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DOORMOUSE – Xylophone Jism as The Ridiculator [CD Cock Rock Disco]
F.S. BLUMM – Zweite Meer [CD/LP morr music]
JOHN B & EXILE – Broken Language (Exile Mix) [12″ Planet Mu]
POPULOUS – Queue For Love [LP/CD morr music]
PXP – Nada [CD Dekorder]
ROBIN FOX – Backscatter [DVD Synaesthesia]
SINISTRI – Free Pulse [CD Häpna]
TERMINAL 11 – Illegal Nervous Habits [CD Cock Rock Disco]
THE GASMAN – The Grand Electric Palace of Variety [2CD Planet Mu]
V.A. (FUNCKARMA, GRAM, SOMSHIT, PYTLIK) – NOW 01  [12″ underscan]
VENETIAN SNARES – Rossz Csillag Allat Született [CD/2LP Planet Mu]

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DOORMOUSE – Stanley Yerkowski presents: Xylophone Jism as The Ridiculator [CD
Cock Rock Disco crock003]

So way, way, way back in 1994 Dan Doormouse first starting making hardcore
techno in Milwaukee Wisconsin, then one day he stumbled upon a Sun Ra record and
thus, “Breakcore” in the United States of America was born. He began the
legendary Addict and Distort record labels soon after, and began releasing the
most fucked up high intensity music the world has ever seen. The nephew of Lemme
from motorhead (really, no shit!), Dan soon started performing solo and with his
band Meat around Milwaukee in the Midwest of the US, gaining a massive following
of renegades, speed freaks and social workers.
Somehow, Mike Paradinas (Mu-ziq) took notice, and “Broken” was Dan’s first major
CD release in 2002 on the Planet Mu record label.  But it comes as no surprise
that the sorted and complex realities of Breakcore stardom (in this case of
bottle of Jack Daniels, and some misplaced punches) made it difficult to
continue with Planet Mu. Naturally, Dan finds a home here at Cock Rock Disco
with “Stanley Yershonowski presents Xylophone Jism as The Ridiculator.”
And pleased we are! “Xylophone Jism” is easily the greatest record ever made!
It’s an exploration of all types of music (…there’s even whale song), pieced
together into a vaguely abstract style that swallows up whole libraries of
music! The listener is tossed this way and that, beaten by blasts from horn
sections and gabber bass, ripped apart by high-speed breakbeats and strung out
with Latin rhythm. But listen to the Ladies scream in delight when you get to
the last track, where Dan gives his brilliant version of some Latin super-pop.
And is there a secret track on this CD? Who the fuck knows…


F.S. BLUMM – Zweite Meer [CD/LP morr music 053]
-> promo only in FR, Eastern and Northern Europe

Having released on Tomlab, Audiodregs, Staubgold and others F.S. Blumm now
returns to Morr Music for his second album following the debut “Mondkuchen”
(Morr Music 021, 2001).
The album’s title itself continues to write Blumm’s wordless (his-)stories about
arrival and departure, about movement and stopping, about searching and finding:
First “Ankern” (to anchor), then “Lichten” (to lighten, to pull the anchor) and
now: “Zweite Meer”. A new place.
Ideas for “Zweite Meer” started to flow in F.S. Blumm’s head while being on the
road. Traveling down the west coast from Canada to Mexico with Greg Davis and e*
rock, it could not have been any other way. Behind the car window landscapes
kept morphing during the length of one day. Breathing in in the morning, diving
through the desert, arriving in Las Vegas at night. Outside and inbetween: the
horizon, the sky, expanse and distance. The origins of huge gestures and great
popmusic. Inside F.S. Blumm’s head: Burt Bacharach, Tom Jones and – not far away
– Brian Wilson.
“Zweite Meer”, as Blumm puts it, is the fragmentation of all this. At the
beginning of the working process, he quickly gains momentum: Fast decisions,
spontaneous realisations, courageous steps towards a goal. What has to be said
becomes obvious. Then a phase of contemplation, of slowing down, of wariness,
delicacy and of being careful. Aiming at clarity, thus: How shall I say it (to
On “Mondkuchen”, F.S. Blumm found answers to his questions in sound(-scapes) and
textures, on “Ankern” it was rhythm and vertical lines, whereas “Lichten” fused
both, resulting in an approach towards chamber pop. With “Zweite Meer” F.S.
Blumm now draws near to what appears most fragile to him: harmony and melodie.
“Zweite Meer” is a reflection in the “music for big stages”. Here, F.S. Blumm
rediscovers himself on his guitar’s neck. He finds this music in tiny images of
his left hand striking chords. With this record, Blumm takes up a coherent row
of releases. Having finished “Sesamsamen” (almost a “symphony for friends”), he
initially wanted to realise “Zweite Meer” on his own, but fortunately he never
sticks too grimly to his own concepts. Thus, the listeners are able to enjoy the
sweet voices of old friends on horn, clarinet and saxophone, crowned by Blumm’s
favourite human singing voice: David Grubbs.


JOHN B & EXILE – Broken Language (Exile Mix) [12″ Planet Mu ZIQ113]
-> no promo in UK and Benelux

Drum and bass as you won’t have heard it before… John B
(beta/Prototype/Metalheadz) and collaborator Tim Exile (Moving
Shadow/Frequency/Ram/Beta) originally created Broken Language for
John’s “in:transit” album and the original is a popular floorfiller.
But Exile has taken the original files and mangled it Planet Mu style in to a
hardcore twisted dark monster of a tune as rinsed on dub by Concord Dawn & Evol
Intent and more. The bassline and 2step beat will mix in happily with other
current dnb but as the tune progresses things get sicker – a distorted gabba
beat kicks in – phased and mangled amens fly around the stereo field and ghastly
voices make unspeakable utterances! The flip is another masterpiece  of
experimental drum’n’bass from Exile; a solo track which keeps up the 4/4
pressure while adding the most futuristic fx and breaks with a dirty bass…



‘Yearlong’ is the long awaited compendium of live recordings from New England’s
favorite bearded computer-music duo (aka Keith Fullerton Whitman and Greg
Davis), as recorded between 2001 and 2002 in parts of the world only read about
by most. Taking in a ludicrously wide range of sound-sources and stylistic
leaps, ‘Yearlonng’ is the first collection of improvised laptop pieces from
Keith and Greg, edited down from around 18 hours of footage into one concise 45
minute mind-slayer.


POPULOUS – Queue For Love [LP/CD morr music 051]
-> promo only in FR, Eastern and Northern Europe

If you come across a Teenager or early Twen who is into HipHop nowadays, it’s
almost a surprise if they don’t understand the genre as the ultimate and dodgy
mainstream between Bling-Bling and Crunk, but appreciate HipHop’s golden era
starting in the late 80s instead. With his debut album “Quipo”, Italian producer
Populous already showed that he drew his very own conclusions from the jazzed up
beats and positive vibes of the Native-Tongues movement around A Tribe Called
Quest and De La Soul. Whereas “Quipo” still displayed a mildly bulky attraction
influenced by abstract electronica, “Queue For Love” now has a much more
homogeneous atmosphere and a warmth fed by carefully selected samples from Soul-
Jazz- and Soundtrack records from the late 60s and early 70s. Unlike the
aesthetics of recent, dominating approaches to HipHop, “Queue For Love” is a
triumph of the DIY ethos. After all, Andrea Mangia is just a kid with a computer
and an incorruptible taste. “Queue For Love” isn’t pure sampledelia, though. A
lot of the guitars, e-bows and glockenspiels on this album have been recorded in
the bath room of Populous’ tiny student apartment. This is where singer Matilde
of Italian band Studio Davoli even recorded her gorgeous vocals for “Bunco” and
“Clap Like Breeze”, turning the music into an amalgam of Broadcast, The Cocteau
Twins and a crazy-in-love DJ Shadow. On “My Winter Vacation” Dose One of
cLOUDDEAD fame does what only he can do: Twanging his stream of consciousness
into the world with his matchless flow. Furthermore, Jukka and Luca from Italian
Indie heroes Giardini Di Miro have helped to realize a few tracks to a huge
extent and thus have had their share in making “Queue For Love” as enjoyable as
possible. This album is smooth and balanced and HipHop at heart, reaching out to
Songwriting, Ambient, Folk and Film scores. All of this is delicately held
together by a remarkable concept of “Soul” and obviously: “Love”. Please queue
up, it will be worth the wait!


PXP – Nada [CD Dekorder 009]

2nd album by Farmers Manual (Mego) subunit PxP following the debut CD
“while(p){print”.”,” “x$p++}” on Ivan Pavlov’s (COH) Wavetrap label (which
received an honorary mention at 2002’s Prix Ars Electronica).
“The sudden jolt of pxp peeled open all collected ears. Here was a jutting mass
of digitized disturbance that fueled our direct reckoning with destabilized
mathematics. Think of equations which create anarchy instead of assert order,
and you?ve only begun to approximate the experience of what it?s like to listen
to pxp As these unrelenting punctualities seemed to progress, it’s divergence
from pxp’s Farmers Manual-like alignments seemed malignant. Spam data
malformations. Direct waveform bitstream. Seizure. Disengage. Smitten.” (taken
from Striking a Balance: Statement of the Digital Musics Jury, ae 2002)
File under: extreme computer music
Check ‘em out


ROBIN FOX – Backscatter [DVD Synaesthesia SYN012]

‘Backscatter’ is the debut solo release from Australian electronic artist Robin
Fox. The DVD contains ten audio-visual suites that meld sound and vision at the
point of signal pathway and current. The works were composed for the cathode ray
oscilloscope in such a way that the electricity used to generate sound is also
used to excite a single light photon across a phosphorous screen. The results of
this one to one audio-visual relationship are often surprising yet make sense on
some deeply synaesthetic level.
The 10 suites vary dramatically from the beautiful and subtle ‘Nyquist
Variations’ to the hard edged conceptualism of ‘Green Multiple Rondo’, from the
generative phase relationships in ‘Phase One’ and ‘Phase Two’ to the ecstatic
‘Mandala’ improvisations.
Mixed in Dolby 5.1 but also containing a full spectrum stereo mix.
This release re-connects synapses that have been dis-connected for too long!


SINISTRI – Free Pulse [CD Häpna H.20]

music beyond ego: „In a certain way we play concrete music, but we don’t use
bruitism or pure electronic – that is “non-musical” material – to make music, we
use elements and techniques from rock music tradition as source material to make
“non-music”. We take away each elements of expressiveness from music properly
“expressive” as rock or blues, giving a “neutral objectivity” to music styles
that, by definition, are never “objective”. We don’t operate the deduction of
meaning through mechanical or digital process, but through a discipline that
allowing us to give up our ego.“
Sinistri, formerly known as Starfuckers, is an experimental music unit based in
Italy. Starting from an original, raw, minimal and high power approach to the
rock language, they soon developed a personal direction exploring the space
between proto-punk, black roots and contemporary classical music. Sinistri is a
trio who uses electric, electronic and acoustic instruments, operating under the
principles of intuitive music, exploiting asyncrony and non-metrical rhythms.
Sinistri’s music comes out from an evolving process and appears like a steady
aperiodic pulsation which filters, through a minimal rock perspective,
archetypal prototypes and elements from jazz, funk, blues, concrete and
electro-acoustic music.


TERMINAL 11 – Illegal Nervous Habits [CD Cock Rock Disco Crock002]
-> no promo in UK and Eastern Europe

Remember when IDM music was interesting? Yes, it’s been a long time, and
computers have “given us” many cheap, lifeless albums since then. But wait!
Here’s Mike Castaneda, AKA Terminal 11, fresh from Phoenix Arizona, to prove to
the world that it is possible to tame your computer and force it to work for the
powers of goodness.
Illegal Nervous Habits is easily the greatest album ever made. It’s an emotional
rollercoaster of a record, with thrills and chills, heartbreaking sacrifice and
enough guts and grit to make even your grandmother pay attention. But what does
it sound like? Well Johnny, imagine a million bits of information flying through
the air, and watch these bits weave and dive like a ballet on PCP; then, as
you’re just getting bored, these bits make pictures of your friends. Yeah,
that’s trippy isn’t it? Well this album is just like that, and MORE.
This is the second release from Cock Rock Disco, founded by Jason Forrest and
distributed worldwide by Cargo UK. Cock Rock Disco has been established to
release amazing new music by a new generation of producers. Please look for
upcoming releases; they are fucking great, we promise.


THE GASMAN – The Grand Electric Palace of Variety [2CD Planet Mu ZIQ093]
-> no promo in UK and Benelux

For his second album, Portsmouth’s Chris Reeves plies us with more unsettling
moods and weird insect like skittering percusion. Chock full of strange
atmospheres chord changes, The Gasman makes sure the feeling is always
uncertain. This time there is a definite bit of a choir/church organ/haunted
pirate ship/broken ghost train vibe. Also a smidgen of Belgian techno, smashed
wine glass and lime cordial organ renditions. Influenced by Belgian Techno,
early 90s breakbeat hardcore and the Cardiacs.


V.A. (FUNCKARMA, GRAM, SOMSHIT, PYTLIK) – NOW 01  [12″ underscan us008]

NOW is the new compilation series on Underscan which will be released as four
12″ vinyl records.  A full length CD featuring all the tracks will be released
to coincide with the fourth and final EP. NOW presents the current state of the
label and what is to be expected in the near future. 
Featured acts are current Underscan artists such as GRAM, DALEZY, SOMSHIT,

FUNCKARMA opens the first installment in the series with the hectic uptempo
track “BRIM” where soundscapes reverberate with a wall of melodies and echoes
are combined with complex crisp beat structures. Funckarma consists of brothers
Don and Roel Funken from the Netherlands who already have a strong reputation
worldwide for their production work with the Shadowhuntaz, and many other
GRAM´s deep bass track “KEEP YOUR HEAD ABOVE WATER” follows up as a slow and
reduced mind bender that creates an ominous atmosphere.
Gram aka Graham Love from London has already released the “Simple Funk” EP on
Underscan in 2001. This track keeps up with the very unique production skills
GRAM stands for.
SOMSHIT´s track “ELZ ZUPPER” provides the listener with slightly distorted
rhythmic variations and weird melodic fragments which shift towards a powerful
harmonic climax at the end of the track. 
Somshit is Akira Sawada from Saitama/Japan who released his debut album “Paster”
on Underscan in 2002.
PYTLIK´s wonderfully dreamy “ATMACHB” finishes the EP as the most seductive
track. Classical melodies are wound up around tricky beats and evoke a floating
listening feel. This very personal track by Menu:Exit member Ralf Pytlik
unleashes emotions of transiency and unfulfilled hopes.


VENETIAN SNARES – Rossz Csillag Allat Született [CD/2LP Planet Mu ZIQ111]
-> no promo in UK and Benelux

Aaron Funk (aka Venetian Snares) hails from Winnipeg in Canada. Since his debut
12″ in 1999 on a small Minneapolis label, he has risen from the faceless
breakcore underground to become one of the most astonishing (and popular)
musicians working in the experimental electronic sphere (alongside Squarepusher,
Aphex Twin and Boards Of Canada). Each new album from Aaron brings with it a new
sound, a new atmosphere, a whole new world – he tries never to repeat what’s
gone before.
 “Rossz Csillag Allat Született” is his 12th studio album and his most mature
work yet. Inspired by a trip to Hungary while on European tour, Aaron found
himself on the Királyi Palota (Budapest’s Royal Palace) imagining himself as a
pigeon. This somewhat unlikely scenario was an epiphany for Funk, inspiring some
of his most heartfelt work to date. The baroque strings and eastern European
melodies were the starting point for these compositions, with Aaron’s trademark
jungle rhythms added only later as accents to increase the intensity. For this
record Aaron learned the trumpet and electric violin which both feature
prominently. It even contains a cover  of Rezsô Seress’ notorius “Hungarian
Suicide Song” aka Gloomy Sunday in it’s Hungarian title “Öngyilkos Vasárnap”.

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04/02-12/02 DE – Berlin, Maria am Ostbahnhof
For the detailed program please check:
HYPO [Active Suspension]
04/03 FR – Olympic / Nantes  / + THE KONKI DUET + M83

04/03 FR – Olympic / Nantes + HYPO + M83
18/03 IT – Spazio 211 / Torino
23/03 BE – festival “haunted folklore” / Bruxelles

LALI PUNA [morr music]
12/02 RU – Moscow, 35mm

09/02 SE – Gothenburg, Pusterviksbaren
10/02 NO – Oslo, Garage
11/02 SE – Stockholm, Klubb Accelerator
12/02 SE – Malmo, Pink Flag

10/02 DE – Berlin, Ausland
10/02 DE – Berlin Placard festival/clubtransmediale
12/02 DE – Leipzig, Superkronik
15/02 DE – Hamburg, Schilleroper
17/02 DE – Frankfurt/Main, Atelierfrankfurt
18/02 DE – Köln Kulturbunker Mülheim
19/02 DE – Münster, cuba

DDAMAGE [Planet Mu]
08/02 IT – Catania, Fabbrik
09/02 IT – Palermo
10/02 IT – Giarre, C.P.G.
11/02 IT – Calabria
12/02 IT – Marina di Gioiosa Jonica
13/02 IT – Bari

16/02 UK – The Gallery, John Moores University, Liverpool
17/02 UK – Armstrong Building, University of Newcastle
18/02 UK – Britons’ Protection, Manchester
19/02 UK – The Pyramid, Warrington

08/02 AT – Wien, Rhiz
09/02 AT – Linz, Kapu
10/02 AT – Innsbruck, pmk
11/02 SL – Ljubljana, Menza pri koritu
12/02 CR – Zagreb, kset

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