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Anne Garner ‘Remaking The Pearl’ New Cd Out Now. Click For Infos.

Anne Garner – Remaking The Pearl

Label: Psychonavigation

Cat No: Psy 014

Format: cd

Release Date: 31/10/05

Artist Profile:

Anne Garner, Sheffield singer/songwriter is due to release a remix album of her songs ‘remaking the pearl’ on Irish label Psychonavigation Records. Remade/remodelled by djs, musicians and remixers such as Mixmaster Morris, Richard H Kirk, Pylon King, Dean Honer ….. Some are completely unrecognisable from their original incarnations, while others are reinterpreted in a more subtle way.

Anne has been playing the piano since the age of 7 and is also classically trained on the flute. She got involved in the electronic music scene in her teens and joined the Sheffield band ‘The Screaming Trees’ (aka Count Zero, Success) in the late 80s, with releases such as ‘Fracture in Time’ (produced by former ABC’s Stephen Singleton) and ‘Count Zero’ releases produced by Richard H Kirk .

After singing at her mum’s funeral in 2001, she decided to go solo, and developed her distinctive singing / song writing style. She is currently recording and co-producing her album ‘Making the Pearl’ with The Pylon King. Probably the first time a remix album has been released before the original.


1. Home. Dean Honer mix.
2. She Has. sub mix.
3. In Slumber. Richard H Kirk mix.
4. That Place. Gocat mix.
5. Home. Decal vs Human mix.
6. Home. The Last Sound mix.
7. She Has. Sean Quinn mix.
8. Fools. Lackluster mix.
9. Home. Multiplex mix.
10. Here Far Away. The Irresistible Force mix.
11. She Has. The Buddy System mix.
12. Seeds. Ape To Tape mix.
13. Silver Lines. Pylon King mix

We’ll be taking pre-orders very soon through the Psychonavigation Records site!!