The Rippers News

Out Now: The Rippers ‘Stop me if you can/ Why don´t you leave me alone’ 45 On Kuriosa Records‏. Click Per Infos.THE RIPPERS (KUUR-010) Stop me if you can/ Why don´t you leave me alone 7″  From Sardinia Italy hail THE RIPPERS makers of the best snarlin´ garagepunk in recent years. Known for their productivity, a whole bunch of 45´s and two full lengths have already appeared, and their wild no-nonsense live show. They´ve climbed many stage across Europe with their straight ahead beat mayhem taking no pause to breath and leaving audiences bewildered.Kuriosa Records is proud to present two flawlessly savage songs from THE RIPPERS. The ferocious A-side STOP ME IF YOU CAN with wailin´ mouth harp and the pulverizing B-side WHY DON´T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE. Both wild raw R&B rave ups reminiscent of Pretty Things, Tell Tale Hearts and Q65. As the man says buy, baby, buy!!————————————————————–More of that frantic R&B Punk that only THE RIPPERS can play (have you ever seen em live? I mean, these cats, sharp dressed, play this speed for like 45 minutes without stopping! Yes, I know, they’re young (except the singer, haha), but how can they have so much energy)?? Anyyyway, this new 2-track 45 is another true must-have for fans of raved up R&B, like TELL TALE HEARTS or early OUTSIDERS on cocain! Buy, babe, buy!!!