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 DVD “Light!” – A Performance By Nicole Mossoux. Click For Infos.



DVD – New Production

Christian GENET – Nicole MOSSOUX – Patrick BONTÉ


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Category: Performance DVD
Reference: C7-073
Bar Code 5413902000736

About Light !

The Performance                          

Concept & interpretation:                                                     
Nicole MOSSOUX                                                
Choreography & staging:                                                      
Patrick BONTÉ & Nicole MOSSOUX                
Original music:                                                                       
Christian GENET                                                   
Colette HUCHARD                                   
Stage design:                                                            
Jean-Claude DE BEMELS &                   
Mikha WAJNRYCH                                   
Jean-Pierre FINOTTO
Technical director:


The Film

Directed by:
Patrick LEMY
Director of photographer and framing: 
Jean-Jacques MATHY
Stage manager:
Thomas BÉNI & Mikha WAJNRYCH
Remix & mastering:
Special effects:


With more than 20 original  productions behind them, Nicole MOSSOUX and Patrick BONTÉ have made their mark and become a reference in the genre, never veering from their own line and direction.
They have perfomed in more than 30 countries, including Australia, the Central African Republic, Brasil, Canada, China, Egypt, Mexico, the US, Corea, and nearly all the countries of Europe.
With the DVD ŒLight !¹ they now have for the first time a complete visual record of one of their productions.
Live performances are vehicles for emotions, questionings, innovations Š but until the production of ŒLight !¹ on DVD, the audience had only their memories to take with them after the performance, without being able to see it again, or share it with others who had not seen it. Now this is possible, with this DVD which transmits the emotion of the performance, steeped in mystery, archetypal images, and particularly the force of the imagination.
Nicole MOSSOUX, as so often, is alone on stage Š with only a few points of light which transport us into her world.
It is sublime, and we find ourselves saying that we could have done that, if only we had had the idea ! And this is the magnificent part ­ to succeed in taking ideas so far in such a minimalist and simple way.
The genius of the work is even made even greater thanks to the music (or rather soundtrack) by Christian GENET, who creates an atmosphere worthy of David Lynch¹s film ³Eraserhead² .

To be watched and heard in complete darkness.

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