmith; Debbie Green, drummer and darling of the London nineties garage scene (Thee Headcoatees); and ex-Adam and the Ant and Monochrome Set bassist Andy Warren. Since their reactivation in 2002 the Would-Be-Goods have released two albums on Fortuna POP! full of melancholy charm and wit coupled with a classic guitar pop sound ranging from new folk, tango to garage rock. Love songs to lions, frolics in the Garden of Eden, French Casanovas and personal demons await you. Let the Would-Be-Goods be your guides.
“Elegantly melancholy indie from a dapper London band” (Word)

Formed by Liz Hunt of The Loves as a side-project, The School have turned into genuine contenders, inking a 2-album deal with Spain’s Elefant records, home of Camera Obscura. Indiepop with a strong 1960’s influence, The School have just finished recording their debut single with producer Ian Catt (Saint Etienne, The Field Mice, Trembling Blue Stars) for release early next year.
“A swoonsome waltz through the best bits of Belle & Sebastian, Camera Obscura, and 60s girl groups.” (How Does It Feel To Be Loved)

*** NEW SOUNDS ***

Some brand spanking new records for you to order…

“The everything-but-the-kitchen-sink arrangements of Arcade Fire, the warped melancholy of Pavement and the fuzz-pop heart of Teenage Fanclub” (Subba-Cultcha)
“Like The Magic Numbers going toe to toe with Wilco in a meadow full of summer flowers.” (The Beat Surrender)
” Dangerously addictive… kiss any other soundtracks to your summer goodbye… all the best bits of Sparklehorse, Pavement and Yo La Tengo” (RockFeedBack)
“A lushly laden gem of classically appreciated soft-centred country pop currency, packed to the rafters with honey-crusted tip-toeing melodies… In a word – perfect.” (Losing Today)
“A warm, orange, summer evening, of song; it is warm, hazy and relaxed, with a hint of American alt folk. It is utterly charming in its effortless simplicity.” (Neon Buzz)

“The finest baritone warble in indie rock, unfailingly catchy pop tunes and perfectly
pitched melancholy ballads… the Ladybug Transistor’s best work equals the best pop
music made at any time in the past 50 years.” (All Music Guide)
“Six albums in, Can’t Wait Another Day develops the Ladybug’s
earlier indiepop and psychedelic sounds towards a sound which is more
classic baroque pop, with a glorious melancholic lilt and the sort of
impressive crooning you thought was lost decades ago… it strengthens
their reputation as purveyors of intricately arranged and stately pop songs.
“Forty minutes of Pop in its most beguilingly classical, sparklingly emotional form.” (Miwsig)
“A surprisingly mature collection, all playful guitar lines and smooth saxophones. Gary Olson’s baritone is worth of the late Lee Hazlewood while other tracks find the middle ground between Burt Bacharach and Belle and Sebastian” (Uncut)
“Brooklyn’s The Ladybug Transistor have been playing their elegant, lovelorn pop since 1995. Their latest sees strings and brass adding lushness to songs of heartache. File next to Belle & Sebastian, The Magnetic Fields and The Go-Betweens”(Q)
“Newcomers will enjoy Gary Olson rounding his vowels like an indie pop Scott Walker, and hearing organs and warm guitars roll by like 1960s beauties. Long-term fans will envelop themselves happily in the album’s soft loveliness” (The Guardian)

“A heady brew of T-Rex swagger, Super Fury’s oddness and the jubilant pop-mindedness of The Zutons at their sweetest… perfect for those missing a little ram-a-lama-ding-dong in their lives.” (Subba-cultcha)
“The Loves are part Monkees and part Os Mutantes but for ‘One-Two-Three’ they’re T-Rex. It’s a stupid/genius gram rock stomper with girl-group harmonies, an air-punching chorus and a sleezy groove” (SoundsXP)
“The results are fantastic… One-Two-Three rolls in pop heaven with irresistible call and response vocals and chugging guitars” (Music OMH)
“One has to wonder why the likes of The Loves are not huge popstars… a glam rock inspired floor stomper complete with the catchiest chorus this side of planet Mars. If T-Rex were on the C86 tape this is what they would have sounded like. Buy!” (Indie-mp3)
“Mixing T Rex and Johnny B Goode, the Loves have cooked up the feel good song of the year. A chorus so good that you’ll be singing before you’ve even heard the song” (Fat and Confused)
“There’s nothing in the entire spectrum of medical science that’ll get this one out of your head… a football-chant simple glam-rock stomper so catchy it makes Rhianna’s ‘Umbrella’ sound like free jazz performed on out-of-tune instruments by tone-deaf chimpanzees.” (Pennyblack)
“A delirious dandy of a ditty that manages to shoehorn nods aplenty to Suzi Q, the Rubettes and most curiously the Beach Boys in surf mode and ‘end of the century‘ era Ramones (I kid you not) while wiring into the mutant matrix some nifty touches of 50’s bubblegum pop tendered with the essence of Spector while hoodwinking a spot of acutely faux Bolan-esque boogie while playfully cross fusing Glitters ’I love you love me’ with the Bay City Rollers ’bye bye baby’. Buy on sight.” (Losing Today)
“A piece of fine bubblegum pop.” (Russell’s Reviews)


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