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( Bar La Muerte -Boring Machines – Burp Publications – Fratto9 under the sky – Frigorifero – Megaplomb – SGR Musiche – Trasponsonic – Valvolare – Wallace Records)

Jealousy party, active Florentine ensemble from 1995, rape the suggestions of the free music (jazz and not only), avant-rock , the disturbed and unsociable electronics, squirts of songs, saxs, laptop and cds in flames and histrionic vocal manipulations. The mutant project expresses with delirium and destructured transparency the synthesis among creative astractism, expressive urgency, mad avant-gardist, theatricality and punk attitude.



Andrea Marutti & Fausto Balbo
Detrimental Dialogue ( CD, Maggio / Giugno 2010 )
(Afe Records – Fratto 9 Under the Sky – Boring Machines)

Un disco con Andrea Marutti e’ il nostro sogno di sempre. L’uomo che da 15 anni sta dietro all’etichetta Afe Records e che ha registrato a nome Amon, Never Known, Afeman e Andrea Marutti i dischi di ambient scura piu’ belli dell’ultimo periodo e’ uno dei nostri miti.
In questo disco Andrea Marutti interagisce con Fausto Balbo, musicista dal passato nel mondo dei suoni “pesanti” che negli anni ha sviluppato interesse per la musica elettronica e gli strumenti autocostruiti. Il suono e’ generalmente meno scuro e piu’ variegato, una dimostrazione della duttilita’ sonora di un musicista esperto come Andrea Marutti che sa applicare un gran gusto a tutte le sue produzioni.


No Fest – Spazio 211 – Torino : 18-19-20 giugno
Tagofest – Tagomago – Marina di Massa: 2/3/4 luglio


un po’ in ritardo, ma volevo segnalarvi che “the wire” ha indicato tra i dischi più interessanti dell’anno, anche quello degli A SPIRALE

in the first months of the year, “the wire” magazine it lists the bands and the most interesting album of the year. among these there is also the “A SPIRALE” cds

The Electorate –
This year’s charts were compiled from the votes of the following contributors (with individual records of the year shown in brackets): Jennifer Allan (Sunn O))) Monoliths & Dimensions) Steve Barker (King Midas Sound Waiting For You) Mike Barnes (Ben Frost By The Throat) Clive Bell (Edward Barton And A Panda) Lisa Blanning (snd Atavism) Marcus Boon (Group Bombino Guitars From Agadez Vol 2) Nathan Budzinski (Trembling Bells Carbeth) Nick Cain (Hecker Acid In The Style Of David Tudor) Philip Clark (Rhodri Davies/Michel Doneda/Louise Martin/Phil Minton/Lee Paterson Midhopestones) Julian Cowley (Musica Elettronica Viva MEV 40) Alan Cummings (Hildur Gunadóttir Without Sinking) Sam Davies (Hecker Acid In The Style Of David Tudor) Mark Fisher (SA-RA Creative Partners Nuclear Evolution The Age Of Love) Phil Freeman (Derek Bailey & Steve Noble Out Of The Past) Susanna Glaser (Hudson Mohawke Butter) Louise Gray (Diana Jones Better Times Will Come) Andy Hamilton (Bachir Attar & The Master Musicians Of Jajouka Jajouka Live Vol 1) Simon Hampson (Matias Aguayo Ay Ay Ay) Jim Haynes (Emeralds What Happened) Richard Henderson (Sparks Exotic Creatures Of The Deep) Tony Herrington (The Stooges You Don’t Want My Name You Want My Action: 1971 The Missing Link) Anne Hilde Neset (Richard Youngs Under Stellar Stream) Hua Hsu (Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavillion) David Keenan (Bill Orcutt A New Way To Pay Old Debts) Rahma Khazam (Christina Kubisch La Ville Magnétique/ The Magnetic City) Biba Kopf (David Sylvian Manafon) Alan Licht (Group Doueh Treeg Salaam) Martin Longley (Tom Waits Glitter And Doom Live) Marc Masters (Oneida Rated O) Bill Meyer (Alasdair Roberts Spoils) Keith Moliné (Magma Emehntehtt-Re) Will Montgomery (Heribert Friedl Recherche_00) Brian Morton (A Spirale Agaspastik) Joe Muggs (Peverelist Jarvik Mindstate) Simon Reynolds (Micachu And The Shapes Jewellry) Nicholas Richardson (Harappian Night Recordings The Glorious Gongs Of Hainuwele) Tom Ridge (Mountains Choral) Jude Rogers (The xx The xx) Bruce Russell (Peter Kolovos New Bodies) Chris Sharp (Sun Araw Heavy Deeds) Adrian Shaughnessy (Broadcast & The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age) Philip Sherburne (Sunn O))) Monoliths & Dimensions) Nick Southgate (Damo Suzuki’s Network Tutti Colori Del Silenzio) Dan Spicer (Bill Orcutt A New Way To Pay Old Debts) Joseph Stannard (Broadcast & The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age) David Stubbs (Broadcast & The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age) Derek Walmsley (Harappian Night Recordings The Glorious Gongs Of Hainuwele) Dan Warburton (Ab Baars/Ig Henneman/Misha Mengelberg Sliptong) Patrick Ward (Billy Bao May 08) Ben Weaver (Bill Orcutt A New Way To Pay Old Debts) Barry Witherden (Ken Vandermark/Barry Guy/ Mark Sanders Fire Fox) Matt Wuethrich (Bill Orcutt A New Way To Pay Old Debts) Rob Young (Broadcast & The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age)

© The Wire 2010


Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery –

Maurizio Argenziano on electric guitar & feedback, Mario Gabola on acoustic sax & feedback and Massimo Spezzaferro on drums. There seems to an abundance of creative and experimental music coming out of Italy over the past few years with bands like ZU & Deus Ex Machina and labels like NuBop, Rai Trade, El Gallo Rojo, Auand, Longsong and Amirani. We just received a short stack of promos from yet another fine Italian label called Fratto and again I am amazed by even more unknown gems.
A Spirale is a formidable power trio and often over-the-top. “Black Crack” blasts opens with a dense wall of feedback before the trio erupts into a tight, noise/rock powerhouse. There are some occasional moments of free calm before the sax and guitar strangle each other in a wrestling match free focused noise. I dig that this band has that true punk in-your-face spirit yet remain focused and impressively tight. Guitarist Maurizio uses his axe more as a bludgeon instrument but comes up with an array of twisted sounds. The feedback employed by either the saxist or guitarist, is also well-used and never overdone or excessive. Just when you thought you had these dudes pegged as ear-shredding noise enthusiasts, the break it down to tension filled, spacious, haunting noise lullaby for “Suriciorbu”. What’s interesting here is the way this trio uses bent sax & electric guitar notes & feedback and turn them into what sounds like charted or directed pieces. Althoughs parts of this were a bit extreme, I found that there was a most impressive inner restraint and structure that is not so apparent unless you are patience and have the time to look more closely.



Luminance Ratio “Like Little Garrisons Besieged”
(Fratto9 under the sky/Boring Machines)
is a collaborative effort joining sound artists Eugenio Maggi (Cria Cuervos, Slave Auction), Gianmaria Aprile (Ultraviolet Makes Me sick, Fratto9under the sky records) and Andrea Ferraris (Airchamber 3, Ur,Ulna, John Russel, Sil Muir). “Like Little Garrisons Besieged” brings them far from their respective discographies and finds them sailing in the apparently quiet waters of free-folk, electroacoustics and minimal drones. The music, resulting from live sessions and painstaking studio work, is meticulously thought to combine electronics with analog/traditional instruments: laptop, acoustic and electric guitars, cardiod and contact microphones, vibraphone, melodica, glockenspiel, minidisc, rimshot and cymbals, analog synth, percussion, kaoss pad and pedal effects. Featured on this release is Paul Bradley (Twenty Hertz, Monos, etc.)’s personal reinterpretation of their collective work, assembling an expanded “remix concrète” out of the single tracks.


A Spirale – “Agaspastik”
(Fratto9 under the sky/AS prod/Deserted Factory)

Try to imagine Kevin Drumm and Bhob Rainey playing rock together, with a drummer that deviate their already deviant music playing something coming from the sixties.
The aim is to make music “not playing” (barbarous music, quoting Cornelius Cardew), a torn body that spits blood, whose only movement is generated by spastic contractions due to injuries.
Agaspastik represents the “step beyond” of A spirale, that from electroacoustic destructuration of “Porosità” (cd-r) and “Gariga” (SM – 1360) expand their range of possibility and control over the sound matter, losing themselves in the languages of radical improvisation, of power noise, of punk…
Very dark and violent music, with bewildering moments of melody… –

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