Fringes Concerti.

Moor/Ielasi/Sciajno/Kyriakides Live On June.

Andy Moor (The Ex) : chitarra
Giuseppe Ielasi : chitarra, electronics
Domenico Sciajno : laptop
Yannis Kyriakides : laptop

(duo, quartetto e altre formazioni)

Lunedì 7 Giugno ore 21:30
Circolo arci Blob
Via Casati 31
Arcore (Mi)

Martedì 8 Giugno ore 21:00
Teatro Candiani Mestre

Maggiori informazioni e foto su :

*Andy Moor *
Andy Moor began his musical life in Edinburgh, Scotland, playing guitar with
the band Dog Faced Hermans, a multi faceted eclectic group that mixed
post punk energy with traditional tunes and improvisations. In 1990 he
moved to the Netherlands to join Dutch band The Ex, and is still a full
time member of the band. In 95 he performed his first series of
completely improvised concerts as a duet with Terrie Ex. In 1996 he
began another group with Tony Buck (Necks), Joe Williamson and Leonid
Soybelman (Ne Zhdali) called Kletka Red, fusing traditional Klezmer,
Greek and Russian songs with their own frantic styles of playing. In
recent years Andy has involved himself incresingly with the Amsterdam
improvisation scene and performs regularily with Magpie Music Dance
Company with Katie Duck. Recent projects include a trio with John
Butcher and Thomas Lehn and collaborations with dancers including
Katarina Bakatsaki (Body Weather) and Angela Kohnlein. He has begun to
play more with electronic musicians in recent years including Kaffe
Matthews, Cor Fuhler, Yannis Kyriakides and Colin McLean (Dog Faced
Hermans). In the summer of 2000 he composed along with Anna McMichael
(New Ensemble) a short soundtrack for Epic, a film by artist Marion Coutts.

*Domenico Sciajno*
Born in Torino Italy in 1965, double bass player and composer, studyed
Strumental and Electronic Composition with Gilius Van Bergeijk and
double bass in the ‘Royal Conservatory’ of Den Haag in Holland.In summer
1991 follows the course of High musical specialization in Siena.In 1994
he follows a masterclass in Bruxelles for double bass in contemporay
music helded by the specialist Stefano Scodanibbio.His interest for
improvisation and the influence of academic education, bring his
research to the creative possibilities given by the interaction between
acoustic instruments, indeterminacy factors and their live processing by
electronic devices or computers.His research on the possibilities given
by a creative use of computers in music, brings him in touch with the
sonologists and new music composers like Clarence Barlowe, Mikle Barker,
Joel Ryan, Alvin Curran and Nicola Bernardini with whom he cohoperated
as composer and instrumentalist.From 1994 he has been present in some of
the most important festival as player, improviser or composer in the
contemporary and experimental music scene. He made Interactive Sound
installations for art galleries and exhibitions.Activist in the
developement of experimental arts, founded the association ‘Antitesi’,
organized festivals and collaborated in the foundation of the ‘Fringes’
record label .The wide spectrum of his experiences (that leaded to works
like ‘Terra’, ‘King Cycle’ and ‘Objectable’) brings him very close to
the concept of performance, where he use texts and electronics as in
previous works in combination with a coreografic use of the scene space
and the projection of videotapes made by himself.

*Giuseppe Ielasi*
Giuseppe Ielasi was born in 1974, and has lived in the countryside near
Milan since 1990. He started playing guitar in 1988, and worked for many
years in the area of ‘improvised music’ (long term collaborations with
Renato Rinaldi, Alessandro Bosetti, Mark Wastell, Michel Doneda, Hans
Koch, Fabrizio Spera).  He has performed live with Taku Sugimoto, Jerome
Noetinger, Dean Roberts, Nmperign, Brandon Labelle and many others. In
recent years his main interest has been in live sound production and
diffusion in relationship to space (solo work and duo with Domenico
Sciajno). Regular collaborator of the theater group “Teatro Aperto”. In
1998 he founded the “Fringes recordings” label.

*Yannis Kyriakides *
Yannis Kyriakides was born in Limassol, Cyprus in 1969 and emigrated
with his family to England in 1975. After travelling for a year with his
violin in the near east he returned to England to study musicology at York
University, later being drawn by the music of Louis Andriessen to move
to The Netherlands, to study with him. At this time he also had the
inspiring opportunity to collaborate on three projects with the maverick
electronic composer/theatre-maker Dick Raijmaakers.
Living in Amsterdam he composes and performs in various fields including
concert music, electronic impro-visation, contemporary dance, theatre
and new media. Ensembles and musicians he has worked with include
Icebreaker, LOOS , ASKO, MAE, Ugly Culture, Slagwerk-groep Den Haag,
Orkest De Volharding and MIMEO. His musical language is often
characterised by shifting speeds unfolding on long time spans – often
with a high rhythmic energy – the use of unorthodox sound sources and an
exploration of spaces or atmospheres that highlight physical sound,
temporal experience and the conceptual use of musical idiom and language



Giuseppe Ielasi – Fringes Recordings