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Category: New Music
Reference: C7-071-072
Bar Code 5413902000712

About: 4 th

Musicians :
Henry KRUTZEN / Keyboards, Tenor  Saxophone, Ken
Alain LEMAÎTRE / Bass
Alexandre MOURA-BARROS / Accoustic & Electric Guitars
Richard REDCROSSED / Vocals

+ Guests

Enéas ALBUQUERQUE / Clarinet
Wilberto AMARAL / Drums
Jean-Louis AUCREMANNE / Keyboards
Gilberto CABRAL / Trombone
Alexandre CASADO / Violin
Erinaldo DANTAS / Trumpet
Jubileu FILHO / Accoustic & Electric Guitars
Julian FIGUEROA / Bassoon
Faisal HUSSEIN / Cello
Alexandre JOHNSON / Flute, Piccolo
João JOHNSON / Oboe, English Horn
Jorge LIMA / Drums, Percussion
Alzeny NETO / Vocals
Eduardo PINHEIRO / Electric Guitar
Eduardo TAUFIC / Organ, Piano

Description of the album :

Henry KRUTZEN¹s fourth album is a double CD of his project ŒFINNEGANS WAKE¹. After the three previous albums with Finnegans Wake and some solo albums, his latest outpouring of ideas now needs 2 CDs. The material is dense, and takes the form of a suite of 13 compositions which gradually reveal to us the many facets of this brilliant fresco.

The style zigzags between innovative rock and classical contemporary, but is always accessible. It is a vision of contemporary music without frontiers.

Having settled in Brazil Henry Krutzen quickly found the musicians to accompany him in this adventure, and in particular Alexandre MOURA-BARROS, who takes part not only as an instrumentalist, but also as a composer. While revealing his own talent and vision, he blends in perfectly to the concept.

The other musicians show us, for those who didn’t know it already, that Brazil is full of musical talents outside the world of Samba. They are at least, if not more, able than the musicians from Belgium’s Ictus Ensemble with whom Henry Krutzen made one record, ‘Pictures’, Finnegans Wake’s third album.

‘4th’ is a more mature album than its predecessors, in its composition, precision, flexibility, openness, and finesse; it is a major work and makes Finnegans Wake one of the key groups of the moment in the genre.

This music joins the same family as Cro Magnon, Louise Avenue/Jan Kuijken, Eric Mertens, Christian Genet, Hardscore, Galileo Brothers, and Franck Balestracci, while remaining personal and taking us in a new direction – both optimistic and full of surprises.

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