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ALLROH – Hag Dec CD Graumann
APSE – Climb Up 2LP/CD ATP/R
BRUCE GILBERT – Oblivio Agitatum CD Editions Mego
COLIN MACLEAN / ANDY MOOR – Everything but… CD Unsounds
DJ /RUPTURE + MATT SHADETEK – Solar Life Raft CD Agriculture
FUCK BUTTONS – Surf Solar pic-7″ ATP/R
GIZMOG – Tonight 12″EP Zoik
MEM1 – +1 CD Interval
MIKA VAINIO – Black Telephone Of Matter CD Touch
NAKABAN – Der Meteor DVD Noble
OLIVIER GIROUARD – La nuit nous déconstruit par c¦ur CD Ekumen
ROSHI FEAT. PARS RADIO – The Sky and the Caspian Sea CD Geo
RUSSELL HASWELL – Wild Tracks CD Editions Mego
SOLOTEMPO – Chamber/New Ears 12″es Spezialmaterial
V.A. – An Anthology Of Chinese Experimental Music 4CD Sub Rosa
VILLALOG – Cosmic Sister CD Angelika Köhlermann
ALLROH – Hag Dec
CD Graumann GR-001
Aufgenommen wurde Allrohs (aka ANNE ROLFS) erste reguläre full length CD HAG DEC von ihrem Fan und Förderer STEVE ALBINI im Dezember 2008 in dessen Chicagoer Electrical Audio Studio. Im Frühjahr desselben Jahres, zeitgleich mit der Veröffentlichung ihres Erstlingswerks, der EP NYM, war Allroh mit Albinis Band Shellac auf Europatournee.
Auf HAG DEC, wie auch auf ihren Konzerten spielt Allroh alles solo. Sie benutzt keinerlei Effektgeräte, auf den 14 Stücken findet sich kein Overdub.
Anne Rolfs ist in Rostock aufgewachsen und hat bereits als Kind angefangen Gitarrenunterricht zu nehmen. Sie studierte Klassik- und Jazzgitarre und hatte auch Kontakt zur Free Jazz Szene der DDR (u.a. Peter Brötzmann).
Nach dem Mauerfall zog sie nach Berlin und gründete Anfang der 90er das Trio Wuhling. Die erste Wuhling Single war gleichzeitig die erste Veröffentlichung des Kitty Yo Labels. Wuhling brachte zwei vielbeachtete Alben heraus: Extra 6 (1996, Touch & Go), ebenfalls aufgenommen von Steve Albini und Spacebeige (1997, City Slang). 1998 löste sich die Band auf.
Vom 12.-28. September und im März 2010 ist Allroh auf Deutschland Tournee zusammen mit dem Brooklyner Hardcore Improv-Jazz Duo TALIBAM!
APSE – Climb Up
2LP/CD, ATP Recordings ATPRLP34
Streetdate: October 26
In the fall of 2007, around Apse’s 8th year as a band, MICHAEL GUNDLACH and founding member BOBBY relocated to the quiet shores of outer Cape Cod, Massachusetts and began living in virtual isolation. A few months into the move and for various reasons the 2 brooklyn based members of the band were no longer in the picture, leaving only Bobby, Michael and their faithful touring bass player / contributing member JOHN MORDECAL, living 4 hours away.
Together Bobby and Michael found multi-instrumentalist JED ARMOUR who joined the band and introduced them to drummer BRANDON COLLINS. Both of them highly talented musicians and long time residents of the cape, the addition of these two members greatly impacted the creative capabilities of the band as well as Bobby and Michael’s understanding of – and integration into the year ‘round life in the band’s new home.
After rigorous preparation with the new members rehearsing for an already-booked 6 week European tour that saw them performing at ATP Vs. Pitchfork and several other noteworthy dates across Europe the band returned to Cape Cod and began writing a new album. In August of 2008 during the early stages of the writing process, All Tomorrow’s Parties reissued the band’s 2006 Spirit to warm critical reception. Labeled as a post-rock record by some, a genre-splicing giant to others, Spin Magazine’s Kenny Herzog likely put it best: “Spirit is the deathnail for the labored beast that is “post-rock,” revealing the much more alluring potential that always lurked around its sinister corners.”
Since making Spirit – originally completed in 2006 and after releasing a number of smaller albums both before and after the ATP reissue, the band found itself ready to take on its next major endeavor. Just as a director might make respective films – changing subject matter, approach and format for each – the band was inspired to explore new means of composition, songwriting and production. Its range of members were influenced from a diverse array of art and music, life experience, fiction – and were unanimously uninfluenced by their surroundings – as there were little social distractions or creative camaraderies to be had.
The bulk of this writing process then took place between the fall of 2008 and the spring of 2009. Forging the album through long days and nights in the quiet beauty of the winter months on outer Cape Cod. The record that’s come out of it, entitled Climb Up is undoubtedly a reflection of the very process that made it – tying into the creative methods as well as the story of the lives of the band’s members as they crafted the album.
Climb Up was recorded entirely by the band in their homes. The bulk of the arrangements and mixing were authored by Bobby Jed and Michael. Drawing from a mixture of existing demos that were turned into working songs as well as full-band improvised live recordings that Bobby cut up and formed into song structures, overdubbing effects and vocals on top of them – the band ultimately chose and honed in on a final cut of 12 tracks, culled from a larger body of work.
The ever-changing obtuse creative strategies of Bobby and Michael, paired with the adept musical knowledge and performance abilities of Jed and Brandon – and the diverse inspirations of all members combined to create an album that bares a fantastic dialogue between imagination and songcraft. Climb Up is wildly unique, versatile, and inarguably the bravest yet most accessible work by the band.
The record is a major departure from the band’s most notable predecessor, Spirit – which was completed 4 years prior. Where Spirit explored a dark world of reverberant guitars, ambient passages, and minimal, haunting vocals, Climb Up proves a bold step out of that darkness. The intricacies of this new world are depicted as if staggering from the world of Spirit into a very different, more illuminated place.

Not to mention its packed with more grooves, a greater use of electronics, a range of instruments both modern and classical and – notably – a much stronger emphasis on voices and melodies.

Climb Up is dense, innovative, cinematic. Apse draw from a colourful palette of different genres, techniques, instruments and approaches – and with that have made what is likely to be one of the most curious, and probably largely unexpected albums of the year. Listen, and be immersed.
BRUCE GILBERT – Oblivio Agitatum
CD Editions Mego eMEGO 096
Streetdate: October 2
All titles written by Bruce Gilbert
Mastered @ Haswell Studio, Suffolk
Design by David Coppenhall
Images: front: Bruce Gilbert, inner: David Coppenhall
Editions Mego is very pleased to announce the release of a new album by Bruce Gilbert, whose career stretches back to late 1960’s British avant garde art & music scenes, and has since played an important and influential role with his involvement in various rock based formations, work for choreographic projects and art installations.
Oblivio Agitatum is Gilbert’s first album length release since Ordier (realised 1996 and released in 2004), essentially making this his first album of the 21st century. A startling and mesmerizing work which recalls some of his mid 1980’s works such as This Way and Shivering Man. An ever shifting set of agitated and obscure tones creating a sense of confusion while still being highly structured and concentrated.
A stunning return.
COLIN MACLEAN / ANDY MOOR – Everything but the Beginning
CD, Unsounds U17
The first release from Andy Moor and Colin MacLean since they disbanded Dog Faced Hermans 13 years ago. A collection of ‘live’ recordings of improvisiations over a period of three years in collabortion with several dancers that took place in Amsterdam at OT 301. Andy’s unmistakable guitar blended with live sampling and electronics from Colin, creating a dark filmic atmosphere.
Colin McLean
Scots musician + sound engineer based in Amsterdam since 1991. Working at social/cultural centre OT301 since 1999.  Began playing music in Edinburgh in early 80s as bass player in Dog Faced Hermans.  Current musical activities include improvising electronics for dance performances [MUSIC / DANCE301, WONDERLAND, MAGPIE], playing bass guitar with GETATCHEW MEKURIA + THE EX, touring extensively [Europe, USA, Canada, Ethiopia] as live sound engineer with THE EX and mastering CD projects for local labels [Unsounds, Terp, Power vs. Power, Transformed Dreams]. Co-curator [with Alexandra Manasse] and musical director of MUSIC / DANCE 301, a monthly music + dance improvisation performance event at OT301.
Andy Moor 
Born in London England 1962  Andy began his musical life in Edinburgh, Scotland playing guitar with the band Dog Faced Hermans, a multi faceted eclectic group that mixed energetic post punk energy with traditional tunes and improvisations….
In 1990 he moved to the Netherlands after an invitation to join Dutch band
The Ex…the openess and versatility of the musicians in this group has brought  them into contact with many musicians from different scenes and backgrounds..including Tom Cora(cello), Han Bennink(drums), Wolter Wierbos(trombone),John Butcher (sax). Andy also was a founding member of Kletka Red…fusing traditional Klezmer, Greek and Russian songs with their own frantic styles of playing….
Andy’s latest projects include a duo with Yannis Kyriakides a quartet with Ken Vandermark , Terrie Ex and Paal Nilssen Love called Lean Left and duos with Anne James Chaton and DJ Rupture and Colin Maclean. Andy continues to be a full time member of The Ex who most recently have been collaborating with veteran Ethiopian saxaphonist Getatchew Mekuria.
CD The Agriculture AG049
Streetdate: October 11
“Jace Clayton, aka DJ/Rupture, is a thoughtful pipeline for music from countless distant and obscure outposts.” — Jon Pareles, The New York Times

With the release of Solar Life Raft, DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek emerge from the shores of Brooklyn bearing gifts from the future. A rich blend of bass, beats, and space, rocked by a tropical wind out of the west, Solar Life Raft is an arresting testament to the fruit that grows at the margins, free from genre orthodoxy and pulsing with gentle mutant energy. The liner notes allude to a strange future, where youthful optimism and solar panels survive alongside dolphins in a drowned New York.
American musician DJ /rupture is back in Brooklyn after living most of the ’00s in Barcelona. Rupture, aka Jace Clayton, began DJing internationally with Wax Poetic, a band featuring Norah Jones, but went off on his own after the 2001 release of his highly influential Gold Teeth Thief mix CD. This game-changing mixtape, recorded live on three turntables, brought together Missy Elliot, drum&bass, arty noise, and dancehall, providing inspiration for countless DJs and mashuppers to come. He spent a year touring with then-labelmate, Kid606. DJ /rupture’s technically adept party-rocking has brought him to over 30 countries, including appearances at major festivals: SONAR (Spain), Transmediale (Berlin), Pitchfork Music Festival (US). Last year he released his fourth official mix CD, Uproot, as well as a live album, Patches, from a duo project with guitarist Andy Moor of Dutch post-punk band The Ex. Rupture hosts a weekly radio show on independent radio stronghold WFMU. His show is re-broadcast on a half-dozen similar stations throughout Europe. This summer he collaborated with filmmaker Jem Cohen and Fugazi’s Guy Picciotto on a live soundtrack. Laser-focused, rather than ‘eclectic’, these various projects are an organic result of his nonstop musical curiosity, so it’s no surprise that BBC1 legend John Peel invited DJ /rupture to perform (twice!) on his live Peel Sessions.

Producer Matt Shadetek is a lifelong New Yorker. Albums Burnerism and Pale Fire won him fans across Europe and America, making him one of the few U.S. producers to record on the U.K.’s Warp Records. He has released instrumental hip hop, dancehall, dubstep and many things in the cracks between. His recent turn to dance production foregrounding Caribbean and African influences has won him support from the ultra-competitive Brooklyn teen dancehall scene, as well as from trendsetting DJs like Skerrit Bwoy, Diplo and Green Lantern. Shadetek’s “Brooklyn Anthem” became a viral hit, landing on dozens of mixtapes and spawning 100+ D.I.Y. youtube videos of local kids one-upping each other with crazy dance moves to Matt’s banging beat. During his time living in Berlin, Matt Shadetek shared a studio with Modeselektor and co-produced two tracks for their album, Hello Mom!
When touring in Europe, Rupture and Shadetek discovered they shared a love and appreciation for engaging with streetwise dance music from a ground-up, participatory perspective, as well as more experimental sounds. Upon returning to NYC, the duo began making beats together. While the pair produced vocalist Jahdan Blakkamoore’s debut album Buzzrock Warrior (out Sept 14th on !K7), Solar Life Raft is their first extended project together.
Solar Life Raft features 25 tracks blended on three decks into a complete hypnotic and gripping narrative. Rupture’s response to the recession was to stay local and work with nearby friends and collaborators. He invited Shadetek to co-produce the mix CD. Shadetek’s dubstep anthem “Strength in Numbers” is the first beat to drop on Solar Life Raft, and sums up their outlook. They reached out to fellow Brooklynites Gang Gang Dance, Telepathe, and Jahdan Blakkamoore, offering their skills as remixers. To these remixes they added a half-dozen original productions, and a fascinating selection of other tracks. One of Rupture’s several collaborations with poet Elizabeth Alexander, who spoke at Obama’s Inauguration, finds a place here, as does entrancing multilingual poet Caroline Bergvall. Ghostly voices from classical wunderkind Nico Muhly’s Mothertongue (another New Yorker) flow into an exclusive beat from London’s leading female grime producer, Mizz Beats. French musique concrete and avant-garde legend Luc Ferrari rubs up against the latest wave of U.S. dubstep. Indeed, while others focus on the U.K. sounds, Rupture & Shadetek make a convincing argument for the creativity and excitement of stateside dubstep and electronica. Solar Life Raft was recorded over the course of two days at Rupture’s home studio in Brooklyn, although the pair spent months before building tunes for it and crafting the remixes. At times the narrative flow is delicately smooth, at others the duo use the first-take recordings to capture the energy and freshness of a live mix. The inclusion of sounds and artists from outside of electronic dance music move Solar Life Raft into a territory all its own. This is an album with lasting emotional resonance that can still make the car trunks rattle.
* Released simultaneously with Solar Life Raft will be a digital-only compilation Solar Life Raft: The Ingredients. The Ingredients offers a selection of Solar Life Raft tracks in unmixed form, allowing the curious to hear how Rupture & Shadetek transformed the sounds, and pulling away the curtain of DJ mystery. The Ingredients compilation serves as an up-close guide to the ‘making of’ Solar Life Raft.
7″ Picture Disc, ATP Recordings ATPRSP09
Streetdate: September 2009
1st single from the forthcoming album Tarot Sport
Fuck Buttons burst back into action with the release of their blistering new album, Tarot Sport, in early October 2009. The album will be preceded by the release of a single, ‘Surf Solar’, on 14th September 2009 (both on ATP Recordings) and by a full UK tour with regional dates in September and a headline London show at Heaven in Charing Cross on 27th October.
Fuck Buttons, the duo of ANDREW HUNG and BENJAMIN JOHN POWER, recorded ‘Tarot Sport’ at Rotters Golf Club Studio in London with the legendary DJ, producer and remixer ANDREW WEATHERALL on production duties. The results of this pairing are astounding. ‘Tarot Sport’ is an album in which Fuck Buttons continue to refine, craft, explore and develop the experimental aesthetic of last year’s critically acclaimed debut album, Street Horrrsing. However, they also take proceedings to another level through a combination of their own ambitious aims and the application of Weatherall’s clear-sighted, rule-defying precision and attention to sonic detail. The seven tracks on the album reflect a new-found complexity of sound and a more layered depth to the recordings; recordings that pushed everyone to the limit of their abilities. As Power says, “I think it sounds a lot thicker than our previous workŠ.our brains kind of went into meltdown”.
The first single to be taken from the album is ‘Surf Solar’, the powerful but mesmerizing opening track from ‘Tarot Sport’. It displays an attitude of emotional urgency and striving that is prevalent in a lot of Fuck Buttons’ music. Hung puts it like this; “Without a conscious effort, this track acts as a bridge between ‘Street Horrrsing’ and ‘Tarot Sport’Š.it has an emotion attached to it that is unique to us: one of anxiety. It’s an urgent track”. As always, Fuck Buttons remain faithful to the idea of hope as an inspiration.
DVD Cavity 02
“Since the early years of video art, works have been made which do not actually produce a standard TV signal waveform and therefore cannot be directly recorded. Some are based primarily upon magnetic distortion of the normal TV scan pattern, others utilise a Cathode Ray Tube as if it were an oscilloscope screen.”
Gert-Jan Prins and Bas van Koolwijk’s Synchronator project continues a lineage of experimentation originally embarked upon by the likes of Nam June Paik and the Vasulka’s. Both artists teamed up after a shared need to transcend the technical limitations of the video signal and through a shared aesthetic. Accessing the inner working of their audiovisual equipment, they crosswire sound and image to produce a glitchy synaesthetic montage – sometimes with tantalizing hints at representation as seen in the online video.
Synchronator is dysfunctional roboid ghost in the machine, choreographing an interference dervish to a montage of extreme noise textures.
The duo is about to release as well a commercial version of the “Synchronator” box, a small piece of electronic gear, with audio inputs, and video-output, translating audio signals straight into PAL or NTSC videosignals. Original recordings were produced with the SYNCHRONATOR device for PAL video. The release has been made possible thanks to our individual support from Fonds BKVB and Nederlands Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten.
Gert-Jan Prins
Prins has created an electronic system with circuits from radio, TV and transmitter techniques, which produces feedback sounds and TV signals. Prins does regularly solo concerts, many collaborations and is a member of MIMEO.
Bas van Koolwijk
The video of Van Koolwijk can be seen as an aggressive attack on the illusion of video itself. Through a rigourous and formalistic approach, Van Koolwijk exposes the face of the machine which lives behind the often-placating veil of the televised image.
GIZMOG – Tonight
12″/Digital, Zoikmusic ZM02
Streetdate: September 9
who the hell is gizmog?
a dark wobbling grindstone bass scrubbing it down, that is how the a side of the single “tonight” from gizmog sounds like. the b side with “whakk” is dirty huge animal that rolls gasping over a smashed synthesizer, while “gurg” seems to be a drunk yeti, that carved the groove of the track with his own hands.
beneath all the shuffle and scrape, delay and destruction on gizmog’s 12″ vinyl maxi “tonight”, lies a heart of soul and rough granular electro dirtyness that insitent repeats: dance if you can.
gizmog is not only one, he was and is many. as taprikk sweezee, he collaborated with michael fakesch, kidkanevil and towa tei. as droet, he completed the confused elctro duo “fussel” (zoikmusic 2008). he also released and performed as roals roaster, gorgonzola, or iiuu and kaltes ä and runs the hamburg based label zoikmusic.
MEM1 – +1
CD Interval Recordings IL03
‘Š unlike trees or their roots, the rhizome connects any point to any other point, and its traits are not necessarily linked to traits of the same nature; it brings into play very different regimes of signs, and even non-sign states. The rhizome is reducible neither to the one not the multiple. It is not the One that becomes Two or even directly three, four, fiveŠ’ [Deleuze & Guattari (1980): A Thousand Plateaus]
+1, Interval Recordings’ second release by Los Angeles-based electro-acoustic duo Mem1 (MARK & LAURA CETILIA), introduces listeners to a series of collaborations between the duo and nine guest artists as listed here. Whether the collaborations took place in an old cabin by the lake, on a hot and hazy day in a painter’s studio, or floating through the infinite void of virtual space, the resulting works act as transportive vessels. Removing us from our surroundings, they deliver us to a place that cannot exist in our daily lives, a transformative space in which impossible realities collide and time ceases to exist. Comprised of lush tapestries, fuzzy dissonances, echoed rhythms and waves of electronic wash, +1 is electro-acoustic chamber music for the twenty-first century.
01 + Jan Jelinek
02 + Ido Govrin
03 + Area C
04 + RS-232
05 + Frank Bretschneider
06 + Kadet Kuhne
07 + Jen Boyd
08 + Jeremy Drake
09 + Steve Roden
Interval Recordings was found in 2004 in Israel, named after the famous mathematical and conceptual notion of the interval; a space between objects, time between two events or a difference in pitch between tones.
Interval Recordings is a label interested in the gap between objects, the idea of silence, the love for the uncharted terrains that comes before and after the notes. Searching that area which is the limbo: somewhere between the death and the living.
Interval Recordings aims to be an outlet to current digital and instrumental music which will not focus on a specific stream of music, but will put the emphasis on a unique approach to sound and production. Moreover, the label promotes international experimental art by several annual events primarily the ‘Laptopia’ festival.
The aesthetic idea behind Interval Recordings, as the name indicates, is to bridge the gap over different polarities existing, both in music and mind, a concept which lead towards coherent sonic spectrum and an interesting cultural environment.
Curators: Ido Govrin and Liora Belford
MIKA VAINIO – Black Telephone Of Matter
CD/Digital, Touch # TO:72
Artwork by Jon Wozencroft
This is Mika Vainio’s 4th solo album for Touch, after ONKO [Touch # TO:34, 1997], KAJO [Touch # TO:43, 2000] and IN THE LAND OF THE BLIND, ONE-EYED IS KING [Touch # TO:54, 2003]. He is, of course, part of Pan Sonic with Ilpo Väisänen, and also records solo as Ø.
1. ROMA A.D. 2727
NAKABAN – Der Meteor
DVD, Noble Records CXBL-1003
April 2007, nakaban, the first film creator from noble records released the animation DVD, poca luce, poco lontatno. Today, we are happy to announce a new animation piece by the gifted artist, his first piece after approximately two years entitled, Der Meteor or “comet” in German.
Known mainly for his paintings, nakaban is an artist also with a successful career as a picture book artist and illustrator. nakaban started exploring the world of film as an extension of his painting career and completed poca luce, poco lontatno after approximately four years of editing work. While making poca luce, poco lontatno, nakaban also started the creation of another animation piece which he self produced in 2004 (entered in the worldtronics media arts festival in Berlin in 2007.) The fundamental elements of this story were preserved and remade completely over a two year term to create Der Meteor.
Like the original version, the music of Der Meteor is produced by Takeo Toyama, known for his solo work (whose several album jackets have been created by Nakaban) and also for guest appearances with artists such as Sakerock and Ego-Wrappin’. Based on classic and contemporary music, Toyama’s music weaves a beautiful ensemble through a combination of acoustic instruments such as the piano, marimba, organ, and cello. The sometimes earthy and warm sounds which at other times transform into beautiful minimal succeed in highlighting the Nakaban world, making it stronger and ever more attractive.
The story takes place in an imaginary medieval mixed modern world where the vegetation is a lush green, nature is abundant and the celestial body evolves a bit faster than here on planet Earth. It is a story of a boy in blue, who follows an endless journey in pursuit of a comet. The several hundred background pictures newly created for this remake introduce an intriguing combination of colors and a unique texture as if the pictures are covered by a thin veil. It has the beauty of tranquil light and the terror of dark shadows that suggest the coming of the end. The surrealistic and beautiful sceneries that go back and forth between dream and reality under this starry night are a perfect reflection of nakaban’s delicate aesthetics. Welcome to the mysterious journey of the comet and the light and dark.
OLIVIER GIROUARD – La nuit nous déconstruit par c¦ur
CD Ekumen ek010
« Il est paraît-il des structures tendres où gisent des clartés » Marie Uguay
Olivier Girouard composes music as one writes poetry, being attuned to the world and highlighting the beauty. He has collaborated with artists from different disciplines including dance, sound art, video and visual art. Olivier joined the collective Ekumen in 2008, through which he presents his own work as well as promoting and producing contemporary music events. He is launching his first album, La nuit nous déconstruit par c¦ur, a collection of pieces created for dance.
Beside Olivier
Choreographer Kate Hilliard created a work in honour of a friend lost too soon to cancer. With simplicity, she embodied intimacy and compassion. Olivier’s response was inspired by the poetry and journal of Marie Uguay, a Québécois poet who died of cancer at 26. The music reveals an extreme sensitivity to reality in the wake of impending death.
Titles and quotes from the book Poèmes by Marie Uguay, Les Éditions du Boréal
ROSHI FEAT. PARS RADIO – The Sky and the Caspian Sea
CD/Digital, Geo Records GEO 014
Streetdate: October 14
Roshi ft. Pars Radio is the band created around the beautiful voice, original songs and individual interpretations of Iranian Folk material of ROSHI NASEHI. The band features the electronic soundscapes/beats of GRAHAM DIDS (Gagarin, Nico, Pere Ubu etc etc) together with classical Cello contributions from RACHEL THRELFALL and experimental Cello from RICHARD THOMAS (Now, The Hola).
Born in Wales to Iranian parents, Roshi Nasehi is a singer-writer who presents her own evocative songs alongside sometimes quite radical interpretations of some of the Iranian songs she was brought up listening to. Her songs reflect her origins, influences and experiences in a personal and unique way accompanied by unusual instrumental arrangements – they are reflective, melodic and quirky – her voice airy and tender but possessed of an inner power. When she interprets Iranian song it is in a personal style bringing a contemporary twist combined with an authentic understanding of context and language.
The debut Roshi feat Pars Radio EP And Stars was first released in July 2008 by Geo Records on 10″ vinyl and CD then re-released in Jan 2009 following widespread acclaim across Europe including experimental EP of the month in Mixmag who described it as “stunningly beautiful Welsh-Iranian electronica torch songs” and a “stone cold classic EP”. This was amongst numerous other glowing reviews from Vital Weekly, Ox Magazine, The Wire, Tokafi, Tsugi Magazine, Camden New Journal and many more. The tracks also received significant airplay around Europe and beyond, including numerous playings on RTE (Ireland), Norddeutscher Rundfunk (Germany), Garden Of Earthly delights (UK) and Sideways Through Sound (Australia) and were put on a number of compilations by Midwich records, Orchestra Pit recordings and others.
Roshi, with her band, or alone at the keyboard is a regular and welcome live performer especially in London, developing a loyal following and in October 2008 Roshi and Pars Radio completed a mini tour which culminated in a very special performance at the Xposed Club in Cheltenham. Hot on the heels of this she was invited with Graham in November 2008 to perform on a live edition of Radio 3 programme The Verb, presented live from the Radio Theatre at Broadcasting House in by poet Ian McMillan. She was also one of 10 artists chosen to contribute to ‘Ten’ a very special Trace recordings compilation that will come out in Autumn 2009.
The Sky and The Caspian Sea is her first album release with Pars Radio. It has a beautiful nostalgic feel throughout reinforced by a unique soundworld of live instruments and evocative samples including her own father’s violin playing. Featuring three Iranian songs and eight of her own the album is a blend of melody, emotion, intense creativity and a vast range of subtle influences all framing Roshi’s astonishing and engaging voice to form an incredibly modern but ultimately timeless album.
CD Editions Mego eMEGO 099
Streetdate: October 2
Recorded in Suffolk, Co. Durham, St. Lucia & Jamaica 2007-2009.
Edited, compiled and mastered @ Haswell Studio, Suffolk
WARNING: Extreme Dynamic Levels. Listeners experience may change during playback!
“wild track: Sound recorded during production without picture.”
(SOUND-ON FILM. VINCENT LoBRUTTO. Praeger, 1994. p.287)
Russell Haswell returns with a complete departure from his real-time computer generated improvisations (‘Live Salvage’ & ‘Second Live Salvage’).
WILD TRACKS is a collection of ‘deliberate recordings’ made with other multi media / film projects in mind. These recordings do not contain any overdubs or compression, and document a wide variety of audio experiences. Taking you to a blowhole in Jamaica, inside an ant colony and to the entrance of wasp nest in Suffolk, on a helicopter ride in St. Lucia, two waterfalls in County Durham, as well as the sound of freshly fallen snow, flies being electrocuted and contributions from various military tactical airlift planes, air defence fighters and attack helicopters.
The recordings on WILD TRACKS were realised using a variety of techniques including using hydrophones to record falling snow, recording gamekeepers many fields away with a parabolic dish, as well as binaural, ‘near-field’ & ‘direct’.
At Editions Mego, we understand this to be the first commercially released audio CD to be packaged in a KIDZBOX containing a full colour A2 poster with photographs and detailed recording notes.
Unlike any other release this season!
12″ EPs, Spezialmaterial SM031EP010/SM031EP011
Solotempo’s new EPs bask shamelessly in catchy harmonies, indulge in bassdrums and wallow in the beauty of analog sounds processed with precision. Chamber and New Ears are firmly rooted in the dancefloor. On this particular dancefloor you’re plunged into descreetly arranged, hypnotising house and minimal tracks, which don’t simply sit on their beat, but gracefully summersaults again and again, creating those unique moments of eternity. Fittingly, Solotempo’s sounds should work best on springy forest soil, at around four or five in the morning when dawn breaks and the sun rises.
Artist Info
ANDRE SENN, CLAUDE LANGENSAND and STEFAN EMMENEGGER founded Solotempo in 2000 as a studio community and mutual musical experimentation ground. The threesome has won a number of awards and prices, most notably the have been commissioned for a composition by Pro Helvetia. They have toured England, Chile, Argentina and Austria. German Magazine De:Bug described their music as “something like a groove trapped in a fly screen. All is beautifully tidied up and clear, before chaos strikes time and again. Once you’ve succumbed to the continuous surprises, small wonders begin to blossom on the wax. Highly likable, melodic suspended parts play ping pong with saw tooth monsters, cracking beats are knocked over, but in the end, they all hang out at the same bar, exchanging patches.”
Artist Bios
André Senn, *1973, began promoting electronic music in 1996, when he ran the Sexiland Club in Berlin Mitte. Back in Switzerland, he was involved in founding Spezialmaterial and a long string of performances in and out of the country both as a DJ and with Solotempo ensued. He also trained to become a professional sound technician at SAE in Zurich.
Claude Langensand, *1971, classically trained musician, is another founding member of Spezialmaterial. He’s played countless gigs in Switzerland and abroad both as a DJ and or live with Solotempo.
Stefan Emmenegger, *1972, has studied music at the Jazz School Lucerne and is an educated sound engineer. He is a founding member of the label and accompanies a number of projects as a sound engineer.
Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia
4CD Set, Sub Rosa SR265
This anthology features 48 artists from within the Chinese area of influence. It is designed
as a journey through what is currently happening underground, under extremely diverse forms. It also looks at the recent past and the key role of pioneers like Wang Fan, Dajuin Yao, and also Hong Kong-based Li Chin Sung aka Dickson Dee who, for almost two decades, has been spreading the word about Experimental music in Mainland China. This album was curated by Dickson Dee on Guy Marc Hinant’s invitation. It includes an enlightening presentation on the short yet intense advent and history of the Chinese noise explosion, co-written by Zbigniew Karkowski and Yan Jun.
The Sound of the Underground
An Overview of Experimental and Non-Academic Music in China
The Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-76) in one way or another eradicated most of the existing culture in China. At the same time as intellectuals were sent to rural labor camps, countless ancient buildings, antiques, books, paintings and various artifacts were just destroyed. This period created an enormous intellectual, cultural and artistic vacuum in China – destruction that in a sense, time is still healing.
So tradition of music culture and especially non-academic, purely experimental music, started from ‘point blank’ scratch sometime in the 80ies. With the market economy introduced in that decade and further media developments in the 90ies, there was a kind of an explosion in youth culture that had been held back for decades. Movements and music scenes that previously never reached China – like for instance psychedelic music, punk or neo-dada started to appear and expanded at astonishing pace.
The birth of these alternative rock and punk music scenes that later developed into even more experimental trends is a direct result of global capitalism and profound change in China’s position within the World Order. It however did not develop the same way as it usually does in the West – with one eye looking forward and the other one always glancing at history. It started with ‘dakou’ and with piracy.
VILLALOG – Cosmic Sister
CD, Angelika Köhlermann AK033
Streetdate: September 9
Michi Duscher: Gitarre
Marc Muncke: Electronics
Teppei Ozawa: Voc
Bernhard Fleischmann: Drums/Produktion

Space Disco Rock für die nächste Generation!

»Cosmic Sister« ist die dritte Veröffentlichung der 1998 gegründeten Wiener Ausnahmeformation villalog. Wie das Vorgängeralbum »zwei« erscheint »Cosmic Sister« beim Wiener Label Angelika Köhlermann. villalog (Michi Duscher, Guit./Marc Muncke, Electronics) schließen dafür Krautrock mit Disco kurz, kreuzen diese toxische Mischung mit geschichtsmächtigem Gitarrensound mal fetten Analog-Beats und setzen eingängliche Pop-Kompatibilität oben drauf. Mit dabei der langjährige Live-Schlagzeuger der Band Bernhard Fleischmann, der auch als Produzent auftritt sowie der japanische Weirdo-MC Miss Hawaii.
»Cosmic Sister« ist eine luftige, lässige und entspannte Angelegenheit, genüsslich wird Disco zerlegt und aktualisiert, Glamour und Neon leuchten in Kapitallettern. Mit ihren typischen, in Sound gefassten Improvisationsmantras und angewandten musikalischen Wahnsinnigkeiten setzt sich villalogs Trip to Outer Space in Tanzbeinen und in der Zirbeldrüse fest. Die Realität wird für die Dauer einer CD auf Pause geschickt. Den Abschluß von »Cosmic Sister« bildet ein entschlackter Disco-Remix des Wiener DJs und Produzenten Umberto Gollini von villalogs Club-Dauerhit »Detroit«. – Heinrich Deisl
13/08 FR La Plage Festival @ Glaz’Art (w/ Oneida & Final Fantasy)
14/08 DE Rees-Haldern, Haldern Pop Festival
19/09 BE Hasselt, Kunstencentrum Belgie
ALLROH [Graumann]
Sep 12 festival/spielboden, dornbirn
Sep 13 manufaktur, stuttgart
Sep 15 klangbad studio, sheer bei sigmaringen
Sep 16 steinbruch, duisburg
Sep 17 sparte4, saarbrücken
Sep 18 hafen2, offenbach
Sep 19 martinsbastion, erfurt
Sep 20 jaz, rostock
Sep 21 tba
Sep 22 kulturhaus, schwerin
Sep 23 west germany, berlin
Sep 24 astra stube, hamburg
Sep 25 tba, münchen
Sep 26 fluc, wien
Sep 27 asta, rosenheim
Sep 28 waschaecht, wels
09/10 NL Amsterdam @ Melkweg (w/ Health)
10/10 NL Gronigen @ Vera
11/10 DK Aarhus @ Voxhall
12/10 DK Copenhagen @ Loppen
13/10 DE Berlin @ Festsaal Kreuzberg
14/10 DE Leipzig @ Connie Island (w/ Health)
15/10 DE Hamburg @ Molotow (w/ Health)
16/10 BE Brussels @ Botanique, The Rotonde
17/10 CH Dudigen @ Bad Bonn
19/10 IT Rome @ Circolo degli Artisti
20/10 IT Torino @ Spazio 211
21/10 FR Lyon @ Grrrnd Zero
22/10 FR Lille @ Ground Zero Festival @ L’Aeronef (w/ Peaches)
23/10 FR Paris @ Nouveau Casino
24/10 LUX Luxembourg @ Exit07
Sep 13 NO Ultima Festival, Oslo
Sep 26 NL Today´s Art Festival, Den Haag
Sep 27 BE Happy New Ears Festival w. BJNilsen, Kortrijk
THANK YOU [Thrill Jockey]
08.10. DE Berlin Schokoladen
09.10. DK Arhus Ljud @ Musikcafeen
10.10. DK Copenhagen Lades
12.10. PL Krakow Klub Re
13.10. CZ Prague Klub 007
14.10. AT Vienna Fluc
15.10. AT Linz Kapu
16.10. AT Innsbruck PMK
17.10. CH Martigny Les Caves Du Manoir w/ The Drones
18.10. CH Bern Reitschule-Dachstock w/ The Drones
20.10. IT Trieste Tetris
21.10. IT Padova Unwound (NEW!)
22.10. IT Rome Init
23.10. IT Cesena Officina 49
24.10. IT Alba Cinema Vekkio
25.10. FR Lyon Grrrnd Zero (NEW!)
29.10. FR Dijon Festival Novosonic
30.10. FR Nantes Festival S.O.Y.
Sep 27 Klubi, Turku
Sep 28 Tavastia, Helsinki
Sep 30 Garage, Oslo
Oct 01 Debaser, Stockholm
Oct 02 Debaser, Malmö
Oct 03 Vega, Copenhagen
Oct 06 Magnet, Berlin
Oct 07 Blue Note, Poznan
Oct 09 Lucerna Music Bar, Prague
Oct 11 Atomic Cafe, Munich
Oct 13 Gaswerk Winterthur, Zurich
Oct 14 Transilvania, Milano
Oct 15 Circolo Degli Artisti, Roma
Oct 16 Spazio 211, Torino
Oct 17 Les Caves Du Manoir, Martigny
Oct 18 Dachstock Reitschule, Bern
Oct 21 La de Apolo, Barcelona
Oct 22 Moby Dick, Madrid
Oct 24 La Carre Bellefeuille, Paris
Oct 26 Botanique Rotonde, Brussels
Oct 28 Vera, Groningen
Oct 30 Ekko, Utrecht
Oct 31 Patronaat, Haarlem
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