Freeboto n.1 online

Hi to everyone,
Freeboto n.1 is online:, follow the “freeboto” link and get single mp3 tracks or 38MB zip archive. Free.

Eleven tracks, 33′ 33”, recorded in 2002/2003.
CopyLEFT! Just respect it.
It’s Caboto.

What is Freeboto?
Free on the Internet, personal sessions of
improvisation and study, recorded at the rehearsal’s: the real work
that hides for months behind results. Project for who wants to
discover sources, embryos of sounds, maybe impure but mixed with
glances around, screams, voices in the backgrounds, lack of
understanding and incertitudes, just like for something made “for
the first time” or “by chance”. So, Freeboto keeps what
often cannot be repeated: words pending forever, no answers.
A short serie made of fragments, as I tried to describe, fed
every three/four months, available from January 2004 at in mp3 format and – if
needed – a graphic file with a easy-printable cover artwork.
We simply like this stuff, and we enjoy the idea of sharing it,
instead of leaving it linked to a closed newsgroup of friends.

Freeboto n. 2 will be up in April 2004.

Caboto, recent album Did You Get Visuals? (Raving Records/Wide, 2003)
available at

Best regards,
Marcello Petruzzi
Caboto Band
Marcello Petruzzi