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Tre Nuove Uscite, Tre. Click For Infos.

dieSchachtel is proud to present two brand new releases, the long-awaited Prima Materia CD edition,
then a spectacular CD-Box edition dedicated to Aldo Clementi, and the ‘opening box’, our last Art
multiple edition in 10 copies only, based on the chemiluminescent installation recentely held at the
Die Schachtel Gallery. There’s also a new DS interview available online at Extrart magazine, in italian
only…This is going to be our last mail for this year, so we hope to hear from you soon to give you
our Christmas greetings
PRIMA MATERIA This unique compact disk, with liner notes by Terry Riley, presents the complete
“Tail of the tiger” recordings in a digitally remastered version, including two live concerts held in
1974 in Berlin and in 1976 in Rome. A totally fascinating journey into the realm of pure sound.
Deluxe digipak CD, complete with a 8-page informative booklet plus anastounding 16-page exploration
of “visual overtones” printed on tracingpaper in full color – price euro 18 –
[details > http://www.die-schachtel.com/html/ds10.htm]

ALDO CLEMENTI On the occasion of his 80th birthday, Die Schachtel is proud to present “Punctum
Contra Punctum”, a deluxe compact disc box dedicated to Aldo Clementi, one of the most important
figures of Italian music of the 20th Century. A must-have for all the modern music lovers, and a great
discovery for the most adventourous and prepared listener CDBOX – Silver-foil design on matt white
paper CD-box edition, complete  with a lovingly designed 64-page booklet in English and Italian
– price euro 20 – [details > http://www.die-schachtel.com/html/ds12.htm]

Evelina Domnitch, Dmitry Gelfand, Richard Chartier  Art multiple  titled ‘Opening Coccyx’ consisting
in a black cloth box 32x32x8 cm + duratrans diapositive print on electroluminescent sheet, 21×29 cm –
CD by Richard Chartier  edition of 10 copies [details > http://www.die-schachtel.com/ed_edition.htm]