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ABOUT – Bongo CD Cock Rock Disco
BLACK TO COMM – Rückwärts Backwards CD Dekorder
ENCRE – Common Chord CD Clapping Music
ENT – Fuck Work CD Baskaru
GD LUXXE – Make CD Angelika Köhlermann
OLIVIA LOUVEL – Luna Parc Hotel CD Angelika Köhlermann
V.A. – ‘PATAPHYSICS CD/Book Sonic Arts Network
V.A. – COCK ROCK DISCO 2006 Free Download
ZEEBEE – Priorities CD Angelika Köhlermann


ABOUT – Bongo [CD Cock Rock Disco Crock009]

RUTGER HOEDEMAEKERS began his debut album 3 years ago and literally worked on it
obsessively for a majority of that time. Having dealt with 4 collapsed lungs
while producing it, Rutger makes good by creating what will surely be one of
this years first major breakthrough records.

Straddling the realms of Indy-rock, electronica, pure pop with a tiny pinch of
breakcore, he’s created a masterful record full of songs that get stuck in your
head, full of tiny details you only hear after repeat listening. But “Bongo” is
far from another boring indy-tronica record. It’s got this slight pissed-off
edge while remaining both literate and thoroughly gratifying.  This intended
liveliness in the music does not come from letting the computer do just
“whatever”. It comes from creating every little note and sound by hand, like
carefully painting a portrait instead of snapping a Polaroid.

But liveliness is what About is all, …um, about. He’s already been playing
some of the best festivals in the Netherlands, and has been winning fistfuls of
new fans at each show. We expect him to be touring like crazy in 2006, and
rightfully so. His live show expertly straddles the line between rock show
excitement and dance party ass shaking.


BLACK TO COMM – Rückwärts Backwards [CD Dekorder 014]

Black To Comm is an alias for Dekorder label owner MARC RICHTER’s audio
excursions. “Rückwärts Backwards” is his debut full-length album recorded
between 2003 and 2005 in his adopted hometown Hamburg and his childhood home in
the Black Forest located in the south of Germany. With a background in many
musical styles (from Psychedelia to pure Computer Music) BTC’s music is never
easy to pin down.

This album is essentially created from scratchy shellac and vinyl loops merged
with ambience field recordings (with some voice manipulations and kitchen
gamelan thrown in for good measure). The warm hiss of analogue recording
techniques combined with the apparently antique sounds of vintage organs,
acoustic & electric guitars, pianos, glockenspiel and mbira used on these tracks
generate a kind of hyperreal, fake nostalgia playing with one’s perception of a
pseudo-recollection. The layering and hypnotic repetition of short loops
extracted from old Psychedelia, Free Jazz, Vaudeville and Traditional records
reveal a haunting melodic quality sometimes not distinguishable within the
original source material, evoking a hovering feeling of bittersweet melancholy
with an omnipresent, slightly disturbing atmosphere hidden beneath the surface.

The 8 songs constantly sway back and forth between simple, almost naive
arrangements and dense surrreal drones with rare, yet intense distorted climaxes
making this album one constantly absorbing listening experience.


ENCRE – Common Chord [CD Clapping Music clap007]
-> no promo in FR

The new Encre opus is a collection of 7 live tracks (4 were taken from a VPRO
session – Dutch national radio, Amsterdam – recorded April in 2004 and the other
3 were recorded live @ Nantes’ Oblique Lu Night in 2002.

‘Common Chord’ shows another aspect of Encre: its live counterpart. Encre live
is a fully-fledged five-piece line up, when original albums were the work of one
man. Most of these versions were fully rearranged and re-written for live
purposes and are therefore whole new tracks based on communal band energy. They
deserved to be released as a whole new album.


ENT – Fuck Work [CD Baskaru karu:5]

“Fuck Work” has been obtained through the advanced yet surprisingly vivid
distillation of several avant-garde music aesthetics, including electronica,
post-rock, turntablism, noise and electroacoustic improv. Instruments and
machines blend together into a multi-hued soundscape that entices the listener
to dive in and immerse himself/herself into the listening experience. You might
detect influences as varied as AMM, Gastr del Sol and Pan Sonic, alongside
Giuseppe Ielasi and the recent Italian quiet improv scene. The five pieces found
on this CD were first composed in the studio, before being deconstructed during
live improvised sets and finally reconstructed back in the studio, keeping only
the elements deemed crucial. The resulting album is unfailingly magnificent,
from first second to last.

Italian multi-instrumentalists MICHELE SCARIOT and EMANUELE BORTOLUZZI formed
ENT in the end of 2000, shortly after they first met. One of their first tracks
was selected by the widely renowned Fat Cat label for inclusion on its website
in 2001. The duo has self-released a few demos and contributed tracks to a
number of compilations released by labels such as Ojo de Apolo (Chile), Saag
(Japan), Giardini Sonori (Italy) and Baskaru (France), in addition to a few
collaborations with net labels (Tu M’p3, Homemade Avantgarde). ENT has performed
live throughout Italy and in France (Batofar).

Crowning five years of intensive artistic research, “Fuck Work” is ENT’s
official full-length debut. It is being released by the young French label
Baskaru, recently involved in the production of fine releases, such as
“Pirandelo Suona” (with the Italian label DSP-Recordings) and “35 Mutant
Seconds: A Tribute to Rafael Toral” (with the Portuguese label Grain of Sound).


GD LUXXE – Make [CD Angelika Köhlermann AK024]

Vienna’s GD Luxxe, aka Gerhard Potuznik, has been creating music since the early
’80s. His recording career began in 1988 with a release on Gig Records (home of
Falco). Later he joined forces with Patrick Pulsinger to release a string of
popular 12-inches on the influential Cheap label. His reputation outside Vienna
grew quickly and he began collaborating with like-minded artists. By the
mid-’90s he’d become producer and member of arty techno-punks Chicks on Speed.

In 1998 Potuznik founded the Angelika Koehlermann label (which has gone on to
release over tweny albums of low-fi pop and wild-style electronic music.)
Potuznik collaborated with Electronicat, one of the label’s first signings, and
released a remix album featuring Adult, The Hacker, Kid606, Dat Politics, and
Original Hamster.

1999 saw the release of Submission on DMX Krew’s Breakin’ Records and GD Luxxe
was born. Widely acclaimed releases followed on renowned indie electronic labels
such as Suction, Interdimensional Transmissions, MEGO and Detroit’s Ersatz
Audio. A release for Tigerbeat6 had also been in the works for quite some time.
Now, after pulling remix duty on several releases, his TB6 debut is finally

Inspired by a wide range of musical periods, from early ’80s Wire and Gang of
Four, to ’90s Detroit electro, Make mixes post-punk memories with visionary
electronica. Nearly all the tracks on Make were originally composed and recorded
with guitar and vocals, then reworked and reshaped until a new form of timeless
electronic guitar music was born.


OLIVIA LOUVEL – Luna Parc Hotel [CD Angelika Köhlermann AK023]

Olivia is a French actor and classically trained singer. “Luna Parc Hotel” is a
journey to an unknown land. The music can be best described as “electronic
chansons”. The album grows with each time one listens and gets bigger and
brighter until it shines like a digital sun in black space. A fine masterpiece
in electronic and experimental pop music from the edge.

“Luna Parc Hotel” is Olivia’s first solo-work after “Digital Intervention”, her
project with long time mute producer and collaborator Paul Kendall.

The album was written and produced by her except the cover of the Bowie song
“The Motel”. It features contributions from Paul Kendall (aka PK known from his
work for Recoil, Goldfrapp, Wire, Nitzer Ebb etc. who delivered additional
programming and production), Sebastien Libolt (toy piano and double bass) and
Michael J.Sheehy (guitar). Mixed by Paul Kendall at the Thin Line, the studio
owned by former Depeche Mode member and current Recoil brain Alan Wilder, the 11
track counting album “Luna Parc Hotel” will be released on Angelika Koehlermann
in March 2006.


V.A. – ‘PATAPHYSICS [CD/Book Sonic Arts Network]

The most serious of all the Sciences and the end of all ends, ‘Pataphysics is
the Science of Imaginary Solutions. Although unknowingly practised by everybody
at all times, it took the pistol toting, expert fencer, literary madman, maniac
midget and designer of the time machine, Alfred Jarry, to recognise it and give
it a name. In this CD, travel overland by sea in your skiff, following Dr
Faustroll by the light of a green candle, along the gidouille that is the
history of Pataphysics in sound.

Sonic Arts Network is proud to present the latest instalment in the critically
acclaimed SAN CD series. The publication has been curated by Professor ANDREW
HUGILL, Director of the Centre for Creative Technologies and the Music,
Technology and Innovation Research Centre at De Montford University, UK. He is
also a leading authority on ‘Pataphysics and a member of the Collège de
‘Pataphysique, where he was awarded the Emphyteosis and the rank of Petit Fils

BRYARS, a track that beats John Cage by some 70 years in his exploration of
silence, a rare and unheard piece by HUGH HOPPER and ROBERT WYATT of Soft
Machine, HARPO MARX, BORIS VIAN and PERCY GRAINGER plus many more.


V.A. – THE COCK ROCK DISCO 2006 Free Compilation

Yes, this is true – the whole comp is free to download.

Spread the word, play’em loud !


No no, don’t request a CD. This shit is for download only !


YUKI KAWAMURA – Slide [DVD Lowave]

The video artist Yuki Kawamura, was born in Sapporo, Japan in 1979, and
currently lives and works in Paris. Strongly influences by his own Japanese
culture, his work is characterized by it purist and minimalist approach that
nevertheless comes across as both poetic and dreamlike. Yuki takes us into a
world filled by his own perceptions, full of grace, that we inhabit ourselves
but perhaps fail to take note. His images – framed by the sound composed by
Yoshiro Hanno – by mixing nature and modernity, the artificial with the organic,
reveal a profound sensation of tranquillity.

Everything is connected to each other. Like bubbles that climb up from the
bottom of a glass to join each other at the top, the parallel worlds portrayed
by Yuki Kawamura are constantly melting into one another. Yuki shows us the
beauty in the natural rhythm of balls being pulled down by gravity [Ballon], in
the movement of the human form [Slide], and in the natural sky being filled by
an artificial smoke cloud [Play at Dusk]. He contrasts the rhythm of nature with
the artificial rhythm of a swinging door, reassuring and immutable in its
motion, revealing a world that seems to live a life of its own, on the surface

The artist tells us how to avoid identifying distinct forms; to recognize bodies
or shapes through slightly altered images with no decryption. The majority of
the images are completely pure with no special effects. The water’s surface is
used to simultaneously show its depth and its reflection, what’s behind and
what’s in front, a double mirror, as if we were both spectator from the outside
and participant within.

The music on the DVD, the work of the composer YOSHIHIRO HANNO, known for his
soundtrack ‘Flowers of Shanghai’, ‘Millennium Mambo’ (Hou Hsiao-Hsien), and
‘Platform’ (Jia Zhang-Ke), is witness to the subtlety involved in capturing an
image and assigning it its own sound. In this case the images and the music are

The DVD includes 8 videos, 1 bonus track, and bios of the artists. The sound is
in stereo and the total duration is 47 minutes, the DVD is in NTSC ALL ZONES for
worldwide compatibility.


ZEEBEE – Priorities [CD Angelika Köhlermann AK025]

Born in Germany in 1965 and living on Austria’s “westcoast” since a long time
now, Zeebee owns “enough of a life story to fill two volumes of autobiography”
as it was put in Logo-magazine some time ago.

Her debut-album “Chemistry” went up to be “Album of the Week” on Austria’s
radio-station FM4 soon after its release in January 2004, and earned top reviews
from all around the world.

With her outstanding and fascinating voice she moves many (musical) mountains
and swings easily between different styles. an exciting mixture of pop, jazz and
dub served in zeebee’s very own special way. With the help of friends and
and many more her new album “Priorities” is a dignified follow-up to her debut
album. Fresh pop music with a twist.



ABOUT [Cock Rock Disco] 05/01 NL – Amstelveen, P60
14/01 NL – Groningen, Noorderslag Festival
16/01 NL – Tilburg, Improv Set @ Muzieklab
03/02 NL – Utrecht, Tivoli De Helling

ADULT. [Thrill Jockey] 19/01 NL – Amsterdam, Paradiso
20/01 DE – Berlin, Maria
21/01 DE – Munich, Rote Sonne
23/01 AT – Vienna, B72
24/01 CZ – Prague, Abaton
25/01 IT – Turin, 211
26/01 IT – Milan, Plastic
27/01 IT – Rome, Brancalone
28/01 IT – Bologna, Link
30/01 ES – Barcelona, Apolo
31/01 ES – Madrid, Moby Dick
02/02 FR – Strasbourg, Laitere
03/02 FR – Paris, REX
04/02 FR – Lyon, DV1
06/02 UK – London, Barfly
07/02 UK – Cardiff, Barfly
08/02 UK – Manchester, Tramp
09/02 UK – Nottingham, Liars Club Special
10/02 UK – Liverpool, Evol / Korova
11/02 UK – Glasgow, Barfly

B. FLEISCHMANN [morr music] 03/04 BE – Brugge, Cactus
04/04 FR – Nancy, Austazique
06/04 FR – Paris, Mains d’Oeuvre
07/04 FR – Roche sur yon, Fuzzyon
08/04 FR – Pau, Festival Amplitude
11/04 FR – Rouen, Hangar 23
12/04 FR – Lille/Turcoing, Le Grand Mix

COLUMN ONE & MARC WANNABE [90% Wasser] 08/02 DE – Berlin, Maria CTM06 + Limpe Fuchs

MOHA! [Rune Grammofon] 23/01 DE – Rostock, Stubnitz
24/01 DE – Berlin, Scherer 8
25/01 DE – Cologne, Kulturbunker Mülheim
26/01 FR – Paris, Instants Chavires
27/01 BE – Brussels, Beursschouwburg
28/01 BE – Hasselt, Kunstencentrum
29/01 BE – Brussels, L´Archiduc, NB: at 17.00
29/01 BE – Leuven, Stuk
30/01 NL – Amsterdam, OT301, Kraakgeluiden
25/02 NL – Amsterdam, Paradiso, Sonic Acts Festival
26/04 DE – Berlin, Ausland, N-Event

NEXT LIFE [Cock Rock Disco] 05/02 DE – Berlin, Maria CTM06

RADIAN [Thrill Jockey] 15/02 ES – Malaga, M.A.R.T.E. Festival
25/02 CZ – Prague, Sperm Festival

TAYLOR DEUPREE & RICHARD CHARTIER [12K] 12/01 UK – London, Yacht Club + Iris Garrelfs, si-cut.db
13/01 UK – Newcastle, The Sage Gateshead + Pan Sonic
14/01 UK – Sheffield, Forced Entertainment Studio

YUKI KAWAMURA & YOSHIHIRO HANNO [Lowave] 16/02 DE – Berlin, Koiklub
17/02 DE – Dresden, Microscope Session
18/02 CH – Genève, Féstival de film asiatique

ZEITKRATZER [X-tract] 13/01 DE – Berlin, Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz
28/03 ES – Madrid + Merzbow, Zbigniew Karkowski
20/04 AT – Donaufestival Krems + Keiji Haino
22/04 AT – Donaufestival Krems + Marc Weiser
20/05 FR – Marseille


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