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New Generation Quartet


aylDL- 067


Vladimir Timofeev, ts

Roman Stolyar, p, flutes, harmonica

Dimitri Averchenkov, b

Sergei Belichenko, dr


1.  Phantasmagorian Tango 16:37

2. Two-Step Blues                                     21:24

3   No Strauss:                                          13:28

a)  Polka

b)  Waltz

c)  March

Total time:                                             51:29


Compositions by New Generation Quartet

Recorded at the Big Sound Studio at Novosibirsk State Broadcast

on May 25, 2000.



Szilárd Mezei Quintet

As You

aylDL- 071


Szilárd Mezei, viola, kaval

Albert Márkos, violoncello

Kornél Pápista, tuba (3, 4)

Ervin Malina, bass

István Csík, drums


1.   As You                                                 15:31

2.   Outside Of The Game                          17:46

3.   Rain, Rain, Rain                                   20:04

4.   Thistle                                                 19:32

Total time:                                             72:53


Recorded at Studio “Vilenjak”, Novi Sad, Serbia, on March 25 and 26, 2007

All titles composed by Szilárd Mezei