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Discus 31CD – Randomworld. Click For Infos.

Randomworld is a series of compositions initiated in 2007
and based on an idea by Martin Archer and Neil Carver.

The work is issued in a limited edition of 150 CDRs, cut to order, named and numbered for each purchaser.
Although each Randomworld piece occupies an identifiable sound world (e.g. Randomworld 1
always sounds like and is identifiable as that piece),
on each CDR various software algorhythms within the composition shuffle the individual musicians’
contributions and introduce elements of unpredictable sound processing.

The result is that no two CDRs are alike, and each copy sold is a unique version of the piece – and that’s not just slightly or cosmetically different, each new version will be structurally very different from any other.

The finished CDR is packaged in a hand
made sleeve by UTT, again no two quite alike.

£15 including p&p worldwide.  Please allow 30 days
delivery from date of order while your individual cut is composed!

Musicians on Randomworld 1 (Discus 31CD) are:
Martin Archer – laptop, harmonium, zither, chimes, bass clarinet
Chris Bywater – electric violin, processing
Neil Carver – electric guitar, processing
Chris Meloche – environmental recordings, processing
UTT – turntables, vinyl tracing, processing

– and the music (probably) weaves back and forth over the course of 60 minutes between drones, turntable textures and free improv abstraction.

To order, visit www.discus-music.co.uk and follow the link to the Randomworld page where you can pay using PayPal


Martin Archer