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“The Surfers Are Back”. The Barracudas New Lp. Click For Infos.”THE SURFERS ARE BACK: THE BARRACUDAS new LP
“As some of you well know THE BARRACUDAS are in my opinion one of the best (and underrated) r’n’r bands of all times. So , I’m glad to announce you that the great UK band is back with a brand new album (and too a ltd. ed. single) , on the texan label NDN.
Produced da ROBIN WILLS , the album was accomplished by the legendary duo Gluck/Wills with the contribution of the friend of many (r’n’r) battles (ed ex FLAMIN’ GROOVIES) Chris Wilson and of a brand new rhythm section with Robert Coyne and Yan Quellien .
Ignoring disdainfully the new trends and the new “cool & en vogue” (…but totally blank in terms of songwriting!:) )indie pop imposed by MTV and similar kafkean , hyperbolic new trendsetters the BARRACUDAS putted simply on vynil again their indestructible passion for the BYRDS , The Groovies , The Choir and hundreds of other bands that we’ll always love.
So PLS :Turn off for an instant MTV and listen to the INNOCENCE of this music. Soon a review of the full album.For now you can download “I believe in Everything” mp3 at:
Michele Ballerini from
“In twenty-five years they have changed only to go back to where they started, with an irrepressible enthusiasm and unbending intent to make their own kind of music”.