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recent releases at TIBProd.

-tibcd53, looop-sessions, oslo, 24 may 2004  – improvisations by john
birger wormdal, per gisle galåen, kai mikalsen, carlos giffoni, sten ove toft, anders gjerde.

-tibcd72, origami arktika – eplekyss, live at Garage, Oslo, 9/11-2004

-tibcd24-4/tibcd24-5, odrz – odrz06, parts IV and V.

-tibcd69, oscillator707 – suite #2

newest mp3-releases:
fisk på disc – school of fish ‘n’ chips
the domestic front (thomas bailey) – dissipation 24:24
enzo cage – red
and also carlos saladén (w/sharza harza, swamps up nostrils, resin),
poliform, iversen, albert van abbe (the pulse projects/roel djicks
(ekman), paolo veneziani, torstein wjiik…



jan-m. iversen