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The Winter Coat Newsletter. Click For Infos.

Dear All
As winter’s approaching, we think is time to get the winter coat out of the
wardrobe and almost back down in the streets.
In the meanwhile we are glad to inform you about some recent releases and
forthcoming plans at Under My Bed Recordings:

[Mr 60. Mista Sista From Outta Space] Try to imagine Belle & Sebastian with a cowboy hat, using instruments taken
from the rubbish bin and trying to reinterpret songs of Giants Sand, Calexico,
Black Heart Procession, Scott 4 ed Elliot Smith. Right: now you’ve got an idea
of what’s Mistersixties. The record is co-released with BSBTA Records  in
Copenhagen and Marsiglia records.

[5 Pezzi Facili: Mr60 + The Frozen Fracture] The second volume of the split collection entitled “ Cinque pezzi facili” is
now almost ready to be completed. The release is planned for the end of
December beginning of January and will feature the contributions by Mr 60
“Concepto:Desperado” and by The frozen fracture  “We deserve a new beginning to
get back to where we started”.

[Compilation vol. #4: The road under my bed is guided by voices] We are currently planning the fourth volume of under my bed compilations. We
haven’t got a clear release data in mind but we have opted for Guided by Voices
tribute. If any of wish would wish to contribute to it we are always looking at
bad to surprise us. As usual the contact is: info@undermybed.org


06 October 2005 –
-My Dear Killer-
[mindlobster +  anat ben david + vocoder] @ The Foundry 86 great eastern street
nr. Oxford Street Tube Station

{gig’s are bliss headlining for the fist time in London! Pop in if you can and
say hello}

Thank you very much for the attention, if you managed to get to end of the
Stefano & Marco (?)
[The under my bed recordings]


sorry about that,

“The Foundry is at
86 Great Eastern Street London EC2A 3JL
OLD STREET tube (exit3) [not OXFORD STEET as i wrongly written] 020 7739 6900
info at foundry.tv
also, I forgot to mention that there is for FREE

thank you again

School of Biological Science
Queen Mary, University of London
Mile End Road
E1 4NS London
United Kingdom