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– GASP! As the foolish young promoter attempts to put five acts on –
The Bridge Gang, Smokers Die Younger, Manic Cough, Los Raw Gospels and
Tom Hatred – THIS Friday at the Buffalo Bar
– THRILL! To the sonically skewed sounds of the new Finlay album ‘The
Fall of Mary’
– BOOK IN ADVANCE! For the Cannonball Jane London show confirmed for
18th April

*** PILE ‘EM HIGH! ***

The Beat Hotel with bands… The Bridge Gang + Smokers Die Younger +
+ Manic Cough + Los Raw Gospels + Tom Hatred plus Fortuna POP! DJs

Friday 3rd March 8pm – 2am Buffalo Bar, 259 Upper Street, London N1
Nearest tube : Highbury & Islington Tel : 020 7359 6191 E-mail :

Advance: £4 from ticketweb
Door: £5

THE BRIDGE GANG Jose Ross (Vox/Guitar), Lucy Drynan (Bass/Vox) and Bret
Bolton (Drums) are the Bridge Gang, the power trio who are causing all
the prettiest girls and boys to suck their cheeks in extra hard with
their fired-up neo-post-punk ditties, a visceral blend of Pixies rock,
The Strokes and the underlying pop sensibility of a Blondie or Jonathon
Richman, underpinned by Bret’s garage beat (heroes Bruce Brand/Keith
Moon). Already Gideon Coe’s download of the week on BBC 6Music, debut
single ‘Pangs of Guilt’ b/w ‘Neutrino’ is out early next year on the
super cool Brille Records, home to The Envelopes, Good Shoes and
Whirlwind Heat. “Immensely special and damned exciting” (SoundsXP)

SMOKERS DIE YOUNGER A bunch of smokin’, drinkin’ waywards from
Sheffield with too much time on their hands and a predeliction for
early Pavement and, almost inevitably, The Fall. Already championed my
Steve Lamacq and Mark Riley, their debut album ‘X Wants The Meat’ is
released through the ultra-hip Sheffield Phonographic Corporation label
(The Long Blondes) at the end of March.

MANIC COUGH An all-girl, offpunk rollercoaster of a band in the style
of Raincoats/Slits. Frontman Annie slinks about the stage like a cross
between Karen O and Debbie Harry. Hooks, energy and excitment

LOS RAW GOSPELS Super scuzzed and scabbed up rock and roll low life
playing raw blues garage trash and drinking tequila, with Lemmy Caution
of Black Time beating the traps. Tipping their flea bitten hats to the
likes of the Cramps and the Gories, it’s like watching a Benny Hill vs.
Billy Childish showdown from the best seat in the saloon.

TOM HATRED With a reputation for quirky songs and unpredictable
behavior, being described by some as an eccentric urban hillbilly,
Tom’s use of broken harmonica and dilapidated acoustic guitar make the
ideal backing for his innately English confessions of murder and


Hailing from the East End of London, Adam Straw (guitar, vocals),
Anamik Saha (drums) and Chris Allison (guitar) were childhood friends
who, inspired by the scratchy recordings of Drag City and Sub Pop
bands, played in a nascent version of Finlay before departing for
university in Berlin, New Cross and Sheffield respectively. In 2002,
finding themselves together in London once more, and with the addition
of Giles Littleford (bass) and Lorna Crabbe (keyboards), Finlay was
reborn. Records followed, culminating in the release of their debut
album “I Dreams and Visions” on Fortuna POP! in late 2003, described
variously as “a ragged and wonderful sliver of a debut” (Kerrang!
KKKK), “clever, spiky lo-fi post rock” (Uncut) and “a skelter stitch
together of heroic and inspired pop music… as brilliant as such
casually sculpted sidewalking can get.” (Careless Talk Costs Lives).

Finlay’s new 10-song album was recorded at Soup Studios with Simon
Trought (Jim Reid, Television Personalities, Comet Gain, The
Clientele). More sonically cohesive than their debut, Finlay remain in
thrall to their american alt-rock influences, as illustrated by the
opening two tracks of skewed noise pop. The incredible “Mary IV” is the
first song to depart from this template, a 9-minute epic about teenage
jam sessions and the literal fall of Mary, a real woman encountered by
Finlay many years ago and a recurring character in their songs. As
achingly melodic as “Mary IV” is ambitious, “Hanging Crowds”, “Conan:
the College Years” and the lo-folk ballad “Something New”, demonstrate
another, softer side to Finlay, in keeping with the themes of memory
and nostalgia that run throughout the record. And as if to remind us
that that they can still knock out a great pop song, the
Quickspace-influenced “Phantasmagoria” builds over an urgent,
repetitive guitar motif.

You can order Finlay’s album in advance of it’s release date for £10
inc p+p, full details at the bottom of this mail.


Cannonball Jane will be playing her debut London show on Tuesday 18th
April at the Metro. It’s sure to be a busy one so you might want to buy
a ticket in advance by following this link:

If you haven’t got your copy of “Street Vernacular” yet, the new album
from Cannonball Jane, you’re missing out, because it’s an amazing,
inventive record, and if you don’t believe us, the music press are
getting quite excited about it too:

“A sassy, sweet and sharp-witted electro-pop affair which ranges wide
across music history and brims with her dedication to its polymorphous
pleasures. Here, Luscious Jackson rub shoulders with Run DMC, St
Etienne, MBV, The Edwin Hawkins Singers, Le Tigre and The Shangri-Las
in a solo, home-recorded exercise in casual cool” – Timeout

“If you like the whoo-yeah-party punk of Le Tigre and The Go! Team,
you’ll love this” – Word

“Delightful soft-but-spiky creations from jungle beats, idyllic flute,
punk guitars and exotic samples” – The Independent

“A lo-fi world of home-recorded sampladelica that falls somewhere
betwen the Beastie Boys and St Etienne” – Uncut

“Cannonball Jane has grabbed greedy fistfuls of pop history; girl group
pop, buzzing garage, Motown, doo-wop, freak-beat, hip-hop, drum and
bass and smooshed them together with generous helpings of wit and
charm.” – Kittenpainting

“What a joyous happy fun packed half hour this album provides.” –

“Retro hip-hop beats, cooed girl vocals and upright and super-tight
bass… a pop album that even the most tedious of indie snobs can enjoy
without fear of shedding scene points” – Drowned In Sound

“A bright pink bundle of New York flavoured lo-fi pop that rocks,
bubbles and shimmers in all the right places… adventurous,
exhilarating and above all really good fun.” – Diskant

“From Cappuccino quaffing clever-clever indie to shoo-bee-doo-ing 60s
girl pop, three chord electro-punk to scuzzy classical, fuzzy garage
pop to sample dripping beat hop… a terrific half hour’s worth of
catchy riffs and cutey-pie tunes” – SoundsXP

“Homemade, hip-hop-influenced indie pop… a very early contender for
album of 2006” – Tiny Voices

“Utterly original… Jane simply does the unexpected with some electric
riffs and sweet harmony” – Loud & Quiet

If you want to order ‘Street Vernacular’ direct from us it’s £10,
details at the end of this e-mail.


Hey, we’ve just made some new records, and you can order them direct
from us. Go right to the bottom of this e-mail to find out how.

Betrayed By Folk – Pete Dale & The Beta Males (CD album) £7 A solo
album from the Milky Wimpshake frontman, with a little help from his
friends from Spraydog and The Futureheads. 15 topical folk songs in
which Pete takes aim with his always accurate and often very witty
lyrical arrow at such targets as ID cards, armchair anarchists and Bob
Geldof, as well as the more obvious ones. At a special price of only

Interstellar Autumn EP – The Chemistry Experiment (CD EP) £4 A
five-track ep from The Chemistry Experiment featuring their incredible
covers medley of “Forever Autumn” from War Of The Worlds and Pink
Floyd’s “Interstellar Overdrive”, plus “You’re The Prettiest Thing”
from their album, an exclusive new track “Karin” and the band’s
electropop cover of The Butterflies Of Love’s “Belt and Shoelaces”.
Inspired madness!


We’ve just had a shipment in from America of old Butterflies Of Love
stock that up until now has been unavailable. There are copies of:

Rob A Bank 7″ £2.50  It’s Different Now 7″ £2.50  Wild 7″ (Red vinyl on
Secret 7 Records) £2.50  Close To Death 7″ (Ltd to 500 on Artists
Space) £2.50  How To Know (classic debut album on cd on Secret 7
Records) £10

Get ‘em before they’re gone!



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