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Audika (US) :

Arthur Russell “World of Echo” [cd] A reissue of the extraordinary World Of Echo album from New York avant-garde cellist, songwriter, composer, and disco visionary ARTHUR RUSSELL. Originally released in 1986, the album is a deeply meditative and seductive work of awe-inspiring beauty, grace, and passion, performed with just cello, voice, and echoes. Eighteen tracks remastered from Russell’s original 1/4-inch sequenced masters, including drumless versions of his disco classics “Let’s Go Swimming,” “Tree House,” and “Wax The Van,” along with four previously unreleased songs from Sketches From World Of Echo.
Euro 18,00

Cabin (Uk) :

Mike Cooper “Rayon Hula” [Double 10″] “Cabin Records was recently formed by Pete Fowler and Graham Erickson to release this LP by the legendary guitarist Mike Cooper. With Hawaiian loops running sweet and low, Mike Cooper has created a contemporary masterpiece of electronic exotica. Imagine Pole meeting Martin Denny in polluted paradise with Cornelius, now you don’t have to! Limited edition of 300 10 inch double vinyl in a hand screen printed cover by Graham Erickson and Pete Fowler.” Last copies !!
Euro 34,00

Chloe (US) :

Jason Kahn / Jason Lescalleet “Red Room” [cd] Chloë Recordings announces the first collaboration between Jason Kahn and Jason Lescalleet, a live performance from the famed Red Room in Baltimore, MD. Jason Kahn, a native of Los Angeles who lives in Switzerland, has been in overdrive recently, putting out new recordings both solo and in collaborations on a wide range of labels (including his own, Cut), and performing all over the world. Jason Lescalleet of Maine is one of the most unique composers and performers in electronic music; on stage he creates textures of unbelievable sensitivity and power using old reel-to-reel tapes and Casios, while creating mastering magic both for his own recordings and for others. This disc contains some of the warmest music I’ve heard. It wraps you in a sound blanket you won’t want to shake off. It’s a message of love to the Red Room and the people who fill it.
Euro 15,50

United States of Belt “Pancake Alley” [cd] Chloë Recordings and Champ Records (of Troy, NY) have teamed up to present the third release from United States of Belt and the first split release for either label.
“Pancake Alley” is a 40 minute sound collage composed of field recordings made around the USA between 1999-2004. The sounds are unmistakably American; the aesthetic, uniquely Beltian. The result is somewhere between a mythic tall-tale and a dream of wandering, as vast and colorful as crossing America in a 1972 Airstream Excella. The CD comes packaged in a lushly printed, heavy-stock paper package (with insert) that is itself a work of art: brightly painted signs, fantasy images from youth, and photographs of far-away familiarity. Images and design by US of Belt; cover painting by Mr. Joe Signs that Go.
Euro 15,50

Confront (Uk) :

Tim Barnes / Mark Wastell “The Scotch of St.James” [cd] tim barnes: prepared (snare) drum + amplification, mark wastell: amplified textures, tuned metal. recorded by christoph amann, may 17th 2004 at labor sonor, berlin, germany.
“The following set by Tim Barnes (percussion) and Mark Wastell (electronics, amplified textures and metallic percussion) was equally refreshing in its subtlety and variety. For anyone familiar with his sometimes quite ‘reduced’ work, Wastell was surprisingly active, shifting quickly and adeptly between an array of sounds, including hisses, crackles, rumbles, oscillations, pure tones from his electronics, as well as amplified textures and the ringing clarity of his various metallic percussion instruments. Barnes concentrated on a narrower range of sonic materials, often relying solely on gnarled woody cracks on a drum – yet he too also turned to rubbed and scraped cymbals, grainy bowings, vocal exhalations and what seemed to be bells during the course of the improvisation. The resulting interaction between the two embraced both direct trading of gestures and less obvious congruencies of sound; with great subtlety, it brought together space, silence, shifting textures and intriguing timbres in ways that constantly facilitated and rewarded the listener’s focussed engagement.” wayne spencer –
Euro 16,00

The Sealed Knot “Unwanted Object” [cd] Burkhard Beins, percussion; Rhodri Davies, harp; Mark Wastell, double bass. Recorded in 2004.
Euro 16,00

Crank Automotive (US) :

Alan Licht “Plays Well” [cd] “Donna Summer climaxes are so orgasmic that, duh, you want to sustain them into forever. I myself tried and failed to juggle her screeches from two different sources of “I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiro)” for a mix tape. Love Child/Run-On graduate Licht, however, creates a perhaps unwitting metaphor for what eternity might sound like on “The Old Victrola,” one of two half-hour-plus live tracks from Plays Well. Licht plays well quite literally at the beginning — a recording of Captain Beefheart’s “Well,” to be exact, along with some motorik guitar. But at 4:23 in, Licht loops the “up” from the climactic line “Let it fill you up” in Summer’s “Dim All the Lights” and delays the burst into the chorus until 16:01. It reads annoying, and possibly elitist, but I cheer along with the exhilarated audience every time I hear that final release. For all his avant-garde credentials, this man knows where disco heaven is and he takes you there. From there, the song ends and then repeats, but gets forgotten in feedback and Licht’s (I believe) rendition of “Well” draped in organ chords. The other track, “Remington Khan,” is a shuddering guitar étude” by Kevin John
Euro 16,00

Grooves Magazine (US) :

Various Artists “Grooves #16” [Magazine] 2004’s Best Discs, Drones & Modern Music, Michael Mayer, Richard Chartier, Buck 65, Ultra-red, Styrofoam, M83, 100+ reviews.
Euro 7,00

Quakebasket (US) :

Tetuzi Akiyama / Masafumi Ezaki / Tim Barnes “Futuro” [cd] “In early 2003, Akiyama (guitar) and Barnes (percussion(s) began a tour that took them from Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo in Japan, to New York, North Hampton, and Boston. Along the way, they picked up many friends (Ami Yoshida, Matt Valentine, Sean Meehan, Toshimaru Nakamura) to perform with them as trios. One night in particular, a below freezing evening in Osaka, Akiyama and Barnes were joined by one of the most exciting trumpet players to emerge from Japan in the last 20 years — Masafumi Ezaki. Protected from the frigid world outside, Akiyama, Barnes and Ezaki found themselves surrounded by an amazing collection of Art Deco furniture and Op-Art wall hangings which filled the petite Café Futuro. The trio packed themselves into the smallest corner, and began to respond to all the sensations and elements surrounding them. This completely acoustic musical situation gather its sounds into sparse vertical patterns that continually collapse back into it self. The players seem to travel beyond their own instrument. You rarely hear them play any conventional gestures or tones, as if they were using these instruments to channel some other musical mission.”
Euro 16,00

Tim Barnes “All Acoustics” [cd] “All Acoustics” is a re-issued recording of two solo percussion improvisations recorded and performed by Barnes without overdubs on July 18, 2001. Located at the heart of what allows Barnes to pull off all of his scene-stealing rhythmic feats, the album sums up to nearly an hour of Barnes exploring his entire percussive palette – no guitars, no strings, no synths, no horns, just drums.
Euro 16,00

Margarida Garcia / Barry Weisblat “Loran” [cd] “Margarida plays electric double-bass and Barry plays electronic. creaks, blips, bits of drone, strings manipulated with differents objects, but nothing lasts very long. Each sounds seems to evoke a different eerie spirit as it drifts by the air, everything unfolds very slowly, like watching a flower bend in the breeze.”
Euro 16,00

Toshimaru Nakamura / Sean Meehan “From Tour” [cd] Toshimaru Nakamura-no input mixing board / Sean Meehan-percussion. From their 2002 tour, includes the tour postcard. Beautiful cardboard envelope sleeve with a puzzle piece.
Euro 16,00

Robot (US) :

Aeolian String Ensemble “Eclipse” [cd] Eclipse is the long-anticipated second CD by The Aeolian String Ensemble, following the Lassithi / Elysium disc from 1998. This new release is a collection of recent, early, and live material. The disc opens with Espacios, dedicated to the art and architecture of Cesar Manrique. Wind patterns emerge, interspersed amongst distant, radiant tonalities. Zephyrs (air currents) sustain waves of resonance emanating from the Aeolian harp, transporting the sound of the strings, while revealing the surface of the harmonic textures. The second composition, entitled K1 (1981), first appeared on the Journey to the End of Night (1986) cassette compilation with a radically different title. K1 has now been renamed and re-mastered to deliver its originally intended listening experience. This early work consists of three movements for Aeolian harp, harmonic extractions, and voice. Each movement consolidates elements from the previous, creating gateways toward new and even more expansive realms. Concluding the album is the title track, Eclipse, which was recorded live in the open-air near Bosham Harbour, England on the occasion of the 1999 Solar Eclipse. Performed inconspicuously amongst the bystanders observing the Eclipse, the resulting sounds could most certainly be heard; however, the performers remained eclipsed by the moon. A fresh set of shifting, hazy, and spacious compositions for your total aural immersion. Cover art by Christoph Heemann
Euro 16,00

Mirror “Nightwalkers” [cd] Originally released in a LP edition of 600 numbered copies.
Newly re-mastered CD version makes available (again) one of Heemann and Chalk’s most peculiar, early aural odysseys. For their fifth project, Nightwalkers, Mirror teamed-up with Andreas Martin (Mimir member and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire) for a set of pieces that could well be their most adventurous and bizarre still yet. The result is an incredibly mysterious series of turbulent and richly spacious explorations that is curiously active, but at the same moment appears suspended in time. The subtle inclusion of rhythmic elements with sustained tonalities reveals ominous, distant landscapes and hallucinogenic excursions into further uncharted territories. Now available on CD in a full color digipak, reproducing the original album artwork and insert.
Euro 16,00

Organum / David Jackman “Penguins Eat Fish / Little Dark Wing” [7″] Split single of new compositions by Organum and David Jackman. “Penguins Eat Fish” features a metamorphosis of the Organum sound, integrating more punctuated, real-time acoustic elements with a diverse cacophony of “chordal” loops of fog horn and bugle band. The penguins march to the horizon. “Little Dark Wing” is the first piece to appear from a series of new piano works by Jackman. Here Jackman’s extensive graphic and visual background reveals a new palette of chordal systems. Further recordings of these graphic scores are forthcoming in mid-2005. Comes complete with bird. First edition; 402 copies.
Euro 9.50

VHF (US) :

L “Holy Letters” [cd] Recorded in 1989 and 1990, Hiroyuki Usui’s barely circulated masterpiece of deeply felt self-expression beautifully captures the spirit and substance of a half-dozen key sub-underground pillars of sound. Working with guitar, vocals, vibes, harmonium, bass, drums, cello, field recordings, digeridoo, and more, Usui blends delicate folk, psychedelia, and experimental sounds into a mostly subdued but undeniably glowing suite. The layered but careful instrumentation on the epic title track and “Troll” backs the alternately plain-spoken and crooning vocals perfectly. Odd touches like snatches of throat singing and bowed vibraphone leap out of the mix at just the right time. There are overt references to the blues (the first track is an oblique cover of “Cold Was The Ground”) — but other than the occasional slide guitar touch, the connection is overwhelmingly in the timeless feeling and atmosphere. For anyone who’s into Richard Youngs, Popol Vuh, Six Organs of Admittance, Tim Buckley, acid-folk, or Japanese underground, this is an essential purchase. Holy Letters was self-released by Usui in the early ’90s and primarily given away to friends, while a handful made it into shops in Tokyo and the U.S. before it disappeared completely. VHF’s reissue includes the entire CD and seven-inch from the original package, plus a tenminute bonus track from the original sessions. The gatefold folio with 20-page booklet includes previously unpublished photos and new liner notes by Usui and Ben Chasny (in both Japanese and English).
Euro 15,50

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