Sara Lov

Sara Lov è la metà femminile dei Devics

Di Marco Pagliariccio

Sara Lov è la metà femminile dei Devics, band tra le più raffinate del panorama pop mondiale. A pochi mesi dall’uscita del suo album d’esordio da solista, “Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming”, abbiamo avuto la possibilità di porgerle qualche domanda per conoscerla un po’ più a fondo. Andiamo a vedere cosa ci ha raccontato!

1) Hi Sara, I am very proud to have the possibility to make
some question to you. So, the first thing I noticed
listening to your ep “The Young Eyes” and the full length
“Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming” was the presence of
various cover by such different artists (Arcade Fire, Beck,
Simon & Garfunkel). What are the reasons behind the
pick of this songs?

SARA: I decided to release the ep after I was done recording the
record and I needed more songs. I was in a hurry and because I
write very slowly I thought cover songs could be a really fun idea. I
am a huge Arcade Fire fan and was really excited to get to record
one of their songs.

2) And what about the “cover series”?
SARA: After recording the covers on my ep & lp, I got a lot of
emails from people asking me to do other songs too. So then I
though the cover series was an informal way to get to play more
music that I love.
I am still going to be doing more of those.

3) I noticed an important difference by comparison with the
last Devics’ album: you song with more emphasis, your
voice seem to come from your heart. It’s only because
you wrote all the lyrics or it’s only my impression?
SARA: I always wrote the lyrics in Devics as well. The only
difference now is that I am writing most of the music too. I think
the growth you are noticing is maybe just the natural progression I
am going through as an artist. I think also that recording with Zac
Rae has made a big difference in the way my voice was recorded.
He really wanted it to be loud in the mix. With Devics my voice
was a lot more quiet in the mix.

4) “Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming” is essentially a folk –
pop album, a little bit different by Devics’ sonorities. How
do you think yours and Dustin’s solo projects will
influence the future Devics’ works?
SARA: I think it’s been so great for the two of us to explore our ideas on our own. I am really looking forward to writing with Dustin again. I don’t know when we will have the time but we both really want to. It will be interesting to see what comes out of us.

5) What was the role and the weight of Dustin in this album?
SARA: I wrote 3 of the songs with Dustin: New York, Just Beneath
The Chords & Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming
. He wrote most of the
music on those and I the lyrics & melody so in many ways those 3
songs are just like Devics. He is one of my best friends and he
always supports me and encourages me. I don’t know what I’d do
without him. He is an incredible person and my favorite musician.

6) I saw the wonderful “New York” video, directed by Marco
Morandi. Why did you choose him to direct the video?
SARA: He did the video for Devics “A secret message to you”.
He is a dear friend of mine and I love his work so I knew he
would be perfect for this.

7) Remaining in Italy, what impressions, emotions, dreams
do you keep in your heart and mind about our lands?
SARA: It will always be one of my favorite places in the world and
my second home in some way. I think of it a really creative
environment for me because I wrote & recorded so much music
there. I also have a few very close friends there so yes, it’s always
a big part of me.

8) What do you have in calendar for the future? Solo tour,
Devics’ return or what else?
SARA: The next thing on my calendar are a few small tours in the
US, possibly return to EU (I hope) and start writing for my new
record. As soon as I have enough songs I’ll begin recording them.
When Dustin has more time in his schedule we will definitely make
some music together but the next thing I do will be a second solo
I want to thank you very much, hoping, in a future, to meet
you in flesh and bones! And, last but not least, I hope my
english is comprehensible!

SARA: Thank yoUUU!!! Thanks for appreciating the
music I make. And your english is perfect!
; )